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Yet more Fascists and Racists Declare their Love
for Israel

Pegida UK rally

When Zionists proclaim that anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism I find that
it is only necessary to point out the fact that nearly all fascist and racist
groups, many of them deeply anti-Semitic, support the Israeli state.  Why do the professional racists support
Israel?  Because Israel is seen as the
most racist anti-Muslim/Arab state in the world.  Israel is a state where ‘death to the Arabs’
(& in the eyes of fascists Arabs and Muslims are synonymous).  In Israel the Northern Islamic League has
just been banned.  Mosques are regularly
stormed by the army and the worshippers batoned and tear gassed.  Mosques are burnt down and the Islamic
religion is insulted (slogans like ‘Mohammad is a whore’) where fascist
organisations like Lehava campaign openly against mixed race relationships and
back that up with beatings to Arab males seen in ‘Jewish’ areas.

EDL supporters attack Birmingham PSC Campaign – with Israeli flag in one hand and giving Hitler salute with other
Israel in short is the ideal type of society that the fascist is seeking
to build.  It has everything that they
could want, including extreme racist bigots in the Knesset and Cabinet.  So we can go from Geert Wilders of the Dutch
Freedom Party to Christian Strache of Austria’s Freedom Party (fascists seem to
like the Freedom label and they like crushing freedom even more) to Marine Le
Pen of France’s Front Nationale.
Tony Greenstein
Austria’s Freedom Party
Hilary Aked 9
June 2016
flags on display at PEGIDA UK rally in Rotherham, in the north of England, on 4
June. (via Facebook)
leaders of a UK far-right organization have announced plans to visit Israel, highlighting the appeal of the country to
anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant bigots.
Anne Marie Waters, a leader of PEGIDA UK,
has pledged to go to Israel on a “fact-finding” mission in the wake of the row
over mostly trumped-up accusations of anti-Semitism in the UK’s main
opposition Labour Party.
Map of Euro far-Right parties
UK is the British arm of the Islamophobic street movement “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of
the West
,” founded in the eastern German city of
Germany, the movement has merged with neo-Nazi elements, among them such figures as Karl-Heinz Statzberger,
who planned to carry out a bomb attack on a Munich synagogue in 2003.
UK’s Waters admitted to a pro-Israel blogger that the inquiry ordered by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “won’t find as much that is outwardly anti-Jewish, as
is outwardly anti-Israel,” but made clear that she thinks “it is anti-Israel
sentiment that we must confront.”
has called for “a new and powerful pro-Israel argument” to be made in the UK
and reportedly plans to write a book called “In Defense of Israel” following
her trip.
Speaking to Canadian podcast Real Clear Israel, Waters said that she is planning to join the April
2017 “Ultimate Mission to Israel,” an annual propaganda tour of Israeli military
facilities organized by Shurat HaDin, a
lawfare group with close ties to the Mossad spying and assassination agency.
characterized support for the Palestinian struggle for equal rights as “Islamic
jihad against Israel” and “a Quran-inspired Jew-hatred” which “aims to wipe out
Greek neo-Nazi Golden Dawn
Conspiracy theories
who was nearly selected as a Labour Party candidate in 2013, joined
the anti-immigrant United Kingdom Independence Party in 2014. She was removed as a candidate for the London Assembly, though not as a party
member, for her links to PEGIDA.
founded a group called Sharia Watch UK, which has propagated bizarre conspiracy theories
including the claim that halal meat sales fund terrorism.
launch was hosted in the UK’s House of Lords by Caroline Cox, a
member of the unelected chamber who was once co-president of Jerusalem Summit, a group that has denied the Nakba and supports the ethnic
cleansing of Palestinians
also attempted to host a “draw Mohammed” cartoon contest in London last year but could not find a venue willing to host it.
also said her fellow PEGIDA UK leaders will also be visiting
include Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, better known by his pseudonym Tommy Robinson, founder of the Islamophobic street movement the English Defence League, and far-right politician Paul Weston
who admitted in 2014 that “I am a racist”.
anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders
has spoken at
rallies across Europe and has expressed support for Israeli settlers.
of his funding has come from a key player in the US Islamophobia industry.
is the figurehead of the “counterjihad” movement, a growing strand of the far-right which distances
itself from traditional neo-Nazism by claiming to abhor anti-Semitism and
offering vocal support for Israel.
PEGIDA UK’s most recent demonstration, in the northern English town of Rotherham
on Saturday, several Israeli flags were clearly on display.
Pro-Israel, anti-Muslim
the movement actually opposes anti-Semitism is questionable, as PEGIDA’s ties
to neo-Nazis in Germany attest.
A Swastika was seen at a PEGIDA UK demonstration and Nazi salutes have been observed during marches organized by
Robinson’s old outfit the English Defence League.
a demonstration in Birmingham in April, PEGIDA UK gave a platform to Lutz Bachmann,
founder of the original German PEGIDA, which at its height attracted 25,000 people onto the streets of Dresden.
resigned as leader of the group in January 2015 after photos of him posing as Adolf Hitler emerged, but he soon re-joined the group’s leadership, claiming the images had been doctored.
and support for Israel clearly co-exist in sections of the far right. These
developments also underscore the kind of friends that Israel attracts:
proto-fascists who idolize the country for its ultra-nationalist,
highly-militarized and anti-Muslim practices.
politics chime well with Israel’s current government, the most right-wing in
its history, and underscore the growing links between anti-Muslim and pro-Israel movements.
UK leader Paul Weston has visited Israel once before, in 2010, as part of a
delegation of far-right European leaders.
Primor, columnist for the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz, described the visit as part of “the very unholy alliance between figures
on Israel’s right and extreme nationalists and even anti-Semites in Europe that
is gaining momentum in the Holy Land.”

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