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Either Emily
Thornberry Resigns from Labour Friends of Israel or she must be sacked from the
Shadow Cabinet

‘Modern Israel stands out as a
beacon of freedom, equality and democracy’
Emily Thornberry



The hypocrisy of Thornberry who praises Israel’s ‘democracy’ – Israel’s murderous actions were supported by the Israeli Labour Party

On the day of the opening of the
US Embassy in Jerusalem, something that the United State’s arch bigot-in-chief Donald
Trump had ordained, Israel’s rulers celebrated by murdering in cold blood 58 Palestinians
(according to the latest count) and at least 1,200 maybe more unarmed Palestinians.

It is no surprise that Labour
Friends of Israel could not bring themselves to condemn Israel’s outrageous
murder of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators. 
Instead they blamed the victims and in the normal conspiracy style of Israeli
propaganda said it was all Hamas’s fault. 
Apparently Hamas are able to make thousands of Palestinians risk their
life just like that.  Because in the eyes
of the Zionist rulers of Israel the Palestinians are no more than animals and
sub-humans. See Rabbi Dahan – Israel’s New Deputy Defence
Minister – Jews have Higher Souls than Non-Jews
83% of Israeli Jews support the ‘shoot to murder’ policy – including 47% of the ‘left-wing’ Zionist Meretz
Murder accompanied the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem – according to Trump it heralded a new era of peace

The truth is of course that
conditions in Gaza are appalling and unbearable which is why people are
demonstrating at the border fence.  It is
a lie to say that Hamas are making people risk their lives.  These demonstrations began against the wishes
of Hamas.  To deny ordinary people agency
is no different from the Jewish conspiracy theories that LFI purport to condemn.

 Israel didn’t just injure, according to some
reports, over 2,000 people, children included. 
They have crippled them for life because the bullets they are using are
internationally outlawed dum dum bullets that crush the bones and have an exit
wound the size of a fist.  Israel’s
is Using Internationally Outlawed Explosive ‘Dum Dum’ Bullets Against Civilians
in Gaza

What is outrageous is that Labour’s
Shadow Foreign Secretary, who never fails to pay tribute to Israel’s Jewish ‘democracy’,
is a paid up member of Labour Friends of Israel. 

The lie that the Zionists spread was
that this was an ‘invasion’ of sovereign Israeli territory.  Israel is the occupier of Gaza.   Gaza is an open air prison which is virtually
unliveable in, having been blockaded for 11 years by air, land and sea.  The water is undrinkable, food is in short
supply, medical supplies are lacking, houses remain unbuilt from the last
bombing campaign.  That is why Palestinians
in Gaza want to return to the lands from which they were expelled 70 years ago,
in Israel.

Israel welcomes any Jew who wants
to immigrate but it cannot find room for Palestinians who were born there and
their families. Why?  Because they are
not Jewish.  If that is not racism what

Palestinians from Gaza are not
welcome because they pose a threat to the demographic majority.  It is because of this threat to the racial
purity of the ‘Jewish’ state of Israel that they were gunned down like animals.

And while the slaughter in Gaza
continued, the Zionists were celebrating the move of the Israeli Embassy to
occupied Jerusalem.  It is ironic that Baptist
Pastor Robert Jeffress conducted the opening prayers at the ceremony.  Not only is he a racist bigot for whom Islam
(& Mormonism) are heresies ‘from the
pit of hell’
but according to him ‘you
can’t be saved by being a Jew’

The American Jewish group If Not Now protesting Israel’s mass murder in Gaza

It is entirely fitting that a
racist bigot and anti-Semite was invited to conduct the opening ceremony of the
US Embassy because anti-Semites have always been the strongest supporters of Israel.  If you don’t want Jews in the lands where
they live where better to send them to than Israel?

Tony Greenstein

Israeli Brown-Shirts “Celebrate”
Jerusalem Day

is one of the strangest cities in the world.  Let’s leave aside all the
tourist promotion about “Jerusalem of Gold” and “a city holy to
three religions.”  And the Israeli claim that it is “Israel’s
capital, eternal and undivided.”  All that is window dressing for
what Jerusalem really is.  A city which has been fought over for
thousands of years by scores of armies fighting on behalf of scores of
religions and nations.  It’s possible that over time more blood has been
shed over the city than any other in the history of the world.
I’m not sure it’s worth it.  In David’s day it was a small city inhabited
by Jebusites, who were eventually exterminated.
question the ultimate point of all this suffering over this city as someone who’s
lived in Jerusalem, studied at its universities, worshiped at the Western Wall,
shopped in its markets, walked its streets, davened at its shuls, spoken its
language, celebrated its holidays.  Nevertheless, I come back to my
oft-repeated response to this veneration of the Holy City.  Jews were
never much for worshipping stones and ruins.  Jews, especially those in
the Diaspora, were far more taken up with finding modes of survival outside
of course our Prophets mourned the destruction of Jerusalem and the prayer-book
offered meditations on the eternal role of the city in the heart of every
Jew.  But unlike Christians, until the early 20th century, there were no
mass movements of return.  That is why I’ve decided that the 21st century
version of Jerusalem worship is a form of Judean pagan idolatry.  This
idol-worship divorces us as Jews from the values which enabled us to survive
for so many centuries outside of Israel.
Judean idolators stage Nuremberg like rally
of this is an introduction to the latest insanity griping Jerusalem.  In
the course of a few days, Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day, a holiday in which
thousands of settlers march like Brown Shirts through Palestinian neighborhoods
in the city, bellowing provocative racist chants and waving thousands of
Israeli flags.  It’s something like what a bad dog owner would do to train
a dog not to take a dump on the rug: you rub their nose in it, as if that will
somehow teach them you’re boss and must be obeyed.
T-shirt sold during Jerusalem Day pogroms: “Sometimes you’ve got to take off your cap.”
the lyrics these pagans chant: “Avenge
but one of my two eyes upon Palestine, may their name be wiped out.”
I also feature a photo of a t-shirt sold to these marchers.  It features a
few brave settler lads toppling the Dome of the Rock, with a caption: “Sometimes, you’ve got to take your kippah [‘cap’ or ‘dome’] off.”
provocation doesn’t cow the Palestinians.  Just the reverse, it spurs the
next suicide bomber or knife attacker.  The next time you hear of an
Israeli soldier or settler killed or wounded, remember these videos, images and
slogans.  They are precisely why the cycle of violence never ends.
American Jews reject the moving of the US Embassy
the final insult to injury is the opening of the “new” U.S. embassy
in Jerusalem.  The embassy isn’t new and isn’t really even an embassy at
present.  It’s the U.S. consulate and it’s actually not even built within the Green
.  It’s built on disputed
territory, what was considered No Man’s Land after 1948.  It was conquered
in 1967, when Israel ousted the Jordanians and took control of the city. 
But Israel refuses to recognize a formal border between Israel and
Palestine.  So, ironically, we’ve built our new embassy on territory that
is at best disputed, and at ‘worst’ Palestinian land.  But that shouldn’t
surprise, because almost the entirety of the Israeli settler movement is based
on such theft and usurpation of Palestine. One can even argue that Israel’s
founding in 1948 based, as it was on the expulsion of 1-million Palestinians
and the destruction of 400 of their villages, is the original usurpation. 
So why should the U.S. presence there be any different??
opening prayer will be delivered on Monday by Dallas evangelical preacher,
Robert Jeffress.  He was invited because, of course, he’s a mainstay of
FoxNews.  There he rails against every major religion except his own:
Labour Friends of Israel’s Tweet Blaming the Palestinians for their own Murder
has referred to both Islam and Mormonism as “a heresy from the pit of hell.” He
believes Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, and Buddhism are all cults, and that
Catholicism represents the “genius of Satan.” Jews, he
believes, are going to hell. “You can’t be saved by being a Jew,”
he’s said. Islam,
he said, “is a religion that promotes pedophelia, sex with
children.” And in a statement sure to please the Israelis, he has
compared the treatment of Christians in the United States to the
Nazi’s treatment of Jews right before they launched the Final Solution program
to exterminate them.
can’t make this up.  What’s astonishing is that Israel is welcoming to its
midst a Christian evangelical anti-Semite; and doing so with open
arms.  If anyone questions the final morphing of Zionism into a movement
that offers nothing but hate for Judaism, at least Diaspora Judaism, this
should affirm the claim.
has lit a powder keg of provocation and deliberately so.  No Israeli
leader has any appreciation of one of Newton’s laws: “for every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Palestinians
certainly will respond.  Perhaps even Muslims around the world will
respond.  They will be outraged.  They will hate Israel.  They
will probably hate Jews, because these settler Brown Shirts are marching less
as Israelis and more as Jews, who seek to conflate the two statuses.
year, there was a Knife Intifada in which over 200 Palestinians were killed, many
murdered by Israeli vigilantes and police.  That commenced when Israel
restricted Muslim worship at the Haram al Sharif.  What do you think will
happen now?  That Palestinians will break out their picnic baskets and
invite their Israeli friends to join them?  No, of course there will be
mayhem.  There will be revenge.
interesting side note regarding the [in]famous song, Jerusalem of Gold,
by Israeli singer, Nomi Shemer.  It takes its name from lyrics which
implicitly refer to the Dome of the Rock, which shines like gold in virtually
every tourist photo of the city.  Ironically, this is the very gold dome
which these heathen pogromists wish to destroy.  Oops, no more Jerusalem
of Gold.  Instead, we’ll have Black Jerusalem, a city draped in sackcloth
and ashes for the devastation committed in the name of God and religion. 
But that too, alas, is foretold in Biblical books like Lamentations.
The Preacher
from Hell – Who is Better Suited than to Offer Prayers at the Opening of the US
Dallas-based Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress has
called Islam ‘a heresy from the pit of hell,’ while also attacking Mormons and
the ‘perversion’ of homosexuality
Ha’aretz Amir Tibon  and Noa
 (Washington) 14.05.2018
WASHINGTON – One of the speakers at Monday’s ceremony marking the
relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
 will be a Christian leader with a history of hateful comments
against Muslims, Mormons, gay people and Jews.
Robert Jeffress
, a Baptist pastor with a large
following in Texas, told Fox News that he
would be leading a prayer during the ceremony
. Jeffress serves as an informal advisor to Trump on faith-based
issues of U.S. President Donald Trump, and is also known for his support for
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.
As Mother
Jones reported
, during a 2010 lecture, Jeffress
claimed, “God sends good people to
Hell. Not only do religions like Mormonism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism–not
only do they lead people away from from God, they lead people to an eternity of
separation from God in Hell.”
Robert Jeffress says “you can’t be
saved by being a Jew
,“ and “Mormonism
is a heresy from the pit of hell.”
He’s said the same about Islam. Such a
religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States
Embassy in Jerusalem.
— Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) 2:42 AM – May 14, 2018
 Jeffress once said that “the dark
dirty secret of Islam”
is that “it is
a religion that promotes pedophilia,
” and that Islam is “a heresy from the pit of hell.”
Mitt Romney, a former Republican presidential candidate, called on
Monday to remove Jeffress from his participation in the embassy opening
ceremony. Romney, one of the most prominent Mormon politicians in the United
States, said Jeffress was a “religious
” and accused him of incitement against religious minorities.
Such a person should not lead the
service at the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem,”
added Romney, who
is currently running for an open Senate seat from Utah despite his clear
identification with the Republican Party. He is considered one of President
Trump’s critics in the party.
At the same time, the Texas Baptist pastor hit back in response to
criticism of his views on Muslims, Mormons, gay people and Jews.
Around 20 percent of Israeli citizens and around 40 percent of Jerusalem
residents are Muslims, and the new embassy, according to U.S. officials, will
also provide services to Palestinians
in the West Bank and Gaza
Jeffress has also called homosexuality “a perversion,” saying gay people engage in “the most detestable acts you can imagine.”
The Mormons have also felt Jeffress’ wrath; he has called them a “cult” not truly part of Christianity. In
one speech, after bashing Islam and Mormonism, Jeffress warned that all Jews
will go to hell, saying that “you can’t
be saved by being a Jew.”
In an interview on Fox News Monday morning, Jeffress both dismissed and
defended his controversial remarks. “These
were comments ripped out of context from years ago,”
he said. “Historic Christianity, for 2000 years, has
taught that salvation is faith in Christ alone, and the fact that I, and
millions of evangelical Christians still believe that, is not bigoted and not
Jeffress has praised Trump for his decision last December to move
the U.S.
Embassy to Jerusalem
, equating it with President
Harry Truman
’s decision in 1948 to recognize
Israel as a state.
“Jerusalem has been the object of
the affection of both Jews and Christians down through history and the
touchstone of prophecy,”
Jeffress said at the time, “but most importantly, God gave Jerusalem —
and the rest of the Holy Land — to the Jewish people.”
As he put it, “President Trump is
a modern-day profile in courage, accomplishing what no other president has been
willing to do.”
Allison Sommer Kaplan contributed
to this report.

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