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it if you can, the Metropolitan Police protecting a march by the BNP/Britain
First through Golders Green, with the chant ‘Death to the Jews’ ringing
out.  Before the march, the Met had
distributed leaflets to the residents warning them not to leave their houses
under threat of arrest (& a good beating up).

Israeli Police violently assault an anti-racist Israeli heckling the marchers about human rights

maybe imagine the EDL marching through the East End chanting ‘Death to Muslims’
– again protected by the Metropolitan Police who, likewise, have instructed
Muslims (& anyone with a dark skin) to stay indoors on pain of being

Death to Arabs Jerusalem Day Demonstration 2011

the British Police are racist, that is understood, but they at least take some
steps to combat that racism, Stephen Lawrence notwithstanding.  Shouting ‘Death to…’ on a march would get you
arrested and a march whose theme it is would not last that long.  But in Israel an Islamic preacher like Raed
Sallah is fitted up for ‘anti-Semitism’ and jailed but never, not once, have
racist rabbis like Dov Lior been arrested and imprisoned (he was briefly
arrested once and there was one almighty uproar). 

Death to Arabs march that Police protected

see in Israel racism is perfectly legal as long as it’s on religious
grounds.  This was why the Jewish Nazi Rabbi
Meir Kahane, when he was a member of the Knesset, voted FOR the anti-racism bill that was presented to
the Knesset!

Europe in the 1930’s the anti-Semites did indeed chant ‘death to the Jews’.  How strange it is that goes around comes


Video: “Death to the Arabs” march forces its way through occupied Jerusalem

הםן קוראים לזה “סיבוב השערים” אבל אין זה אלא סיבוב של גזענות הסתה

Ali Abunimah 04/22/2015

This disturbing video shows Israeli youths, escorted by police and occupation
forces, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem chanting “mavet
” – “death to the Arabs” – and other cries of hate.

 Children are brought along to ensure that the young get the anti-Arab message

According to the racism-monitoring website Kifaya,
the 19 April march was part of the monthly “Tour of the Gates” by Jewish
extremists through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

Israeli Police Assault Those Who Protest Against the Fascists & Racists

As part of the event, held at the beginning of every month according to the
Jewish calendar, the one-kilometer-long route is blocked to Palestinians, and
businesses and stores must close, Kifaya says.
Palestinians are forbidden from leaving their homes during the march.

“Some 1,500 Jews participated in the march,” Kifaya says, “and it was
secured by hundreds of policemen and soldiers, who thronged the area.”

Organized hate

Magen David ambulance called the day after the Jerusalem march

In addition to “death to the Arabs,” the marchers’ repertoire of cries and
songs included: “revenge,” “may your name be wiped out,” “may your village be
burnt down,”
and the anti-Muslim chant “Muhammad is dead” –- all heard by the
police and occupation forces who secured the event, Kifaya says.

Some of the marchers even banged on the doors of homes and businesses and
there were also some attempts to damage property.

Israel expert Dena Shunra told The Electronic Intifada that “may your name
be wiped out”
is a “very potent curse, generally used for enemies of the entire
Jewish nation. Hitler is always mentioned with that curse.”

Shunra observes that the video reveals the highly organized nature of the
march: the youths in the yellow vests in front have the word “ushers” on their

At 0:24, a young man can be seen wearing a kippa – skull cap – with
the word “Nachman” on it, indicating that he, at least, is affiliated with the Breslauer sect of Hasidic Jews.

At 0:54 some participants can be seen holding what look like papers with
slogans printed on them.
It is striking, Shunra adds, “the way liturgical texts and songs are
interspersed amongst the hate cries.”

Israelis regularly hold similar hate marches on “Jerusalem Day,” a government-decreed annual celebration of
the city’s military occupation and annexation in violation of international law.

Incitement leads to murder

Last July, the Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu-Khudair was abducted
from the streets of occupied Jerusalem’s Shuafat neighborhood and then burned
alive by his captors.

His alleged killers, Israeli Jews, had reportedly been steeped in the racist culture of the Beitar Jerusalem football team
whose fans habitually rampage through the streets calling for the murder of Arabs.

They would also have been regularly exposed to the relentless anti-Arab
bigotry and incitement from Israel’s leaders.

This week, Israel added Abu Khudair’s name to an official
Israeli memorial
of terrorism victims. This drew immediate criticism
from Israeli groups who argued that the murdered boy didn’t merit being on the

But the move was also rejected by Muhammad’s father, Hussein Abu Khudair,
who told Ma’an News Agency that the
“occupation authorities are trying to improve their image in the world” and
that putting his son’s name on the memorial “would not change the racist
reality of the Israeli occupation.”

Nothing vindicates Hussein Abu Khudair more clearly than the sight of
Israeli police and occupation forces providing an escort for a mob chanting the
words “death to the Arabs” that very likely inspired his son’s murderers.

What is even more alarming is that many of the participants in this march
appear to be children themselves.

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