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Once Again the Zionists Are Beaten – 

Despite Police State Security

I love this short video.  It tells it like it is.  I feel privileged to have taken part in another successful BDS protest and to know that our protest has, yet again, had world-wide  repercussions.  As the woman in the film said, the Zionists convinced themselves that they were enjoying the mediocre play on stage, with its little Zionist addition of a Venetian attack on Shylock at the very start.  Coupled with the hideous masks (they accused us of being anti-Semitic for wearing the same mask as the actors!).

Picket of Sir Bob Geldoff – Honorary Doctor at Ben Gurion University of Ethnic Cleansing

It was only through dozens of security goons and lines of Police that the ‘culture’ of Israel can now be displayed in all its hideous glory.

As a member of Brighton PSC it was great that once again so many of the protestors came up from Brighton.  Must be something to do with the sea air!

And below is a lovely photograph of a picket  on Thursday of the wretched Bob Geldoff’s performance at the Brighton Concordia.  The promoter was none too pleased alternatively threatening to set the security on us and pleading we move!  However we stayed stuck to the spot and lots of Geldoff’s fans came up to say how much they agreed with us.

For a contrary Zionist opinion on how terrible it is to boycott Zionist ‘culture’ see Sarah Gillespies piece  on Atzmon’s ‘deliberation’ site ‘The BDS Cultural Boycott and Integrity’ in which she declares that Israel is not an apartheid state and launches into   Omar Barghouti for his ‘hypocrisy’ in daring to study  at Tel Aviv University.  Apparently 

‘Barghouti’s attendance at TA University doesn’t exactly make Israel resemble the Apartheid State he tells us it is. The Apartheid 1959 ‘Extension of University Education Act’ bared non-whites from entering white Universities. This has not happened to Barghouti.  His presence there reinforces TA Universities’ reputation as a tolerant and multicultural institution.’  Err yes Sarah.  Perhaps Israel is more clever and dispenses with petty apartheid within Israel proper whilst enforcing apartheid rigidly in the occupied territories.  But whilst not being not having ‘No Palestinians or Dogs’ signs it still bars Palestinians from buying or renting land or travelling on roads or even going on most of Tel Aviv’s beach (well you can do but you’re likely to be beaten up if you do).

Sarah Gillespie – Atmon’s Closest Collaborator Depicts The Habimah Supporters as Stalinists

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