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 End the Genocide – End the Ethnic Cleansing – Palestine shall be free from the river to the sea

Clips from the demonstration today

Today was the largest of the 3 demonstrations on Palestine to date. The main slogans called for a ceasefire now as Israel deliberately bombs Gaza with the intention of destroying all civilian life. Hospitals, clinics, schools, mosques, churches – nothing is  sacrosanct for Israel’s American supplied weaponry. Even the world’s third oldest church, St. Porphyrius was bombed.

Corbyn, Diane Abbot, Zara Sultana, Mick Lynch & UNISON Speakers

‘Palestine Must be Free from the River to the Sea’ was a popular chant too. The Zionists claim that this means genocide of Jews which in itself betrays their racist mentality. The slogan simply means that an apartheid Jewish Supremacist state must be replaced by a democratic state of all its citizens.

Aerial Views of Demonstration

Of course a Jewish state, just like a Christian ethno-nationalist state is inherently racist and has to go.  A state where Jews receive preferential treatment by virtue of their racial classification owes more to Nazi Germany and Apartheid in South Africa than a genuine democracy.

As Netanyahu made clear at the time of the passing of the Jewish Nation State Law Israel is not a state of its citizens but its Jewish citizens only.

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