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I have just filed an Appeal with the Court of Appeal in my Libel Case Against the misnamed Campaign Against Antisemitism – Please help me fight Israel’s ‘Antisemitism’ Attack Dog

On February 2018 I began proceedings against the CAA for defamation, calling me a ‘notorious antisemite’ See e.g. Tony Greenstein’s attempt to shut down Campaign Against Antisemitism showcases the similarities between far-left and far-right

On February 15th 2019 at a Preliminary Issues Hearing to determine the meaning of what the CAA said, Judge Nicklin ruled that calling someone an ‘antisemite’ is a matter of opinion not fact!  Nicklin chose to ignore the fact that the misnamed ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ called me, 5 times, a ‘notorious antisemite’

Calling people ‘antisemites’ is the go to insult of those who spend their lives defending the world’s most racist state. A state whose Prime Minister admitted last Sunday is not a state of its own citizens but only of its Jewish citizens.

In response to the suggestion of actress Rotem Sala that Arabs were also human beings who were part of the Israeli state, Prime Miniser Netanyahu put her right – Israel is a state of the Jews only. Arabs are there on sufferance.

As we know Chris Williamson and countless other people in the Labour Party, all of them anti-racists have been accused by Zionists of ‘antisemitism’.  Yet when these people are asked to justify their accusations they are unable to do so and instead say that that is their opinion!

Last Friday I filed an application to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal Nicklin’s decision. This is costing money as British courts are not cheap. My opponents, the Campaign Against the Truth have access to unlimited finance from the Israeli state. I am dependent on yours and others generosity. If you can afford it please contribute.  If you can’t please share this as widely as possible.

This is not for my benefit but for all those libelled and defamed by the Zionists as a means of protecting the world’s most racist state. If I fail I will be made bankrupt as the other sides costs are already over £50,000.  I have taken this on because we have to stand up to those who use the sufferings of Jewish people IN THE PAST as a justification for the suffering of Palestinians TODAY.

ALSO – please share this appeal as widely as possible on social media.

You can donate in a number of ways:

i. By going to my Go Fund Me page

2.  Paying via Paypal to [email protected] (be careful not to say you are paying for something – it is a personal donation)

3.  Via BACS to ‘BUWC’ please specifiy libel donation

Sort Code 09-01-50 Account No:  04094107

4.  Or post a cheque made out to BUWC at PO Box 173, Rottingdean, Brighton BN51 9EZ


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  1. Rob on 12/03/2019 at 5:14pm

    Tony: You video appears not to operate – at least for me.

    Doesn’t ‘Go Fund Me’ take about 5% off any donation done through their online

  2. Tony Greenstein on 12/03/2019 at 6:09pm

    Hi Robert

    This is just a screenprint of a video. To watch the video you need to go to the Go Fund Me site.

    Yes they do take about 5% I’m afraid, possibly less. That is why if people use the other methods then I get 100%


  3. Dipak on 26/03/2019 at 9:12am

    If gofundme takes 5% please do not use them!

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