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Who Funds Ian Austin apart from the Israel lobby? The GMB. Members should ask why their union has gifted £10,000 to Austin?

Those excellent news sites, The Canary and Skawkboxhave amply demonstrated that Ian Austin is a loudmouthed bigot and bully, not least in his arrogant and blustering behaviour towards Michael Rosen, the former children’s laureate, who appeared before him at a Commons Committee hearing enquiring into Holocaust education. Austin couldn’t stand Rosen’s rejection of the idea that the only thing standing between Britain and defeat at the hands of the Nazis was that we fought back whereas Johny Foreigner surrendered at the first opportunity. What this pig ignorant bigot failed to take into account was such small  things as the expanse of water separating Britain from the continent, often known as the English Channel.

British triumphalism and imperialism are bread and butter to this poundshop jingoist. As Michael Rosen pointed out, the record of British people on the Channel Islands and Guernsey, in terms of collaboration, suggests that if Britain had been invaded then the behaviour of British people towards Jewish people would have been no different to that of the Poles or French.Since Austin presides over a seat with a 22 vote majority he has decided to quit Labour now knowing that he is unelectable.

He is a nasty pro-war MP who, when Jeremy Corbyn was responding to the Chilcott Report told Corbyn to sit down and shut up. Austin couldn’t stand the idea that pro-war jingoists like him had been proved comprehensively wrong. If Corbyn hadn’t been so weak and weedy then Austin would have had the whip withdrawn there and then.What is interesting is who has been funding this reactionary ratbag and why.  Below are a few details concerning his funders.  As can be seen nearly all of them are part of the Zionist lobby, in particular Labour Friends of Israel, front group for the Israeli Embassy, an Australian Zionist group and Sir Trevor Chinn, a wealthy Zionist, owner of Kwik Fit and supporter of LFI.

It is interesting that his friend and neighbour, Tom Watson, shares almost all of Austin’s funders – Labour Friends of Israel, Garrard, Chinn and of course the right-wing GMB Union.Tony GreensteinIan Austin’s Donors

Donations to Tom Watson

The UK’s favourite Jewish writer exposes the latest Labour defector for the sh*tbag he really isTracy Keeling 22nd February 2019Ian Austin quit the Labour Party on 22 February although he has not yet joined the newly formed Independent Group. The Dudley North MP, who was adopted by Czech Jewish refugees, says Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has caused “offence and distress” to Jewish people.But Britain’s favourite children’s author, Michael Rosen, had a few choice words for Austin. In fact, the Jewish writer exposed the shitbag MP for trying to browbeat him while he was giving evidence about Holocaust education.

And that’s not the only hectoring Austin is famous for.“You’ve had your say”As Rosen explained on Twitter:So, the author was giving evidence at an inquiry into Holocaust education in the UK. And, as Rosen says, while he was talking about “British triumphalism” Austin kept interrupting him:As the video shows, Rosen tried to explain to the committee that, as the Nazis didn’t make it to Britain, we don’t know what might have happened if they had.

He appeared to be warning against teaching children that Hitler couldn’t have done in the UK what he did elsewhere because of Britain’s ‘fighting spirit’. Austin was having none of it, though. He kept patronisingly saying “I know, I know” through the Jewish author’s evidence. Eventually, Austin even said:Hold on, you’ve had your say… The reason, professor Rosen, that they didn’t invade Britain is because Britain fought back.So, that’s Austin. A man who tries to silence someone who’s offering his expertise on the Holocaust if it challenges the notion of Britain’s ‘greatness’. Furthermore, a man who has no bones about doing that to someone who’s Jewish.“Shut up”Rosen isn’t the only person who Austin has told to shut up, though. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn made a statement in parliament about the newly published Chilcot report in July 2016. During the statement, in which he heavily criticised the decision to invade Iraq, Corbyn saidthat “many of our people actually got it right”. He was talking about over a million people in the UK who marched against the invasion.

But while Corbyn was applauding the public on doing this, Austin shouted from the backbenches:Sit down and shut up.Again, Austin’s attempt to silence someone came as they were challenging the notion of a magnanimous and ‘great’ British state.There’s the door

Like the Insignificant Seven that left the Labour Party before him, it’s hard to see what values Austin actually shares with the party. So, aside from the parliamentary ramifications, it’s probably best for all those involved that shitbags like him do jog on.No-one needs people like that in a party which is trying to “build a Britain we can all be proud of”.Featured image via Michael Rosen/YouTube and Wochit Politics/YouTubeuTube

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