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quaint.  Having ethnically cleansed
Jaffa, Israel Land Fund is now selling off a 100% Jewish development.  As the Israel Residence Administration, which
is advertising the apartments on its website, said:  ‘it is important to note that this is private
land and privately organized for buyers from a similar background.”
racism in Israel is beyond the law.  So
too is public racism! 
Tony Greenstein

Jaffa luxury apartment complex is ‘for Jews only’

According to Channel 10 investigation, sales staff say
that prospective Arab buyers are ‘put off until they give up’
By Times of Israel
staff August 8, 2015, 2:45 pm
An alleyway in Jaffa’s old city (Michal Shmulovich/Times of Israel)

new luxury apartment complex under construction in the Ajami neighborhood of
Jaffa is only offering homes to Jewish buyers, Channel 10 television reported
this week.

“Yopea” project includes 63 housing units with a communal private courtyard,
and is located in Ajami, in the southern part of the city.
alleged discrimination was discovered two weeks ago, when Channel 10 dispatched
a Jewish woman, Noa Borenstein-Hadad, to call the project’s sales office,
during which she received an immediate invitation to a meeting at the site.
Palestinian labourers building West Bank settlement
when Channel 10’s Arab reporter Sami Abed Alhamid called with an inquiry, he
was told that he would not be contacted by the company. When Borenstein-Hadad
attended her meeting at the company offices days later, sales staff confirmed
that when prospective Arab buyers express an interest in an apartment in the
project, they are repeatedly put off until they give up.
project is completely Jewish,”
a member of the sales team told the reporter.
a once-predominantly Arab area of the mixed city, has seen a wave of
gentrification and construction that, according to its Arab residents, has
priced them out of the market and led to an influx of Jewish home owners.
Israel Residence Administration, which is advertising the apartments on its
website, said in response: “No documents or recordings [regarding these claims]
have been passed on to us. However, it is important to note that this is
private land and privately organized for buyers from a similar background.”
the blurb about the complex, the company writes: 

You are invited to open the
gate and enter ‘Yopea,’ your private residential complex. You are invited to
enter the enchanting courtyard and leave behind the bustle of the street. You
are invited to go down to the spa and pool and enjoy the sunshine pouring
through the glass pyramid. You are invited to go into the apartments and view
the exceptional architectural design. You are invited to look through the
windows and breathe in the sea air and Jaffa’s atmosphere. You are invited to
join Yopea and enjoy all the beauty that Jaffa has to offer.”

website for the project
itself has a clock counting down to the end of the
sales period. The website says it is responsible for “more than 2,500 units
across the country,”
and “aims to create quality housing solutions that are
both economically and socially obtainable.”

Jewish Israelis have in recent years begun to move into Arab areas of mixed
cities in an attempt to cement the Jewish presence there.
say that, in recent years, several thousand devout Jews have pushed into
rundown Arab areas of Jaffa, Lod, Ramle and Acre, where there is a notable
mixed population. Their arrival has threatened to disrupt fragile ethnic
relations with the construction of religious seminaries and housing
developments marketed exclusively to Jews.
Israel Land Fund, one of the organizations promoting the policy, helps Jews buy
property in both Israel and the West Bank with the goal of “ensuring the land
of Israel stays in the hands of Jewish people forever.”

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