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The Film They Don’t Want You To See is Showing in Brighton this Thursday

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The Establishment have gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent people seeing Jeremy Corbyn – The Big Lie. The attempts to ban it were first started by Keir Starmer – the Labour Liar who banned Labour councillors from seeing it.

The cudgels were then taken up by Paul Mason, the spook who wants to wage war on anti-imperialist academics and all manner of socialists with his MI5 friends. The British Establishment – which is all in favour of free speech when it comes to racists, homophobes and other assorted bigots of the right – condemned the film, in Mason’s words because it allegedly

presents a full-blown conspiracy theory about Corbyn’s opponents, conflating Zionists, Jews and Israel as part of a force that “orchestrated” his overthrow.

There were many conspiracies by state forces, Israeli, British and American, to undermine and  bring down Jeremy Corbyn. The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism admitted as much after Corbyn lost the 2019 General Election. But there’s all the difference in the world between conspiracy theories and conspiracies.

Of course it’s not the exposing of the plots and machinations by the press, BBC, Tory and Labour politicians that bothers them it is the truth of what happened between 2015 and 2019.

The desperate attempts of Starmer, Mason and co. to prevent the film screening is not because it is a conspiracy film but because they don’t want people being exposed to the truth of what happened.

The film is being put on by Brighton’s Unite SE/6246 branch despite the scabby role of Sharon Graham who has become desperate of late to suck up to Starmer and the Labour Right.

If you live in the Brighton and Hove area come and see the film. Register here to get a free ticket and find out why it is that under Keir Starmer Jews are up to 9 times more likely to be expelled as part of the fight against ‘anti-Semitism’

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