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Dysch Doesn’t Like Being Called a Racist – I don’t like being Called an anti-Semite!

Help Me Defend This Action Against the Zionist Liars and Defamers

Well I woke up today to be greeted by a friendly message from Marcus Dysch threatening me with libel.  Which immediately presented me with a problem.  Having gone to bed rather late, I didn’t get up till 11.30 and therefore I missed the 11 am deadline.  I therefore had no choice but to respond to the effect that wild horses or even a free lunch with JC Editor Stephen Pollard wouldn’t persuade me to delete the said tweets.

 Mr Greenstein
You have until 11am this morning to delete your libellous tweets calling me a racist.

If they are not gone at that point I will instruct a lawyer.


Dysch is a journalist who takes a perverse pride in seeing how many mistakes he can cram into one article. In Labour activists to picket party’s Jew-hate hearings which is not on the JC’s  site, Dysch excelled himself.  First there were two photographs of Moshe Machover and Jackie Walker in the article which were captioned Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker!

Dysch is the most poisonous member of the Jewish Chronicle’s staff.  A die hard Zionist, smear and libel are his only talents.  Compared to him, his predecessor Martin Bright was a man of the Enlightenment.  Most journalists, even those on the JC I have dealt with usually make some attempt to contact you before going into print.  Not so Dysch. 

It would seem that Marcus Dysch,
the Jewish Chronicle’s sour-faced Political Editor is a sensitive soul underneath.  He can dish it out but he can’t
take it.  Accusations and insinuations of
anti-Semitism are his stock in trade but he squeals when accused of being a
Dysch apparently objects to this and similar tweets

Dysch describes me as ‘noxious’ for criticising Louise Ellman – a supporter of Israeli child abuse

In his article in last week’s Jewish Chronicle Labour activists to picket party’s Jew-hate
 Dysch referred to proposed
disciplinary hearings against Marc Wadsworth, Jackie Walker and myself.  After I sent a letter to the editor, the
headline was changed to Suspended
Labour activists plan to picket party’s antisemitism disciplinary hearings

although the content remains the same including a reference to ‘Jew-hatred.’  Needless to say it was littered with his usual mistakes.

it seems there’s something Dysch doesn’t want me to read!!

In the same article Dysch referred to the bogus ‘International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’ definition of anti-Semitism
as the International Holocaust Memorial
Alliance.  Things could only get better.

Dysch alleged that I had been suspended for ‘writing offensive
about Louise Ellman MP.  Not so.  My first blog
on Ellman was written on 20th June
2016 whereas I was suspended on March 18th 2016.  I assume that even Dysch can count beyond 3 months. 
Dysch also stated
as fact that Marc Wadsworth had been suspended for ‘verbally abusing’ Ruth Smeeth MP.  Not
so, this was an allegation.  People are still innocent until proven
guilty.  This ‘mistake’ of course is perfectly understandable.  Dysch is  more at home with an Israeli ‘justice’ system in which the Military Courts achieve conviction rates of 99.74% (only Palestinians of course, Jewish settlers get to go before civilian courts). I doubt if even Stalin achieved that rate of success and Hitler certainly didn’t. 
Dysch should though be congratulated for spelling our 3 names right. But then again it’s possible a sub-editor corrected them.
Dysch’s lie that my attack on Ellman was because she was Jewish rather than that she was a supporter of Israeli abuse of Palestinian children
Already Dysch and the Jewish Labour Movement have the knives out for Yasmin Dar, the new Asian member of the NEC
In another article
Dysch wrote that veteran Jewish
Labour MP Louise Ellman had been racially abused in blog posts written by Mr
.’  This is not only a lie it is racist.  It assumes that all Jewish people are Zionists and therefore if you criticise anyone who is Jewish you are automatically anti-Semitic.  I said nothing about Ellman’s ‘race’ nor did I mention that she was Jewish. Being Jewish was irrelevant. The fact that she was a Zionist was
Perhaps I’ve racially abused the non-Jewish Joan Ryan MP too for making similar comments? What I criticised Ellman for was her behaviour in a debate on Israeli abuse of Palestinian children in January 2016 when 3 times she intervened to
defend the Israeli military.  Dysch,
is incapable of reporting such simple facts.
It would be churlish to go through all Dysch’s mistakes and malevolence
and it is hard to distinguish one from the other. There
used to be a tradition that newspapers didn’t mix fact and comment. It is a
tradition that Dysch is oblivious to. 
Dysch simply made up a statement by PSC Director Sarah Colborne accusing Palestinians opposed to Israel’s attack on Gaza as being anti-Semitic
Dysch has become obsessed with
the possibility that it may prove more difficult expelling Jackie Walker, Marc
Wadsworth and myself for ‘anti-Semitism’ because there is no evidence that we are anti-semitic and there
is a limit to even the inventive skills of McNicol’s hacks.  As the article below shows, Dysch is not beneath inventing a quote or two when it suits his purpose (such as a lack of anything to write).
Dysch was severely censured for making up an ‘anti-semitic’ quote from PSC Director Sarah Colborne

The JLM are shameless – fearing that there is no evidence to justify expulsion they are putting overt pressure on the NEC & Corbyn to ensure that Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth & Tony Greenstein are expelled

What we are seeing is a growing desperation by the Zionists.  Only today Jeremy Newmark, the perjurer from the Jewish Labour Movement was visiting Jeremy Corbyn’s office to put the pressure on to ensure that Jackie, Marc and myself are expelled.  Newmark knows the evidence doesn’t stack up so he is trying to exert naked political power.  The fact that Christine Shawcroft was my silent witness at my investigaative meeting apparently is seen as relevant by these people. 
It is essential that Corbyn’s office give a full account of what transpired today and dispel the impression that the JLM, the British branch of the racist Israeli Labour Party, is being bought off at the expense of expelling anti-racists from the Labour Party.

Some of my more recent posts involving Dysch include:

Up till today Dysch had resisted the temptation to
respond to me directly.  Silence was
clearly the better part of valour.  For
example I wrote to him on the 18th December 2017 in response to a
letter he had sent to a good friend of mine:
Mr Dysch,
XXXX has
kindly forwarded me a copy of your email exchange.  I have a few comments.
You are much
mistaken if you think I have questioned Louise Ellman’s loyalty to this
country.  I am not concerned with loyalty to states or nations.  I
prefer to think of adherence to certain universal values such as human rights
and anti-racism as being of greater import.  Patriotism is the last refuge
of a scoundrel and I am neither a patriot nor a scoundrel.
My jocular reference
to Ellman as being the MP for Tel Aviv South is on a par with my reference to
the non-Jewish Joan Ryan as the MP for Jerusalem Central.  In the days of
the Apartheid regime in South Africa, we called John Carlisle, the Tory MP for
Luton North, the MP for Pretoria.  Perhaps you think that too was racist?
allegiances were with the South African Apartheid State and Ms Ellman and
Ryan’s allegiances are with the Israeli apartheid state.  There is
nothing, contrary to your silly assertion in the Jewish Chronicle, in the least
anti-semitic about such an accusation.
In a week
when a double amputee in Gaza, posing no threat to anyone, was murdered by an
Israeli sniper with all the legal impunity that Israel grants its military
killers, it is right and proper to call out MPs like Ellman for their support
of Israel’s egregious human rights violations and its   normative racism.
I know of
course that nothing Israel does will disturb the conscience of an apologist for
Israel’s crimes such as you. The murder I described above or Liebermann’s
attack on the Arabs of Wadi Ara this week, that they do not belong, probably
passed you by.  As a Zionist these are things to keep within the family.
I note that
you referred to me as ‘noxious’.  I don’t believe that we have met so what
you are really referring to are my opinions.  There was a time when Jewish
Chronicle columnists, of the calibre of Chaim Bermant and TR Fyvel stuck to
criticising someone’s argument rather than attacking the messenger.  I
realise that it that this would be rather difficult for you and so the making
of personal insults is a necessary substitute.
Please be
assured though that I take being attacked by a racist journalist for being
‘noxious’ as a compliment.  Long may I be harmful to journalistic toe rags
such as yourself.
Kind regards
Tony Greenstein
As you can see I had already called Dysch a racist
and I have no doubt that in his uncritical support for all of Israel’s acts
that is the only fair description of him.

thanks for your email.
your repetition of Mr Greenstein’s suggestion that Mrs Ellman’s loyalty to this
country is in question due to her comments on Israel, I can only assume you too
are overly familiar with the sort of antisemitism you bizarrely appear to be
attributing to me.
I did mean noxious, which by any definition can mean “very unpleasant”. It
could just as easily be applied in your own case.
But I have something to ask of
you dear readers
over a month ago, I launched a crowdfunding appeal for £25,000.  So far it has reached just over £7,000 – 28%
of the target.  My appeal was to fund a libel
action against the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and also to bring an Injunction
against Labour’s Crooked General Secretary Iain McNicol.

latter task was accomplished successfully and without any cost (Crooked McNicol
funded it via a costs order!).  It has
thrown the expulsions of Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and myself into disarray.  The launching of proceedings against the CAA
is imminent.  But now I need to defend
myself from this racist toe rag of a journalist who is suing me.  For that I will need to obtain further legal
advice and in the area of libel law that does not come cheap.  If Dysch were to succeed on some legal
technicality then it would not just  be
me who is affected.  Dysch will have
access to unlimited funding from Israeli Minister Gilad Erdan’s slush fund.  So that is why I ask you to do 2 things.

1.      IF
you can afford it please make a donation
      Whether you can afford it or not please
share and circulate my appeal widely in the movement and on social media  We cannot allow the Zionists to silence us.

you are able to make a donation please click my Crowdfunding
More on Dysch
If Dysch seriously believed I was responsible for removing Anne Black then he is more stupid than he looks

The original post by Dysch attacking Corbyn for allegedly associating with a holocust denier also said that the massacre of over 100 Palestinian women and children at Deir Yassin was simply an ‘allegation’ – this was later corrected but without mentioning that the article had been corrected – a breach of journalistic ethics until Asa Winstanley pointed this out to Pollard
In an article attacking Jeremy Corbyn, Dysch referred to the Deir Yassin massacre as ‘alleged’ – even David Ben Gurion apologised for the cold blooded murder of over 100 Palestinian civilians but to Dysch, this was just an allegation.  JC Editor Stephen Pollard, after criticism, deleted the word ‘alleged’ but failed to explain at the bottom of the article, as is good journalistic practice, that an alteration had been made until it was pointed out to him that screen prints had already been taken

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