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ISIS like Zionism is a Secular Group that Uses Religion as Its Cloak

Justin Welby,
who came from the City of London, is one of the more reactionary Archbishops of
Canterbury.  Nonetheless that is no
excuse for his comments as reported in Friday’s Telegraph.

ISIS did not
come about because a group of Islamic theologians sat down and having examined
the sacred texts decided that a murderous head chopping death cult was
required.  It was the product of
particular circumstances such as the invasion of Iraq and the death of upwards
of a million people there.  It caused a
murderous reaction to the United State’s barbarities that unfortunately echoed
it.  It is well known that the senior
military ranks of ISIS are staffed by secular Ba’athists from Saddam
Hussein.  It is also well known that
amongst ISIS’s followers there is widespread ignorance of the most basic
aspects of Islam.

See e.g. Leaked
Isis documents reveal recruits have poor grasp of Islamic faith  Recruits ordered ‘The Koran for Dummies’ and
‘Islam for Dummies’ to prepare for jihad

movements often take on a religious colouring in order to legitimise
themselves.  Zionism was a classic
example.  Its origins were wholly
secular.  Theodor Herzl its founding
father had once proposed mass conversion of Jews to Catholicism.  His son wasn’t even circumcised!  It is well known that the founding fathers of
Zionism based their claim to Palestine on a God whose existence they denied!
comments on the ‘Judaeo Christian” roots of British culture to find solutions to
the mass disenchantment which led to the Brexit vote in the UK and the rise of
anti-establishment leaders on the continent’ suggest the Archbishop would do
well to think before opening his mouth. 
What Judaeo-Christian culture? 
The Spanish Inquisition, Martin Luther’s ‘the Jews are our misfortune’
or perhaps the slaughter of 1.5 million Jews before the Crusaders had even set
out?  It was Saladin and the Muslims who
protected the Jewish community in Palestine from this supposed “Judaeo
Christian” culture.  Or maybe it was the
teachings that the Jews killed Christ that Welby referred to?  It just shows that being a complete idiot is
no bar to the highest post in the Church of England.  What matters is that you know the right people.
Welby says
that saying ISIS has nothing to do with Islam is like saying that’ Christian
militia in the Central African Republic are nothing to do with Christianity, or
Hindu nationalist persecution of Christians in South India is nothing to do with
Hinduism.’  Welby is right.   Christian militia in the CAR does have
nothing to do with Christianity.  If it
did have something to do with them presumably Britain and other European countries
might also have Christian militias. 
Likewise with the persecution of Christians in South India.  This is not Hinduism but extreme nationalism
and racism in the name of Hinduism.  Similarly the Buddhist religion, which is known to be peaceful, provides a cloak for
murderous Sinhalese nationalism in Sri Lanka.


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