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An excellent article by Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz.  The Swedish Foreign Minister Margot
Wallstrom recently alleged that Israel was executing Palestinians.
Sweden demands probe of Israeli ‘extrajudicial executions’ The
response from Netanyahu was predictable.  He denounced her remarks as ‘outrageous’ 

Abdallah al-Shalalda was executed in Hebron hospital when an Israeli death squad came disguised in order to capture his cousin, whom he was visiting.  His crime?  Being in the wrong place at the wrong time

Netanyahu denounced Swedish FM’s remarks on execution of Palestinians as ‘outrageous and stupid’

It’s a strange set of values in which the denunciation of extra-judicial executions is denounced as ‘outrageous’ but that is unfortunately the set of moral standards that guides the leaders of the Middle Easts ‘only democracy’. 

Yes, Israel Is Executing Palestinians Without Trial

In 2016, one
doesn’t have to be Adolf Eichmann to be executed in Israel – it’s enough to be
a teenage Palestinian girl with scissors.
Gideon Levy
Jan 17, 2016 5:18 AM
Two more victims of the death squads
Palestinians, from different walks of life, brought together in death at a
We should
call it like it is
: Israel
executes people without trial nearly every day. Any other description is a lie.
If there was once discussion here about the death penalty for terrorists, now
they are executed even without trial (and without discussion). If once there
was debate over the rules of engagement, today it’s clear: we shoot to kill –
any suspicious Palestinian. 
Security Minister Gilad Erdan outlined the situation clearly when he said,
Every terrorist should know he will not survive the attack he is about to
– and almost every politician joined him in nauseating unison, from
Yair Lapid on up. Never have so many licenses to kill been handed out here, nor
has the finger been so itchy on the trigger. 
The woman continued: “The school girl was walking alone and the soldiers asked her to stop, another soldier immediately aimed his rifle towards her and shot her.” –
In 2016, one
doesn’t have to be Adolf Eichmann to be executed here – it’s enough to be a
teenage Palestinian
girl with
The firing squads are active every day. Soldiers, police and
civilians shoot those who stabbed Israelis, or tried to stab them or were
suspected of doing so, and at those who run down Israelis in their cars or
appear to have done so. 
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom
In most
cases, there was no need to shoot – and certainly not to kill. In a good many
of the cases, the shooters’ lives were not in danger. They shot people to death
who were holding a knife or even scissors, or people who just put their hands
in their pockets or lost control of their car. 
They shot
them to death indiscriminately – women, men, teenage girls, teenage boys. They shot
them when they were standing, and even after they were no longer a threat. They
shot to kill, to punish, to release their anger, and to take revenge. There
is such contempt here that these incidents are barely covered in the media.
Saturday, soldiers at the Beka’ot checkpoint (called Hamra by the Palestinians)
in the Jordan Valley killed businessman Said Abu al-Wafa, 35, a father of four,
with 11 bullets. 
At the same
time, they also killed Ali Abu Maryam, a 21-year-old farm labourer and student,
with three bullets. 
The Israel
Defense Forces did not explain the killing of the two men, except to say there
was a suspicion that someone had drawn a knife. There are security cameras at
the site, but the IDF has not released video footage of the incident. 
Last month,
other IDF soldiers killed Nashat Asfur, a father of three who worked at an
Israeli chicken slaughterhouse. They shot him in his village, Sinjil, from 150
meters away, while he was walking home from a wedding. 
Earlier this
month, Mahdia Hammad – a 40-year-old mother of four – was driving home through
her village, Silwad. Border Police officers sprayed her car with dozens of
bullets after they suspected she intended to run them over. 
The soldiers
didn’t even suspect cosmetology student Samah Abdallah, 18, of anything.
Soldiers shot her father’s car “by mistake,” killing her. 
They had
suspected a 16-year-old pedestrian, Alaa al-Hashash, of trying to stab them.
They executed him as well, of course. 
They also
killed Ashrakat Qattanani, 16, who was holding a knife and running after an
Israeli woman. First a settler ran her over with his car, and when she was
lying injured on the ground, soldiers and settlers shot her at least four
times. Execution – what else? 
And when
soldiers shot Lafi Awad, 20, in his back while he was fleeing after throwing
stones, was that not an execution? 
These are
only a few of the cases I have documented over the past few weeks in Haaretz.
The website of the human rights group B’Tselem has a list of 12 more cases of executions. 
Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, one of the few ministers with a conscience
left in the world, demanded that these killings be investigated. There is no
demand more moral and just than this. It should have come from our own justice

responded with its usual howls. The prime minister said this was “outrageous,
immoral and unjust.”
And Benjamin
Netanyahu understands those terms: That is exactly how to describe Israel’s
campaign of criminal executions under his leadership.     
Gideon Levy

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