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Another Islamic Own Goal Hurts Palestinian Cause

This was originally posted in March 2013 but an update has marked it as posted today – it is of historical interest only

You have to hand it to the political bigots & idiots that make up the Hamas administration.  They certainly know how to hand a propaganda victory to the Zionists.  Just when the Orthodox in Israel are enforcing a ban on women and men sitting together Hamas wish to join them in their bigotry.

I support the Palestinians.  Not the politics of the Israeli created Hamas.  Palestinians voted for Hamas, nearly 8 years ago now, not because they agreed with Islamic politics but because the alternative – Fateh – was even worse having become little more than a support mechanism for Israel’s occupation.  A corrupt group if there ever was one.


Hamas, whose origin lies in the Gazan and Egyptian Brotherhood, the leader of whom Morsi, is presently trying to become the new Mubarak, with his approval of torture and the murder of demonstrators, is undoubtedly an undemocratic and autocratic group.  That is why Israel under Netanyahy in the 1980’s did its best to help create it as a counterweight to secular Palestinian nationalism.  Today Hamas is Israel’s best friend.  Its charter pays tribute to the Protocols of the Elders of Zionism, not because they have any understanding of this anti-Semitic book, but because they take the Zionists at their word when they say they are opposed to anti-Semitism.  Hamas has as much understanding of Zionism as it does of the liberation of humanity.

This decision, to bar men and women running together in a marathon is a gift for Israeli hasbarah.
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