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As the Purged Speak Up – McNicol’s Crooks Leak to The Daily Torygraph

The Independent today publishes a letter from 20 suspended members of the Labour Party – saying stop the purges.  We also caution against any opinion poll about Jeremy Corbyn winning because it doesn’t take into account the thousands of people who have been purged.

Jeremy Corbyn at leadership hustings

We now learn that those purged will not have an appeal until after the results, by which time of course an appeal will be pointless – they will have lost their vote.  So there is nothing to stop crooked McNicol and his fellow band of criminals from suspending everyone they want.

Needless to say the crooks in the Compliance Unit have also become rather unhappy about being crooks.  Most criminals are usually touchy about being called out about their noble profession and they have once again leaked to their favourite paper, The Daily Torygraph

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