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In its eagerness to vilify Livingstone, the Guardian Abandons Free

The Guardian really surpassed itself in an outrageous editorial The Guardian view on Labour and Ken Livingstone: wrong decision, terrible message.  

 The editorial could have written by Benjamin Netanyahu.  It spoke about ‘the idea that an accusation of antisemitism is a weapon deployed by Jews
(usually for decorum’s sake recast as “Zionists”) for nefarious

In other words Jews and Zionists are one and the same – which is an anti-Semitic trope that the Zionists (& fascists) regularly employ.  Anti-Semitic because the logic of saying this is that all Jews are culpable for the barbarities of Israel.  All Jews are supporters of Israel.

The idiot who wrote this editorial also believes that if someone claims they are the victims of racism, then they must be believed:  they wrote that:

modern times it is not Labour’s normal practice to belittle the views of
those who say they have been victims of racial prejudice, to query
their motives and to reject the premises of their complaint’.

I suspect anti-Zionists Jews who are the victims of anti-Semitism, usually at the hands of Zionists, won’t be believed.  It means that when the National Front in their Rights for Whites campaign say that White people in Britain are the real victims of racism we must believe them.

Freedland has also said that as 93% of Jews in Britain identify with Israel (which is incorrect) then it is anti-Semitic to oppose Israel.  It is like saying that if some African people say that Female Genital Mutilation is part of their cultural heritage we must not oppose it for fear of racism.  Or if some Muslims claim that the Chadoor/Niqab is part of their religious heritage it would be racist to criticise this oppressive garb?

It is the type of idiocy that Jonathan Freedland has been pushing at the Guardian.  Jewish identity is centred around Israel, ipso facto it is racist to question it.  And if there had been a substantial body of White people who were ethnically linked to South Africa then it would have been equally racist to have called out Apartheid in days gone by.

It is this illiterate ruling class ‘anti-racism’ which is the justification for real racism.  Of course claims of racism should be closely examined for fraud and impostors.  Jews who support Israel are wrong.  Often they are racists and bigots and the past history of the Holocaust is no excuse.  On the contrary, Jews of all people should have learnt from the holocaust that all racism is wrong.

Freedland has learnt nothing.  At least the Guardian printed my letter uncut.

Tony Greenstein

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