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International Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation 

Activists in Chico

Activists in Houston

Activists in Italy
Stickers say no Israeli products 

French Campaign Against Boycott

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation — Store owners in Rome, Italy remove all SodaStream…

This contains a link to the page of the Italian BDS website on Sodastream, which includes a photo of our march on the day of action in September!

Activists in Trieste

On Sunday, December 8, 2013 4:21 PM, Stephanie Westbrook  wrote:

Hi all,
good news from Rome, a retailer removed Sodastream *during* our action for the Italian national day of action! See English version of our press release:

(video is in Italian but you can see them remove the products from the shop window at the end)

Activists in Chicago

We also went round to bars and restaurants (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) doing counter-promotion against sales of Sodastream Professional’s industrial machines. Several agreed to put our “We are Sodastream Free” stickers on their windows!

See also fotos from Pisa, Milan and Trieste

Other work is being done at the member’ assemblies for the COOP supermarket chain.
We will try to put together a common press release on the day’s activities.
In the meantime, please share our news from Rome.

Happy boycotting!


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