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Bibi’s Dog Achieves More with One Bite than Mahmoud Abbas (Another Dumb Mutt) Ever Will

Jewish Chronicle 18.10.15.

Kaya, the pet dog of
Benjamin Netanyahu, has been put in Administrative Detention (they call it quarantine
but we know what means) for 10 days.  There are great fears for her safety given the record of the Israeli prison service and we urge people to deluge the Zionist state calling for Kayas’s immediate release.

Kaya and her dumb mutt of an owner
As Netanyahu himself said
of Kaya, a pet dog that his son Avner rescued, ‘How much light Kaya has brought into our home.’  He continued in the same vein:  ‘If you
want a canine, find an adult dog to rescue. 
You won’t regret it.’
John Kerry is believed to have escaped being bitten
Clearly Netanyahu has
begun to regret it.  Firstly the clever
doggy gave Netanyahu a well deserved bite (we don’t know where!) and then at a
Chanukah party at Netanyahu’s residence she took a dislike to some of his other guests.  First she sunk her teeth into
Likud MK Sharren Haskel and then had a bite out of Or Alon, the husband of
Tzipi Hotoveli, the Deputy Foreign Minister and religious wingnut and racist who
wants to demolish the Al Aqsa Mosque. 
Hotovelli it is who obtained a grant for the Israeli fascist group
Lehava because they campaign against mixed race sexual relations between Arabs
and Jews.
Kaya and her unfortunate new family
We understand that
Kaya made determined efforts to take a chunk out of Tzipi too but was violently prevented from doing so.
Sharren Haskall – Likud MK received a well deserved bite
Say what you will
about Kaya’s owner, Benjamin Netanyahu, there can be no doubt that when it
comes to dogs he made a wise, anti-Zionist choice.
Kaya, a 10 year old
hound, of the female gender, has achieved what Abbas and the Palestinian Authority
can only dream of.  She made a distinct
impression on some of the villains of the Zionist state.  Indeed just think how much the Palestinian revolution
would advance if Kaya was to replace Mahmoud Abbas as ‘President’ of the PA.
This blog is therefore
launching a ‘Free Kaya’ now campaign as part of a Kaya for Israeli Prime
Minister campaign.  Even in the darkest
of times there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Tony Greenstein 

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