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And just in, a devastating defeat for the anti-boycott movement in France.  

French  supermarket protestors
 French Supreme Court of Cassation Acquits BDS Director of Incitement Charges

From Electronic Intifada

The case dates back to a July 2009 when a protest in a Carrefour supermarket in Évry, a suburb of Paris, led to Director Olivi Zemor, being prosecuted.    She was acquitted in two lower court appeals but the Zionist Chamber of Commerce and 3 other pro-Israeli groups appealed this.

The Court of Cassation – the highest criminal court of appeal – affirmed the acquittals and ruled that the pro-Israel groups had no standing to bring an action.


“The lack of standing of the France-Israel Chamber of Commerce has been confirmed, at least for all the current cases,” CAPJPO-EuroPalestine said in a statement lauding the court’s decision.
Several other cases against activists are still making their way through lower courts in several cities.

The ruling, moreover, “confirms the legality of the boycott Israel campaign as long as this state, its government and its army trample on the most elementary rights of the Palestinian people,” the statement adds.

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