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Can the struggle for ‘Jewish’ Democracy be extended to the Palestinians?

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For over 30 weeks, ever since the election of Netanyahu’s far-right coalition last November, Israel has been wracked by massive demonstrations over the judicial reforms.

But this has been a strange protest. Organisers have tried to exclude anti-occupation groups because they would ‘alienate’ those who agree with the subjugation of the Palestinians. Palestinian flags have been few and far between and those holding them have often been attacked.

The demonstrations take place only a few miles away from the rule of a Military Junta, under the West Bank Gauleiter Bezalel Smotrich, who called for the ‘wiping out’  of the Palestinian town of Huwara, yet almost nothing seeps back into these demonstrations.

Opposition leaders Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid rushed to support the Israeli military in its recent attack on Jenin. When it comes to bombing Gaza and murdering Palestinians there is unanimity amongst the political opposition and most of the demonstrators.

The demonstrations have seen a sea of Blue and White Israeli flags which to Palestinians are akin to what the Swastika was to European Jews.

How do we reconcile these contradictions?  Democracy for Jews but not Arabs?

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