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The Bedraggled, Miserable and NATIONAL Zionist Demonstration – 200 strong

Zionism’s Last Call on the Jewish community was a triumph
for its anti-Semitic allies.
Zionism’s advocates in Brighton were flushed with success at their campaign to defend Sodastream,
even if it did lead to the closure of the Brighton store.  The Zionists have now taken to harassing a Kurdish
demonstration and a ‘pop-up’ 
demonstration outside Robert Dyas.

Sussex Friends of Israel i.e. Simon
Cobbs of the fascist Jewish Defence League, decided to organise a ‘national’ demonstration in support of genocide in
Gaza.  So last Sunday 17th August
the great demonstration was held.  The
local Argus estimated that a magnificent 200 people
took part, a figure that would put Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Brighton to
shame if any local demonstration attracted even double that number.  When we think that the last demonstration in support of the people of Gaza in London, on August 9th, attracted 150,000 people, we get a flavour of Simon Cobb’s achievement.

A contingent  from Antifa (Brighton anti-fascists) turned up to make it clear what they thought of this bunch of racists.

flying the Palestinian flag at the Zionists’ demonstration

It is a sign of how demoralised Zionism’s supporters are
that they could not find more than 200 people for a march to raise enthusiasm
for colonial butcher.

Tony Greenstein

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