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As Zionists try to shift
the blame for the murders away from White Supremacists and Trump America’s Muslims raise over $100,000 for the victims

Hamas, the  Islamic Resistance Movement
in Gaza, condemned
the murder of 11 Jewish worshippers at the Tree of Life synagogue in
Pittsburgh.  A synagogue that the Chief
Rabbi and the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel won’t even recognise as Jewish and 11
worshippers who they also won’t recognise as Jewish. 
This is the
same Hamas which the far-Right Sussex Friends of Israel called
an antisemitic, genocidal, terror group – whose very charter
calls for the killing of Jews’
in an attack on Jeremy
The far-Right so-called Campaign Against Antisemitism lumps in Muslims and supporters of the Palestinians – the only people they don’t blame are those who encouraged Robert Bowers
Campaign Against Anti-Semitism went even further and employed the old Nazi tactic
of rolling all your enemies into one in order to provide a single focus for
their hate. The CAA blamed
the massacre on far-right, far-left and Islamist
extremists are stoking the flames of Jew-hatred, with too little done to stop
 without, of course, stopping
to think that maybe the alliance between Netanyahu and the Zionist movement with
Trump and the alt-Right over the Israeli Embassy in Jerusalem and in their
joint hatred of refugees may have played a part. The fact that Zionist billionaires
like Sheldon Adelson, a close confidant of Netanyahu, supported Trump’s
election campaign financially, should be a matter of deep shame.
Rabbi Blau, Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi refuses to recognise the Tree of Life as a synagogue or those murdered as Jews
Israeli Labour Party leader Avi Gabbay says that Jews in America should do what the neo-Nazis want them to do and leave
miserable bigots, racists and Zionist fascists who purport to oppose anti-Semitism,
in their anxiety to follow in the footsteps of Robert Bowers, Trump and his
far-Right allies, completely ‘forgot’ to mention the appeal Muslims
United for Pittsburgh Synagogue
which to date has raised over $120,000.
Muslims spread peace and reach out, Israel and the Zionist movement can only
preach hate. These Zionist propagandists are determined to continue to spread
the seeds of hate and racism that fuelled Robert Bowers.
Zionist ‘Rabbi’ Shmueley Boteach, a friend of Trump and Sheldon Adelson, blamed
the ‘demonisation and deligitimisation of
but not of course his support for the very far-Right whose demonization
of refugees inspired the murderer.
course none of this is as bad as yesterday’s statements from Yoav Eliasie, a
hate rapper known as The Shadow who blamed the victims for their own murder, justifying
the murderer.  That is truly shocking but
it is a consequence of the warped and perverted Zionist idea that Jews, by
remaining in the diaspora are responsible for their own persecution. They used
to call it the ‘negation of the diaspora’ one of the founding principles of Zionism.
In a Facebook post Eliasi portrayed
the massacre as a legitimate response to HIAC’s progressive agenda.
According to Eliasi, Bowers
“was a man fed up with
subversive progressive Jewish leftists injecting their sick agendas
” into his
country. Explicitly echoing the neo-Nazi’s manifesto, Eliasi added that “HIAS brings in infiltrators that destroy
every country. The murderer was fed up with people like you. Jews like you
brought the holocaust and now you’re causing antisemitism. Stop bringing in
hate money from Soros.”
28 October, 18
Member of the International Relations Bureau Basim Naim stated the
It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we
received the news about the terrorist attack on a Jewish synagogue in
Pittsburgh, which resulted in killing 11 innocent Jews and injuring six others.
As Palestinians who have been enduring the terrorism of the Israeli
occupation, we are the most to realise what terrorism means and its destructive
On this sorrowful occasion, we would like to extend our sincerest
condolences to the families of the victims, wishing the wounded a speedy
This aggressive act against ‘worship places’, which is highly condemned,
highlights that terrorism has no religion nor ideology.
Dr. Basin Naim
Member of International Relations Bureau
Background information
A gunman opened fire on Saturday inside the ‘Tree
of Life Congregation Synagogue’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during a service,
killing 11 Jewish worshipers and injuring six others.
Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmad Yassin has said
that the Islamic Palestinian Resistance Movement condemns the killing of any
human, whether he is a Muslim, Christian, Jew, or a follower of any doctrine.

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