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Hoffman Loses What Little Self Control He Possesses at In Minds Demonstration and Attacks Protestors

Klaff and Shitrit weren’t beaten up because they were Jewish but because they were stopping residents’ kids getting to sleep!!

Klaff and Shitrit with fellow racist – Eric Pickles
The mystery of the ‘attack’ on Sharon Klaff has been cleared up by Zelo Street.  Contrary to the lies of the the ‘paper wot supported Hitler’ aka the Daily Hate Mail, those who gave Klaff a slap had nothing to do with the meeting or Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

It would appear that they were just ordinary working class residents living in the area who didn’t appreciate these White fascists invading their area and then keeping their kids awake when they were trying to get them to sleep. Having refused polite requests not to use a megaphone in an ordinary residential street at night, two residents took action in their own hands and gave these fascists a taste of what Palestinians receive at the hands of the settlers and army.

Perhaps Klaff and Shitrit will be more sympathetic next time they hear of unprovoked attacks on Palestinian farmers by Jewish settlers! Both Klaff and Shitrit support the EDL and Tommy Robinson and thus support violence against Black and Muslim people. It seems that some Black people fought back! 

On Saturday 6th October 2018, Inminds human rights
group protested outside Puma’s flagship store on Carnaby Street to demand that Puma
stop its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA) which includes
football clubs based in illegal settlements built on stolen Palestinian land.
The protest was in solidarity with over 215 Palestinian sports clubs which on
10th September 2018 called on the world’s third largest
sportswear manufacturer Puma to respect human rights and cut ties with IFA.

‘Mad’ Mel Gharia is in the background with her model Trump as the Zionists join with the Football Lads Alliance
Jonathan Hoffman, a well-known Zionist fascist also
turned up, along with a new figure, thug DAMON LENSZNER.  Together, as can be seen, they verbally and
physically harassed Sandra Watta and tried to prevent her from speaking by
screaming ‘terrorist’ in her
face.  Lenzer also punched one of the

Lenszner seems to be a not too successful businessman, since
two of his companies, OCEAN
 and TWO
, went into liquidation owing substantial amounts of
money.  The companies were involved in sourcing East European, mainly
Polish, to supply to businesses in the Plymouth area and southwest. He
deducted NI  contributions and income tax from the unfortunate
workers but then failed to pay it to the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and
However these things will happen to even the most successful of budding capitalists. 
Even Donald Trump had a few bankruptcies on the way. Lenszner’s latest
company is OCEAN CITY
 formed 2017. To those cynics who ask how long
it will be before this also goes bust owing huge sums again we can only
ask you to be patient.

I would not recommend this company if you were thinking of investing your
pension pot!!
The Daily Mail is always willing to publicise alleged attacks on Zionists – attacks on anti-Zionists never get reported
There was no Daily Mail article about peaceful
protestors being attacked, shouted down, harassed etc. But at a meeting last
night Ambrosine Shitrit together with Mark Haringman and ‘Mad’ Mel Gharial, who were recording the meeting without permission, were asked to leave. When they were being escorted out they shouted volumes of abuse at people including calling people anti-Semitic.
Of course they were asked to leave because of their disruptive activities and their far-Right racist views not
because they were Jewish. They also accused Black people of being supporters of
Apartheid, which is ironic given another supporter Klaff is a White South African who supported
the Apartheid regime there when it was in existence. 

They are apparently alleging that those they were abusing attacked
them, though there is no evidence on the film of this. The Daily Mail of course
was only too interested to carry an article on the alleged assault.

Above is a video of Klaff being forcefully removed from PalExpo while Jonathan Hoffman carries on eating!

Jonathan Hoffman is also seen here complaining and
whining because he was physically ejected from a meeting before he could try
and disrupt it and shout down the speakers. 
Naturally it was because he was a Jew and nothing to do with the fact
that he is a racist and fascist with a regular habit of shouting down and
disrupting meetings he doesn’t agree with.
Inminds chair Abbas Ali said “In March this
year we protested outside Adidas flagship store in London, in solidarity with
130 Palestinian sports clubs who had requested Adidas to stop supporting
apartheid war crimes. After sustaining much brand damage Adidas stopped. Rather
than learn from that experience, Puma has instead signed a 4 year contract to
lend its brand to cover up and whitewash the very same war crimes, which the
illegal settlements constitute under international law. Illegal settlements
built on stolen Palestinian land are normalised and legitimised by Puma through
its sponsorship. This time 215 Palestinian sports clubs have asked Puma to respect
their human rights. So far Puma has just ignored them. Sports is about fair
play, Puma through its apartheid sponsorship is promoting racism. We are here
to tell Puma that there is a price associated with standing with apartheid.
Their complicity in Israeli war crimes will cost their brand dearly. We are
here to ask Londoners to help Puma make the right decision by boycotting their
products until they respect Palestinian human rights. “

The Zionist – Fascist
Alliance was Consummated at the Al Quds Demonstration
– The Supportersof Tommy Robinson (Steve Yaxley Lennon) Joined Forces with the Board ofDeputies Demonstration Against the Palestinians

Two of the main fascists, Harvey Garfield and his twin Jonathan Hoffman complain that the lists I have produced of them are preventing them walking into meetings and disrupting them!

 Without Comment – Zio Fascist Reactions to the Sunlight
Michael English with fellow thug Thor Halland – he is addressing Joseph Cohen of the Israeli Advocacy Movement
Add caption
Note how  @mishtal i.e. David Collier is added in to the conversation with these fascists
Thor Halland speculates that someone is talking to me whereas they all talk to me – even ‘Mad Mel’ who isn’t quite as bad and batty as she makes out. Meanwhile Poodle Supplier Mike Davidsohn wants my address in order to send me a present – I’m almost tempted!
South African Klaff gets worked up about being accused of being with the fascists who recently attaacked Bookmarks. Someone should tell Klaff that defamation is a civil tort and as such is nothing to do with the Police. 
The level of the conversation never rises above the gutter

Another intra-Zionist feud – note their witticism ‘Greenslime’!!
Mike Davidsohn, the poodle breeder, apparently wants to talk to me as does Mark Haringman (aka Mick McMurphy/Newsdude etc.) who can’t restrain his violent fantasies

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