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Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect
it from ‘wild beasts’
Israeli PM says
proposed barrier would also solve problem of Hamas tunnels from Gaza, but plan
already has critics in his own cabinet

might be forgiven for thinking, following Netanyahu’s announcement that his
reason for wanting to build a wall surrounding Greater Israel, because of the
danger of ‘wild beasts’, that lions, tigers, elephants etc. were common species
in the Middle East.  Unfortunately I have to disappoint you.  They are completely absent from the Middle East.
What Netanyahu was referring to was human beings – Arabs to be precise. 
And not only the Arabs outside Israel but the Palestinians inside
Greater Israel are also ‘wild beasts’.  According to Deputy Defence Minister, Eli Dahan, Palestinians are
animals of the non-human variety.  [see New deputy defense minister called Palestinians ‘animals’, Times of Israel 11.5.15.]
Rabbi Dahan when asked what he would do if a
law permitting gay marriage was proposed in the Knesset responded ‘under no circumstances. A Jew and a goy [non-Jew]can also not marry.”   He explained that “In any case, a Jew always has a much higher [level] soul than a goy,
even if he is a homosexual …
‘The hierarchy of the human species as told by Eli Ben Dahan
ministerial responsibilities include the Civil Administration i.e. Military
Rule over the Palestinians in the West Bank. 
As far as he is concerned, the Palestinians he rules over are human
animals, which was precisely the attitude of the Nazis to the Jews.  They were ‘human cattle.’  Which was why Jews were deported to the extermination
camps in cattle trucks.
such as David Cameron have nothing to say about this overt racism.  And why should they?  They have signed up to support the Jewish state
come what may and includes turning a blind eye to its racism, its theft of Palestinian
land etc.
might expect someone like Jeremy Corbyn to have something to say about the
matter but he too has gone AWOL on the question of Palestine.
it is one of life’s ironies that Israel is the living antithesis to the major
act of liberation of European Jews in the 19th Century, the
Emancipation of Jewry.  Contrary to the
assertion of academics like Rumy Hasan [see Dangerous
Liaisons: The Clash between Islamism and Zionism (NG Publishing, 2013)
see my Review in the Journal of Holy Land Studies]
Zionism isn’t so much a  product of the
Enlightenment as a reaction against it. 
Just as the Dreyfuss Affair was a reaction against the French Revolution
and the Emancipation of French Jews so Zionism began from a rejection of the
A Palestinian girl walks in front of a section of the Israeli barrier in al-Ram in the West Bank on the outskirts of Jerusalem, May 25, 2011. The government is planning to surround the entirety of Israel with security barriers.
As Max Nordau, the Vice-President of
the Zionist Organisation explained at the first Zionist Congress in 1897
Emancipation was the consequence of the “geometric
mode of thought of French rationalism”
 By this he meant that there hadn’t been a sincere change in the attitude of non-Jews to Jews but that the logic, the rationale of the French Revolution, with its call for liberty, equality and fraternity, dictated that the Jews too must be given their freedom.
For Nordau Zionism was an attempt “to transform millions of physically
degenerate proletarians
” i.e. the Jews of E Europe. Nordau’s only doubts
regarding Zionism were that the Jews might not be “anthropologically fit for nationhood.” [Complete Diaries of Theodore Herzl p. 275/276].
Zionism hated the
Enlightenment and the emancipation of Jews because the ghetto kept Jews together,
prevented marrying out and assimilation. 
In this they were at one with the Orthodox Jews also saw their power
disappear as the walls of the ghetto crumbled. 
The ghetto and anti-Semitism kept Jews together, which is the secular purpose
of Zionism.  Emancipation, free thought,
inter-mixing allowed Jews to live with non-Jews and ‘disappear’ into them.
‘Losses’ to assimilation, i.e. the voluntary loss of Jewish identity is equated in the racist Zionist mind to physical destruction in the gas chambers
That is why Zionists
compare assimilation, the free decision by Jews not to retain their Jewish identity,
because they marry non-Jews etc. to the holocaust, which involved the physical
destruction of millions of Jews. 
Likewise the existence of abortion was also compared to the losses
incurred in the holocaust by former Chief Rabbi Emmanuel Jakobovitz. [see an
article in the Settlers News 
Agency Arutz Sheva Op-Ed: The Silent Holocaust]
It is therefore one
of life’s ironies that the Jewish Ghetto, one of the most infamous of social
institutions in Europe, has now been recreated in the Jewish State of Israel.  The Jewish Ghetto was first created in Venice
in 1516 and the Roman ghetto, created by Pope Paul IV in 1555, was the last ghetto
to be abolished, when the Italians took Rome from the Pope in 1882.
But whereas the Jews of
Europe didn’t have much choice about having to live in a ghetto Israeli Jews are
now going to erect their own ghetto walls to keep the non-Jewish beasts at
bay.  Having already sealed off much of
the West Bank with their Separation Fence, the Zionists are now going to
complete the job.
Tony Greenstein

Binyamin Netanyahu inspects the new fence at the border between Jordan and Israel near Eilat, saying: ‘In our neighbourhood, we need to protect ourselves from wild beasts.’ Photograph: Marc Israel Sellem/Pool/EPA

Netanyahu plans fence around Israel to protect it from’wild beasts’

Netanyahu has announced his intention to “surround all of Israel with a fence” to
protect the country from infiltration by both Palestinians and the citizens of
surrounding Arab states, whom he described as “wild beasts”.
Israeli prime minister unveiled the proposal during a tour of the Jordan border
area in Israel’s 
south, adding that the project – which would cost billions of
shekels – would
also be aimed
at solving the problem of Hamas infiltration tunnels from
Gaza, a recent source of renewed concern.
called the border project a part of a “multi-year plan to surround Israel with
security fences to protect ourselves in the current and projected Middle East”.

the need for new walls and fences on Tuesday, Netanyahu said: “In our
neighbourhood, we need to protect ourselves from wild beasts.

the end of the day as I see it, there will be a fence like this one surrounding
Israel in its entirety. We will surround the entire state of Israel with a
fence, a barrier.”
said the Israeli government was also examining ways of sealing gaps in the
existing separation wall that runs along large areas of the occupied West Bank.
separation wall – ordered to be built at great cost by former prime minister
Ariel Sharon – was originally credited with a drop in the number of violent
attacks by Palestinians in Israel, not least suicide bombings, a key feature of
the second intifada in the first few years of this century.
judgment has been undermined by the apparent ease with which Palestinians
assailants have managed to enter Israel in the current wave of violence since
war in Gaza in 2014 also
demonstrated how easy it was for Hamas to tunnel beneath the barriers
surrounding the coastal enclave into Israel itself.
you’re thinking of erecting a fence there you have to take into account that
they could tunnel underneath it,”
Netanyahu said. “The people who said that
there is no significance to [retaining] territory in the modern age should go
to Gaza.”

proposal was, however, criticised by one of Netanyahu’s own cabinet ministers,
education minister Naftali Bennett of the hard-right Jewish Home party, who has
been embroiled in a series of recent disagreements over security policy with
the prime minister.
on the proposal, Bennett said: “The prime minister spoke today about how fences
are needed. We are wrapping ourselves in fences. In Australia and New Jersey
there is no need for fences.”

use of the phrase “wild beasts” – also translated as “predators” – recalled his
use of equally incendiary language about Israeli Arabs on the eve of last
year’s elections
whom he described as “coming out in droves”.

prime minister made his comments as he visited a section of approximately 18
miles of fence being built from the Red Sea city of Eilat to near where Israel
is constructing a new international airport. That alone is costing $77m (£53m).
In 2013, Israel also completed a five-metre-high fence along its border with

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