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Jonathan Hoffman, ex-Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation
and his close friend Paul Besser, ex Intelligence Officer for Britain First are said to
be distraught
It couldn’t have happened to a nice bunch of folk!
It’s an ill wind that blows no good. 
Just after news arrived about McNicol’s unilateral ‘administrative
suspension’ of Glyn Secker, Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour, from the Labour
Party, news arrived that the leaders of Britain First, Golding and Fransen had
been gaoled at Folkestone magistrates court for 18 and 36 weeks
respectively.  Details of the case can be
seen here
and here.
It was real hard not to be moved by these desperate appeals at the last minute
I receive regular mailings from Britain First appealing
to me, as a patriot, to give them financial support !  Indeed I receive regular mailings appealing to me to join them, also as a fellow patriot.  The latest offer was life membership of Britain First – a snip at £59.  Included was a signed photo by Jayda, a membership card, a Union Jack and a scroll.  All in all a wonderful bargain.
Paul Besser, a regular feature on the Zionist scene pictured with his hero Jayda Fransen
The last mailing was literally heart breaking.  Golding wrote that ‘All Jayda did was turn
up and knock on their doors’.  ‘
Now we both
face a long prison sentence for causing ‘harassment, alarm and distress’ to child rapists!’
  It’s real hard not to feel sorry for them and reach for the cheque book.

And who could fail to be moved by
the following appeal?  I have been told by my legal team that Jayda’s house
in London that she has owned for over ten years will be taken from her if we lose this
I am hoping that all of our supporters
help Jayda and I fight the ‘Halal Food Authority’ to the bitter end!
By this
time in just two days
time, we could be settling into our new prison cells.’ 

Besser (left) at the Zionist picket of Palestine Expo last summer – also (left to right) is Ambrosine Shitrit, Gemma Sheridan (of Jewish Nazi JDL) and Sharon Klaff
Jonathan Hoffman (left) and Britain First’s Besser on a Zionist picket
For once Golding seems to have got it right. Both of them are at this very moment trying out their new accommodation.  Almost his last message to me was to tell me that:
thought of the throat-slitting Halal butchers
seizing Jayda’s home when she is rotting in a prison cell makes
me extremely angry!’ 
I can well imagine how distressed Golding must feel at this moment.  No more mosque invasions, no more intimidation of Muslims or banging on peoples’ doors with the camera rolling.
Besser with Paul Golding – what’s a nice Jewish boy doing with a Christian group like this?
‘Britain First’ is what Thomas Mair, the killer of
Jo Cox MP shouted before attacking her.  Darren Osborne, who tried to mow down worshippers
at the Finsbury Park Mosque read Britain First posts before his attempted massacre.
Needless to say Britain First is, like most fascist and neo-Nazi groups these days
a fervent supporter of the State of Israel and Zionism.  It sees in Zionism a fellow ethno-nationalist
movement and Israel’s treatment of Muslims is something they deeply admire.  See Asa Winstanley in Electronic Intifada for more details.

Electronic Intifada article detailing the ties between Britain First and the Zionist movement

  Paul Besser, their erstwhile ‘Intelligence’ Officer is a particularly keen Zionist.  The transition (so he claims) from Britain First to the Zionists and Jonathan Hoffman appears to have been seamless.

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