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 Islam: The Untold Story

Blasphemy is a Medieval Idea – Religion is a Belief System we are entitled to criticise 

That there are racists from Nick Griffin to the latest Islam: Innocence of Islam who attack a religion as a means of attacking its adherents is undeniable.  But the right to criticise religion – whatever religion it is – to question and criticise ifs belief system – is another matter altogether.  Of course I have no way of knowing whether the argument of Tom Holland is true or not.  That is an entirely different matter but it is certainly one that should be debated.

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For hundreds of years Blasphemy in the United Kingdom was a crime.  The last conviction was of Gay News for Blasphemous Libel, for portraying Jesus as Gay!  Alan King Hamiltion, the idiot judge in that trial, held that Homosexuality had been responsible for the Fall of the Roman Empire!
Israel Shahak, the noted Israeli and Jewish scholar wrote Jewish History – Jewish Religion & Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, 2 books which debunked many myths about the Jewish religion, including its claim to monotheism.  Of course they produced outrage for telling secrets such as the ban on saving non-Jewish life on the Sabbath (unless it placed Jewish lives at risk).

So why should Islam remain immune?  Under the banner of Islam corrupt and brutal regimes like that in Iran have murdered thousands of people and presided over a State of Corruption.  They have a vested interest in not tolerating criticism.  Salafist Groups, which believe that Shi’ite Islam is an apostasy and who seek to create sectarian conflict with fellow Muslims, also don’t like their belief system held up to scrutiny.
So it is no surprise that Tom Holland’s Islam –  The Untold Story met with criticism and threats from bigots who prefer to deal with criticism not with reason – a concept unknown to them – but with crude threats of violence.  It is no surprise that Channel 4 bowed before these threats and cancelled a second showing of the film. 
However the film is on U-Tube (though embedding has been disabled) and I’m happy to carry a link to the film.

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