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A lively protest outside Ecostream

Sodastream/Ecostream –  On the Rocks

I have been getting a steady drip of comments from a couple of mentally unhinged Zionists.  They seem to be suffering from a psychosis best summed up as ‘haunted by Ahava.

The EDL turned out to ‘defend’ Ahava

Ahava, some readers might recall, was the Israeli stolen-‘beauty’ shop that was forced to cease trading in London’s Covent Garden by a protest campaign that lasted two years.  Eventually neighbouring shops had enough and pressurised the landlord not to renew their lease.

Sodastream, which also operates in the Occupied Territories, has decided to be much more up front than Ahava.  It openly defends the Occupation and uses the old Apartheid argument of saying that it is doing the natives good by employing them (forgetting that it has destroyed their economy in the process).

The Ahava protests reached their zenith (or plumbed new depths even for Zionists) when the fascist English Defence League, many of whom are open holocaust deniers, turned out in  support of their Zionist compatriots!  Even worse, Zionist Federation co-chairman Jonathan Hoffman was pictured merrily dancing down the street with the Jewish Division of EDL’s main organiser, Roberta Moore.

Sodastream is more sussed and it has engaged in a more overt PR strategy, summed up by the term Green wash, which is coming off the rails.  Having had a PR puff in the Guardian earlier this week about its designer Yves Behar, Shafic Mansour of SOAS brought them down to earth with an excellent letter about what the real designs of this apartheid company actually are.

Coincidentally I also had a letter in the local Argus today pointing out that their reporter was mistaken, or most probably lied to, when told it was passers-by who were complaining of the noise of the demonstration, rather than the shop owner and a few Zionist friends.  Despite an absurd addition to the letter (to the effect that the West Bank is ‘disputed territory’ – maybe next time you’re mugged your assailant will say your wallet is disputed!) it made most of the necessary points.

EDL at Ahava – ‘birds of a feather’ and all that

But our opponents seem besides themselves.  First I had the Manager of the shop posting to this blog:

‘So. you want to come to my store and preach to me about civil rights or Palestinians. Fuck you, you upset the people I work with who I love and respect, who are moral, ethical people and harass, bully and intimidate them. Next Saturday, pull that shit on me, an out and proud homosexual male, and I’ll tell you white middle class ***** a thing or two about segregation, discrimination and ethnic cleansing. Bring it on you BDS c****, bring it the **** on.’

So embarrassing was the comment, which naturally I posted (though I had to replace some of the expletives with *** since this is a family blog) that Ecostream found itself obliged to post the following comment:

ecostream said…
The post above has not come from any manager of SodaStream UK or ecostream, as has been claimed.

Yes quite and kosher pigs can fly too!

Then there was another Zionist, who tried to do a passable  impersonation of something that occasionally sticks to your shoe, trying to attack me via my disabled son who I bring to the demonstrations.  And then another Zionist loony sent the following to the blog:

You’re a Commie racist bigotted shit Greenstein. Israel has done nothing illegal and the shop is trading legally. You pull the same stunts as you did with Ahava and the Brighton police will have you. They are a lot less tolerant of your crap than the London police. That shop is surrounded by more surveillance equipment than Fort Knox. Back off, scum.’

After only three weeks we are getting to them!  It is hardly necessary to point out that only in the warped mindset of your average Zionist does opposing racism make you a racist.  But Orwell’s doublethink is popular with Zionist campaigners.  Opposing racism makes you a racist.  Having friends like Anders Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, is just one of those accidents of life.  If the Zionists had 2 brain cells to rub together they might ask themselves why local and European fascists love them so.

Of course there’s nothing illegal in Israeli law in stealing land and resources of the Bedouin and driving them into townships,.  Israel was founded using similar methods and settler-colonialism has always behaved similarly, hence the adoration of the neo-Nazi right for the Israeli state.  But what irks our foaming at the mouth Zionists is the fact that their tactics no longer work.  Nearly all the passers-by were supportive.  Indeed the only support our loony Zionists and Christian Bible Bashers obtain is from the Police.  Now there’s a surprise.

But as to backing off – no chance mate – the campaign is only just taking off!

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