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Media couldn’t hide that they were in bed with May

As you will be aware, Theresa May was far too busy meeting
with ordinary voters to waste time debating with Jeremy Corbyn.  I am sure people would have been very
sympathetic to this argument, as we all know that Theresa is nothing if not a
woman of the people.  It is therefore
puzzling that she appears to have confined her appearances to staged photo
shots with fellow party workers in empty hangars or factories from which the
workers have been removed or press conferences at which the journalists seem to
have been prevented from asking questions, unless they are submitted in
advance!  Indeed in Cornwall the Tory
Party took to locking the journalists up so that they couldn’t ask questions!
I am sure though that all this has been a misunderstanding
and that her ladyship was genuinely ignorant of the fact that Party managers
had been preventing her from meeting the hoi polloi! 
Acknowledgements to Canary
The Telegraph Fixes the News as Only It Knows How To
You can read why
Cornwall Live was banned from recording still less interviewing May
Below is a post from Jonathan Cook’s

10 May 2017

This is the first British general election in decades in
which there is anything approaching a real political choice. For that reason,
even the most liberal elements within the corporate media are jettisoning the
pretence of neutrality and objectivity. The stakes are simply too high.

In fact, their bias has become so overt that even
a veteran BBC and Channel 4 reporter like Michael Crick is becoming exasperated
and letting vent on Twitter.

Crick’s outrage has been triggered by the media’s complicity in allowing
British prime minister Theresa May to stage-manage her election
campaign. The media are submitting questions for vetting (without admitting the
fact to viewers), and failing to report that in most cases only
hardcore Tory party supporters, not members of the public, are being allowed
near her.

One should not be surprised that the Conservatives
want to rig the campaign trail to make their candidate look good. The
problem is that the corporate media are conspiring to help them do it.

Why would the media be so willing to mollycoddle May
and keep her from embarrassing herself? Doesn’t the media feed off the high and
mighty being brought low by gaffes and pratfalls?

That might be true if nothing was really at
stake, as has been the case in the last few decades of elections. But if
May loses, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will be in power instead. The
elites are so sure they are firmly in control of everything that they are
determined to make sure that doesn’t happen.

May, it is clear, is a weak public performer.
That is why she has refused to debate Corbyn, and why BBC interviewers are
giving her softball questions. She is even pampered with an
on the BBC with her banker husband, Philip, posing as though they
are royalty.

In contrast to May, the Labour leader makes a good
impression when he is able to speak about policies rather than being battered
by not just hostile, but openly disparaging, questions from BBC
interviewers like Laura Kuenssberg.

During the independence referendum campaign in 2014,
many Scots started to understand that they lived in an ostensible
democracy only. The media, and most notably the BBC, worked so strenuously to
deny them any information that might encourage them to make
the “wrong” choice that the mask of neutrality slipped off. In a
sign of the desperation, as the vote looked to be nail-bitingly close,
even the Queen was roped in to bolster the case for staying in the union.

As the UK media all but declare fealty to May,
this may prove to be an Indyref moment for the rest of Britain.

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