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Edited by an Idiot – But was it worth hacking?

Warning that the Jewish Chronicle site is dangerous for one’s computer and mental health

I was sorry to hear that the Jewish Chronicle web site has apparently been hacked!  I say apparently, because the following message appeared ‘Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!’

Stephen Pollard – without doubt the worst ever editor of the Jewish Chronicle – presiding over a precipitous circulation decline

The thing is, it’s not the computer I’m worried about.  Visiting the JC’s site is far likelier to damage your mind, especially now that its editor, Stephen Pollard, is in charge, having been fired by Britain’s largest porn operator, Richard Desmond, from editing that quality paper, the Daily Express.

On Question Time Pollard demonstrated the quality of his intellect, when he said of Rupert Murdoch that ‘he has done more to enrich our lives than any other single human being of the past generation and should be a hero for his commitment to freedom’.  Try telling that to the relatives of the Hillsborough dead, or the Miners battered in the Great Strike or any other workers involved in disputes, or the family of Milly Dowler.  It just shows the warped and distorted logic of the fool who edits the JC.

Rupert Murdoch – the Boss of a Criminal Empire who Stephen Pollard believes has made the greatest contribution towards freedom of any human being alive!

And when questioned by David Dimbleby about whether he really stood by this extraordinary statement, Pollard responded absolutely, absolutely’

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  1. Tony Greenstein on 26/12/2012 at 11:18am

    Strange how the killing of 2 Israeli soldiers preys on your mind but not the use of white phosphorous in bombing a school in Gaza. Selective memory? Perish the thought.

  2. Anonymous on 31/12/2012 at 12:58pm

    What do you know . Free Gaza Movement co founder Mary Hughes Thompson turns up on crazed antisemite Adriana Theokopoulos blog

    Theokopoulos is also a regular feature writer on Gilad Atzmons deLiberation blog .

    So another rabid antisemite is exposed to join the growing list of infamous poseurs who hide their underlying antisemitic motives behind the Palestinian cause .

    Looks like you are in for a busy year Greenstein . That is defending these wretched individuals . Except of course we all know you won't . Defending antisemites is your business if it' s in the interests delegitimising Israel .

    Your hypocrisy is endless .

  3. Tabarish Lukashenko on 02/01/2013 at 12:42am

    Hello COMRADE Tony Greenstein, I hope you have a good new year and a long life.

    Jews and Arabs are brothers, the Zionist should stop it with their racism towards' them. Why can't the Zionist just see their simularity with the Arabs such as: culture, language, customs, and history. I mean they look the same (Jews and Arabs) are they're blind (not saying meen comments against blind people).I can't tell the diffrence between Jews and Arabs. The words in both Hebrew and Arabic sound the same (I sometimes confuse the two).

    The Arabs tolerated Jews, there are still Jews living with Arabs to this day (Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Syria and etc.). When Jews were persecuted in Europe, Jews went to the Arab world to seek refuge, because the Arabs treated Jews with respect.

    I can't stand the ANTI-SEMITES in criticism of Israel. They are the ones which were largely responsible for Zionism' (the expulsion of the Palestinians, and Israel gaining nuclear weapons) existance. If anyone, had read the works of the Zionist, they explain that ANTI-SEMITISM was the primary cause of them creating the ideology. They were once supported of Jews gaining equal rights in Europe and assimilate (the Zionist founders themselves were assimilated Jews); but do to the rise of RACIAL ANTI-SEMITISM (the type these ANTI-SEMITES ARE) in Europe, they develop the concept that it was impossible for Jews to be tolerated and assimilate in Europe. Another fact, ZIONISM THRIVES ON ANTI-SEMITISM. Theodore Herzl wrote, "THE ANTI-SEMITES SHALL BE OUR BEST FRIEND", and that these people will be used to enable them to achive their goals.


    Sorry for this comment of mine to be long, as well as for spelling mistakes. I hope you read this!

  4. Exiled Jew on 11/01/2013 at 12:23pm


    There are an estimated 22 Jews left in Syria today. Fewer than 22 in Iraq. Certainly none in Libya.

    After the creation of Israel in 1948 the surrounding Arab countries massacred Jews with wild abandon. The lucky ones who escaped mainly went to Israel (obviously – it's next door and offered a protection which was largely unavailable in Europe). The lucky ones made it New York or Godlers Green (after their families were brutally slaughtered and their possesssions were seized).

    All this is glossed over by the likes of PSC who wish to ignore the fact that Jewish refugees from these lands outnumbered Palestinians refugees.

    This narrative will never be challenged by the likes of Greenstein, tragically.

  5. Tony Greenstein on 11/01/2013 at 1:57pm

    Surprisingly Jews were not massacred in 1948 in Arab countries, despite the massacre of thousands of Palestinians and the expulsion of ¾ million. That is because of the vigorous defence of Jewish communities, many of whom (especially Algeria) were effectively part of the settler society by virtue of the Cremieux Decree.

    In fact Israel would have liked thousands to be massacred and when in Iraq the hundred thousand community preferred to stay put, the Zionist underground decided to plant bombs outside Jewish cafes and even synagogues. Once again Zionism wanted to see some anti-Semitism in order to stimulate emigration of Jews and when it didn’t happen it simulated it. That’s what’s called a ‘Jewish’ state!!

    Likewise in Egypt the Zionist underground were up to no good. This is not a matter of dispute because it led to the fall of Ben-Gurion as Prime Minister in what became known as the ‘Security Mishap’ or the Lavon Affair, after Pinhas Lavon.

    But I expect a Zionist rewriter of history, borrowing the latest hasbara on-line, hasn’t even heard of Lavon let alone the Baghdad bombings (and activities elsewhere). So I refer you to my article The Zionist Destruction of the Iraqi Jewish Community – When the Zionist Underground Planted Bombs Outside Baghdad’s Jewish Cafés and Synagogues

    You’ll find all the information you need to know about the nefarious activities of Zionists who pretend to be concerned about the very ‘anti-Semitism’ they are responsible for.

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