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Who are Tommy Robinson’s Zionist Supporters? 

At a time when supporters of Israel and
Britain’s Zionist foreign policy are waging a war over ‘Labour antisemitism’, it
is perhaps apt to look at the growing ranks of Zionist supporters of Tommy
Robinson and British fascism. As the video above shows, many of these people
are quite happy with being called Jewish Nazis.  
Prime amongst these
activists is Jonathan Hoffman, who can best be described as politically autistic.  He is pictured with white paint on his face in the
photograph above in the bottom left.  Hoffman has pioneered joint
Zionist-fascist activity, with both the English Defence League and Britain
First activists.  Hoffman isn’t a marginal figure having been Vice-Chair
of the Zionist Federation.  Yet not a peep or squeak comes out from Marie
van der Zyl, the President of the Board of Deputies or her predecessor Jonathan
Arkush about the real anti-semites in the British Jewish community.
The Sun quotes the same Hoffman uncritically when attacking Jeremy Corbyn over the Holocaust Memorial Day meeting 8 years ago when Hajo Meyer, a Dutch anti-Zionist survivor of Auschwitz, spoke. [SHAMELESS LEFTIES, Inside ‘vile’ Jeremy Corbyn rally that branded Israel as NAZIS and ‘ejected protesters’ amid Labour anti-Semitism row]

Why is this?  Essentially because the Board of Deputies
has never fought genuine antisemitism. In the 1930’s it told
Jews not to fight Moseley’s British Union of Fascism, a 
trick they repeated with the National Front in the 1970’s.  It comes as no
surprise that they have nothing to say about an alignment with the far-Right
that extends from Herut to the Jewish Defence League.  One should bear in
mind that the senior officers of the Zionist Federation are all in or
sympathetic to Herut including Aryeh Miller, the Executive Director of the
Zionist Federation, who spoke at the inaugural meeting of Herut and the Chair,
Paul Charney.
This is the latest look at the fascist and
neo-Nazi wing of the British Zionist movement and the characters involved.  It doesn’t claim to be comprehensive as the
characters involved change continuously. 
It is often difficult to follow the internal strife and battles among
those who wish to be crowned the Jewish Fuhrer and their petty animosities.

My first article EXCLUSIVE
– We Name the Gang of 31 Zionists Whose Purpose is to Disrupt Palestinian
Events in London
caused quite a stir amongst those who
were named.  A number of them entered
into conversation with me, some polite and some not so polite (Mark
Haringman!). I refused Haringman’s request to delete his name because he said it was stopping him get a job.  I told him if he stopped disrupting the political activities of his opponents then and only then would I delete it.  Where there were errors I was happy
to correct them and one person (Thor Halland) threatened to sue me for libel
concerning his escapades in Thailand. Being soft-hearted (& because I couldn’t prove the allegations!) I acceded to his demands.

second article focused on David Collier who is the ‘intellectual’ wing of the far right in the British Zionist movement (which is not difficult!).  His ‘expose’ of the Palestine Live Facebook
group, of which Jeremy Corbyn is a member, featured heavily in the attacks on
the Labour Party in the run up to the local elections. EXCLUSIVE:
David Collier – the ‘Independent Researcher’ who accused Corbyn of
anti-Semitism keeps company with White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and Islamophobes
It contains without doubt images that were not from the Palestine Live FB group but from peoples’ time lines. His ‘research’ has not, of course, been peer reviewed and as such should be treated as political junk.
Jonathan Arkush is seen here speaking to an audience including 2 members of the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane – Roberta Moore and her boyfriend de Jonge bottom left.
third article was written in the wake of the Al Quds demonstration on June 10th
which the Zionists have been demonising for some time now as a gathering of
terrorists etc.  This followed a large demonstration the day before. Some estimates put it as many as 15,000 supporters of the Football Lads Alliance. What is clear is that there is now a clear link-up between the Zionists and the FLA in support of Tommy Robinson and in support of the racist anti-Muslim politics of these Zionists..  The Zionist – Fascist Alliance was Consummated at
the Al Quds Demonstration
is clear is that the activities of the far-Right  and fascist Zionists are
tolerated and even approved by the more respectable, establishment Zionists, Mick Davies’
criticisms notwithstanding.  Jonathan Arkush, the previous President of
the Board of Deputies was a right-wing Tory and Trump supporter who was pictured
speaking to a crowd of Zionists including those displaying the logos of the
neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League. (see above)  No attempt was made to remove them. The
new President of the Board, Marie van der Zyl is equally as right-wing as
Arkush and equally at home with the fascist wing of the Zionist movement. 
This makes their bleating about ‘antisemitism’ even more stomach churning.
named didn’t, by and large, like the publicity. 
Some, like Joseph Cohen and Thor Halland, claimed it was
inaccurate.  Others like South African Sharon Klaff chose a different tack. 
of those named in my original article, Jason Silver committed suicide. The reasons for this had nothing to do with what I wrote but nonetheless there was a nasty campaign to suggest his death was a consequence of my article, spearheaded by Hoffman and Klaff. Although there was no evidence to support
their allegations a lie doesn’t need evidence.  
This week there is a report in
the JC of the Inquest into Silver’s suicide which makes it clear that he had
been unwell for many years. It quotes his widow, Claire Silver, as having told the inquest that Silver:
“had abused cocaine for a number of years.
She learned after his death that he had stopped taking medication for “about
seven months”….
“He became increasingly interested in politics
– but it was very specific. He was very pro-Israel, and very anti-Palestine.
But that was a recent thing. He had never been like that before.
“He just became obsessed with it. It’s all he
would talk about all the time – to his patients, to everybody.”

 What didn’t help was that people like Klaff and Hoffman fed his obsession and paranoia and he was encouraged to make a series of false complaints against firstly the organisers of Palestine Expo for ejecting him, which he held was antisemitic despite the fact that large numbers of Jewish people attended and spoke at this event.

Despite the Jewish Lawyers Association telling him he didn’t have a case, when the Police refused to prosecute for a hate crime he was encouraged to make false complaints against the Metropolitan Police themselves and
became frustrated when they went nowhere. 
None of this of course deterred Ms Klaff, who has gone from supporting Apartheid in her native South Africa to supporting it in Israel, from
penning a blog article for The Times of Israel holding me responsible.  The article
has now been taken down. What is despicable is Klaff and Hoffman are trying to exploit Jason Silver’s death for their own political advantage. 
Sharon Klaff’s lying article which was taken down by the The Times of Israel  
is clear that we are seeing an alliance between the Zionist right, including
the supporters of Herut such as Mandy Blumenthal and solicitor Mark Lewis (who
is the subject of proceedings so I understand by the Solicitors Regulation
Authority) and the fascist supporters of Tommy Robinson and the FLA.
Jayme Cohen and Melanie “Gharial” Graham were handing out leaflets on the June
9th FLA demonstration exhorting the assorted fascists and neo-Nazis to
stay over for the Al Quds demonstration.  This was organised by Yochi Davies. Last year Darren
who ploughed his minibus into worshippers at the
Finsbury Park mosque, killing one person and injuring others, had first
attempted to drive into marchers on the Al Quds demonstration. Only police
security around the march prevented a much more bloody ISIS style massacre.  This year as I’ve written
a large number of the FLA came to the Al Quds demonstration intent on trying to
attack the demonstration.  In essence we saw
a united front between the Zionist far-Right and the fascist and neo-Nazi
was therefore interesting that Sir Mick Davis, one of the most influential
members of the Jewish community, Treasurer of the Conservative Party and former
Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council wrote a piece on divisions within the
Jewish community, not least the Zionist far-Right. OPINION
Sir Mick Davis: We’re at war with ourselves in the battle for Zionism
This video shows a group of Jewish people saying the prayer for the dead, Kaddish, for the then 60, now over 130, unarmed Palestinians who were murdered by Israeli snipers. This video, produced by Joseph Cohen’s Israel Advocacy Movement, entitles it ‘Kaddish for Hamas’.  There is no evidence that most of the dead were anything other than innocent civilians, although Hamas –  like many political groups – tried to take the credit.  However it is irrelevant.  Hamas is a conservative political group which many Palestinians support.  The idea that someone who is a member of it should be executed or forfeit their life is obscene
occasion of Davis’s article was the Kaddish (prayer for the dead) which was
said for the murdered Palestinians in Gaza who were mown down like turkeys in a
shoot.  Of course these fascists
described them as ‘terrorists’
because they have to deny agency to the Palestinians. Those who resists the
Occupation or takes part in any action to resist it, however peaceful, is a
terrorist.  However most people, even the
right-wing former leader of the Tory Party, Michael Howard (who asked Netanyahu
why did you need to kill them’) understand
that there was no justification for Israel’s response. ‘Terrorism’ which these
fascists claim as their justification is just a catch-all term of abuse for those
who refuse to live quietly under the Israel’s occupation.
his article Davis tries to frame the discussion as ‘Some far-left Jews’ saying kaddish versus far-right Jews who ‘responded to this provocative act with
abusive language, use of terms like “kapo”, issuing death threats and seeking
to hound kaddish participants from their jobs. Weeks later, the controversy
still rages.’

a useful rhetorical device, it is fundamentally dishonest. The Jews involved in
saying Kaddish were not ‘far-left’ but liberal Jews.  It is a measure of how right-wing the Zionist
community is that anyone left of centre is classified as ‘far-left.’  However Davis is correct in terms of the
violent response to those saying prayers. 
It is a measure of how degenerate these fascists are that even in their
death, unarmed Palestinians are considered as unworthy of prayer. One wonders
what kind of God that Martin Hiser prays to. Of course what Israel feared was that
the protest was for the right of the Palestinians to ‘Return’ because it
symbolises the refusal to accept the theft of their land and homes in 1948.
is no doubt expressing the views of a section of the British Jewish
establishment when he says that
‘On the right, some activists have
proved to have no boundaries at all. For them, expressing the most basic
empathy for the Palestinians is taboo while expressing empathy for imprisoned
former EDL leader Tommy Robinson is acceptable. And like so many forms of
populism, this emergent British Jewish far-right wallows in perceived
victimhood at the hands of “an elite” – in this case the “Jewish establishment”. 
from victimising this right-wing fringe, however, we’ve indulged and humoured
it, viewing it as oafish and shrill but no great threat to the community’s
consensus values.’
is an updated list as of Summer 2018  of  most of the members of the extreme Zionist
groups who frequently attend and disrupt events connected with Palestine. These
include meetings in Parliament, debates in Universities, Palestine cultural
events and pro-Palestine demonstrations/activities.  
Photos show individuals at various
events and their links to other members of the group. For brevity and clarity
only a small sample is shown but many more examples are available.
1. Laurent
IQ fantasist Kachauda works as a shop assistant for the French supermarket
group Carrefour but likes to think he is a hard man. However, on 29 Sept 2017 this
boastful fantasist was sentenced to 6 months in prison in Paris for a violent
and unprovoked attack on a lone French Jewish woman . This cowardly Zionist
thug made sure he had 3 accomplices for the vicious assault, all members of the
French JDL.
works with Martin Hizer and James Goddard of the Football  Lads Alliance as well as Jonathan Hoffman.

Sheridan, English, Besser and
Kachauda in main picture. Kachauda  on
the right top pic. Neal B Cohen on left. This is not  the Neil Cohen of 2 kitchens restaurant.
Bottom pic l-r- Ghalial, Klaff, Blumenthal, Kachauda, Besser
29 septembre 2017
The Court of Appeal of Paris confirmed Friday the convictions of four fascists of the Jewish Defense League for violence against Olivia Zémor. Laurent Kachauda was sentenced to 6 months in prison..

Procès de
la LDJ : confirmation des peines en appel

La Cour d’appel de Paris a confirmé vendredi les condamnations de
quatre fascistes de la Ligue de Défense Juive pour violences en réunion sur
Olivia Zémor, présidente d’EuroPalestine, Houria Bouteldja, porte-parole du
Parti des Indigènes (PIR), et le « juif antisioniste » Jacob Cohen.
Les faits remontaient à 2012, mais le jugement en première instance
n’est intervenu que quatre ans après, en mai 2016.
Joseph Ayache, qui faisait figure de chef de bande dans cette série
d’attaques au moyen d’une peinture très toxique, avait écopé d’un an de prison
ferme. Mais l’individu, déjà condamné à plusieurs reprises sans avoir passé un
seul jour en prison pour ses agressions, s’est opportunément envolé vers
Israël, sa base de repli.
Le deuxième prévenu, Daniel Benassaya, qui se présentait à la fois
comme enseignant dans une école religieuse juive et webmaster de la LDJ, était
de son côté condamné à 6 mois de prison avec sursis pour sa participation
effective aux attaques.
Même peine pour son comparse Laurent
tandis que Steve Bismuth, lui aussi déjà condamné au titre de sa
participation aux exactions de la LDJ s’en tirait le mieux, avec une simple
amende de 1.000 €.
La Cour d’appel, qui avait tenu audience au printemps dernier, a
donc rendu son arrêt vendredi : les peines sont confirmées, le tribunal
rejetant en outre une demande des accusés de restitution des matériels ayant
servi à l’infraction et placés sous scellés : ordinateurs, caméra
Enfin, la bande est condamnée à verser plus de 15.000 € de dommages
et intérêts et frais de justice aux deux victimes s’étant constituées parties
civiles, Olivia Zémor, qui avait pour avocate M° Cochain, et Houria
2. Gemma
Sheridan (aka Sally Wisemann on FB).
Gemma Sheridan, who Joseph Cohen tells us posts as Sally Wisemann on
Facebook,  is pictured here with convicted
criminal  LAURENT KHACHAUDA, a French
shop assistant who works for the Carrefour supermarket chain.  Khachauda is a two-bit Zionist thug who was
sentenced to 6 months in prison in France for a vicious assault on a defenceless
French Jewish woman. The cowardly spiv Khachauda carried out the assault in the
company of 3 other French Zionist thugs. Khachauda now has links with this
bunch of criminal and social misfit accomplices of Jonathan Hoffman and Joseph
Cohen. With a very low IQ Khachauda has not yet learned how to spell his own
name even and sometimes spells it Kachauda.
Sheridan, who Joseph Cohen informs us is Sally Wisemann on FB  with “vulnerable” Michael English, Besser and
Carrefour Paris shop assistant Laurent Kachauda.
I also understand that Herut under Yochi Davis are trying to separate
themselves off from the openly fascist and Judeo-Nazi wing of Zionism, i.e. the
JDL.  However given that Yochi Davis was
integrally involved in securing the participation of the FLA at the Al Quds
demonstration it is quite clear that Herut has no principled objections to
working with overt fascists and anti-Semites. 
They just don’t want to be seen openly working with members of the Jewish
Nazi JDL and people like Gemma Sheridan. 
Speaking of whom, Sheridan was apparently not
allowed at Jason Silvers funeral earlier this year
The JDL lot are Sheridan/Wisemann,
her mother (Jenny Guttmann on FB), Paul Besser and Michael English who is Sheridans
boyfriend.  Perhaps because he’s brain
dead he isn’t seen as any threat and seems to get on with most people. He has a
strange habit of going around without a shirt which make him persona non Grata in
polite Zionist society! 
Online they are joined
by Neil B Cohen and some of the French JDL supporters.
The JDL are trying to
infiltrate Herut/UK but Herut members ( Yochi Davis etc) are not happy about
this, not least because of the JDL’s homophobia.  Neil Cohen is a Herut supporter and his
daughter Jayme is a Herut LGBT activist and is closely supported by Harry
Markham.  Neil and Harry are both from
the East End. Jayme has I understand been abused because of her sexuality.  JDL of course, in line with Benny Gopstein
and Lehava consider being gay an ‘abomination’ and in Israel  2 years ago a religious supporter stabbed 5
people on the Jerusalem Gay Pride march, one of whom – 16 year old Shira Banki
– died.  Nice people.
JDl have also attacked
Joseph Cohen  because he is a convert and
are racist towards Yahgozie who is a black Jew from Biafra. 
See more details of vicious feud between
Sheridan, English and Joseph Cohen under no. 14 Mike Davidsohn below.
Gemma Sheridan aka Sally Wisemann threatening Joseph Cohen with violence from the easily manipulated Michael English – the Zionist far Right scene are a nest of vipers
at ZF/BOD  demo July 2016  wearing terrorist KAHANE  shirt. Believed to be a single mother with links
to Camden Town – may have had problems with Camden Council re Rent/housing. Has
been told she is not welcome at Jewish events.
Sheridan at PALEXPO 2017 with l-r: PAUL BESSER (Britain First), Ambrosine Shitrit and Sharon Klaff ( both of  racist Eyeonantisemitism, Campaign4truth, Hippodrome), Yonatan Scoffman .

The creepy Benjamins, Gary & son Mitchell (both to right of Hoffman) at PSC march 4 November. Also present at SOAS with Hoffman and Halland.

Gary Benjamin & son Mitchell disrupting PSC march 4 Nov. with short-tempered Halland being restrained by Police once again.

Benjamin with foul-mouthed Cabby Martin Hizer,  “Vulnerable” Michael English and Mad Mel Ghalial Graham.
4.  Yochi DAVIS. (Yochevet Nachuma Davis)

Yochi Davies, loudmouth  Israeli settler now living in Loughton, Essex seen frequently harassing  Palestinians at events with Hoffman, Gemma Sheridan and “Vulnerable”Michael English  

55 yr.old Yochi DAVIS  (Yochevet Nachuma)  one of the organisers of the illegal march 0n Al Quds Day June‘17. in Cavendish Sq. Also shows l-r Ian Wilson, braggart brother of extremist settler Kay Wilson who hosted Tommy Robinson  EDL in Israel, Millett and Cohen of IAM.

Racist Solicitor Mark Lewis about to speak at Herut meeting
Davis hosted the relaunch of the racist Herut party
at her place in Loughton, Essex.  Blumenthal,
Gabler and the 2-kitchen Cohens  were
amongst the 70 odd –very odd- racist nutters present.   However none are too nutty for David Collier
to address.   Also addressing the meeting
was far-Right solicitor Mark Lewis, who is facing a disciplinary hearing before
the Solicitor Regulatory Authority.

The South African Mouthy Midget. 68yr.old  retired electrician Galber from Gants Hill can be seen at most anti-Palestine events as here with Shitrit, Besser and foul-mouthed  Mad Mel Ghalial/Graham
6.  THOR
HALLAND (aka Philip MacKenzie HOLLAND).
Under arrest in Thailand and trying to hide handcuffs – charged with extortion, robbery, blackmail. Spent many months in Ladyboy-notorious Pattaya prison but jumped bail. (on right) attempting to disrupt pro-Palestine march in London with Gorgeous Gemma Sheridan . (Thanks to Joseph Cohen of IAM who tells us Sheridan posts on Facebook as Sally Wisemann).
Halland now lives in Walthamstow under yet
another name – Thor
Fenrir Pallson HALLAND is
active in local Conservative politics and ran for councillor for Grove Green
ward where he received just 200 votes.
Here you can watch to Halland’s delightful chant regarding Israel’s murder of 50 (130
now) unarmed Palestinians in Gaza. I understand that this ‘song’ was in fact
the old Parachute Regiment song celebrating the 14 Catholics who were murdered
in Bloody Sunday.  Halland, who served in
the British army, has clearly embraced its murderous ethics and of course he is
quite right to compare the British Army’s murder of innocent Catholics to the
murder of innocent Palestinians.
Halland, despite appearances to the contrary
is very bright.  We understand that when
he was at university, Birkbeck, he was part of their University Challenge
team.  The question is why does Halland
hang around with these deadbeats, losers and pond life?

Halland (top right) with Hoffman November 2017 disrupting PSC march. Bottom right is South African RICHARD GALBER also often involved in disruptions  with Hoffman, Halland.

Halland on 4 Nov. 2017 with JOSEPH COHEN  of ISRAEL ADVOCACY MOVEMENT. On left holding flag witless loudmouth RACHEL WILLIAMS.
A very aggressive Halland being restrained by police at PSC march on 4 Nov. With camera on right is MANDY BLUMENTHAL of Herut (who was evicted from House of Commons along with Hoffman and Millett).On left  GARY BENJAMIN and his son MITCHELL – with Hoffman & Halland at SOAS. Benjamins  live in Westcliff-on-Sea.

Paul Besser monitored! Say no more- or maybe say OCS. Besser uses this Britain First phrase  OCS -“Onward Christian Soldiers” in his exchanges with Paul Golding etc]. Hoffman went with Besser and Halland to Trafalgar Sq. to harass and taunt a small group of Palestinians over Christmas break 2017. Besser was photographer and “observer” according to Halland above.

Loudmouth poserboy Markham with Roger Hizass- real name Nigel Goodrich, Scottish Friends of Israel.  Nigel sometimes likes to use the name…..wait for it…… ROGER HIZASS!!!
Often at anti-Palestine events. Runs
Tuscany/Two Kitchens Restaurant 167 High Road, LOUGHTON, Essex. Was mouthing
off at fascist Herut UK launch run by Loughton neighbour Yochi Davis.

NEIL COHEN  at SOAS -Millet in white.

NEIL COHEN – on left holding flag during disruption at SOAS with 3 of the disturbingly grotesque Benjamin family, Gary, Aimee, Mitchell. Halland on right trying to look intelligent.
HOFFMAN aka Yonatan Scoffman
For those interested
in a satirical profile of Hoffman, You
can’t put lipstick on a pig
, which was published in Jewish News before
Scoffman had it taken down, click
When I saw this video of Hoffman screaming ‘you’re a liar’ at the InMinds Protesters who successfully disrupted an Israeli Tourism Stunt involving free ice creams at Bloomsbury Square I realised that he is mentally ill.  Mental illness doesn’t excuse Hoffman’s racism but it helps us understand his actions. If Hoffman had any self awareness he would recognise that anyone watching him would have been put off by his actions – as I understand was indeed the case with members of the public. Hoffman is a one man illustration of all that is wrong with the Zionist state. Yet he continued, as if slights against Israel were a matter of life and death.  

Yonatan Scoffman pictured in the ‘photoshopped’ photograph that led to him making a grovelling apology to his namesake. In the background in army fatigues are members of the Croydon division of the EDL.  It is so lovely to see fascist unity in action although the Ahava shop still had to close!
Having failed once again to get elected to the
BOD Hoffman totters in from Totteridge to link with the likes of Michael
English  to try and disrupt yet another
peaceful pro-Palestine event. Hoffman, an economist, left his job at the GLA
(Greater London Authority) some time after he faced disciplinary measures for
extensively using his work computer and time at work for Hasbara  while there. It is suspected the complaints
and files on his abuse of taxpayers money came 
from his enemies on the BOD who submitted online records of his
obsessive posting showing he was doing very little work. He now runs his own failing
consultancy as it appears nobody wants his advice. 
Jonathan Hoffman companies have all been wound up by him.  He is on a ‘career’ break i.e. he is unemployable

Hoffman has long-term far-right links – left pic many years ago with EDL boss Kevin Carroll, a cousin of Tommy Robinson.  And on right at ZF-BOD anti-Palestine demo 2016 with convicted fraudster ROBERTA MOORE  & ROBERT De JONG  -bosses of JDL and Jewish Division wearing KAHANE Shirts. JDL claimed at the time event was jointly organised  by JDL with ZF/BOD.

Jonathan Hoffman at Al Quds counter-demo on 10 June 2018 with Michael English. English at same event with Laurent Kachauda, an extremist French Zionist thug sentenced to 6 months in prison in France in 2017 for assaulting an elderly French Jewish woman. Also in pic is close Hoffman associate Paul Besser, onetime “intelligence officer” at neo-Nazi Britain First and the JDL’s Gemma Sheridan

Michael English and Hoffman and (right) Hoffman at Al Quds demonstration 2018
29 septembre 2017.  La Cour d’appel de Paris a
confirmé vendredi les condamnations de quatre fascistes de la Ligue de Défense
Juive pour violences en réunion sur Olivia Zémor.
The Court of Appeal of
Paris confirmed Friday the convictions of four fascists of the Jewish Defense
League for violence against Olivia Zémor.
Laurent Kachauda was sentenced to 6 months in prison.
Hoffman’s war with Mick Davies
Sir Mick Davies, Zionist big-wig, capitalist, former Chair of Jewish
Leadership Council and now Treasurer of Tory Party – Hoffman poking his tongue
at Al Quds demonstration
Sir Mick Davies – Tory Party Chairman on the left and Hoffman sticking his tongue at him

Hoffman has not had an easy relationship with Mick Davis, the former owner of
the now almost bankrupt mining company Xtrata and founder of the Jewish
Leadership Council  (JLC). 7 years ago
Hoffie was Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation and Davies was Chairman of the
United Jewish Appeal, a Zionist fundraising organisation.  In that position Hoffie launched a petition
accusing Davis of believing that Israel would become an Apartheid state if
there wasn’t a 2 state solution.

Mick Davis who is a loyal Zionist, but possesses a brain, saw red and threatened to sue. 
was almost a carbon copy repetition of what happened in 2010 after a
demonstration against Ahava, an Israeli shop in Covent Garden that sold stolen ‘beauty’
products from the West Bank.  We
succeeded in closing it down but this was where Hoffman, Garfield and friends
first established their friendship with Britain’s far Right. The Croydon
division of the fascist English Defence League came to help the Zionists out
and members of the Jewish neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League also participated in
defending the right of an Israeli shop to sell stolen goods.
the course of the demonstration a
photograph was taken
of Hoffie dancing down Monmouth Street
with Roberta Moore of the JDL with members of the EDL in fatigues in the
background.  When I published this
photograph on my blog as proof of the link up between a section of the Zionist
movement in this country and anti-Semites there was an instant reaction from
Hoffie.  Denial! The photo was
photoshopped.  I was a liar.
only problem was that this photo had been taken by a professional photographer,
one David Hoffman (no relation).  This
was a very serious allegation and he threatened to sue Hoffie.  Cue for another , even more humiliating
‘On my Jewish
Chronicle blog I described a photograph taken on 14 August 2010 at the
pro-Ahava demonstration as “fraudulent”. I also wrote “That
photo was ‘Photoshopped’ — and it is bloody obvious that it was ‘Photoshopped’
I do not discuss but I do identify lies and fraudulent Photoshopped
statements were entirely without foundation and I had made no attempt to check
their accuracy. I accept that the photo was absolutely genuine and had not been
tampered with in any way. The photographer, David Hoffman, is a well known and
respected photojournalist and I apologise to him unreservedly for my hasty and
unfounded comments and for the distress and embarrassment caused.
Hoffman, Sheridan (JDL) and Paul Besser (Britain First)

Although not a member of the Labour Party Hoffman is part of Labour Against Anti-Semitism and in that capacity he has been doing his best to try and ‘prove’ that Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic
Besser with Hoffman and Neil Horan, an open admirer of Hitler! All holding a picket against the anti-Semitism of Palestine Expo! According to Wikipedia Horan ‘told The Kingdom he would carry posters declaring “Adolf Hitler was a good leader who was following the word of Christ“, give the Hitler salute and light a candle for Hitler at the Gestapo headquarters.’ The alliance against anti-Semitism today includes a wide spectrum of anti-Semites!

BESSER films families attending PALEXPO 2017 with Hoffman, Shitrit, Sheridan, Klaff

(l to r) Besser, Shitrit, Klaff and Hoffman, 

Hoffman, Besser, Shitrit, Sheridan and Klaff  

Shitrit, Besser, Klaff and Hoffman

Rabbi-Leah-leading-kaddish for some of the 130 unarmed Palestinians mown down by Israeli sniper fire in Gaza

Martin Hiser threatening and abusing Jews saying Kaddish for murdered Palestinians in Gaza
Mick  Davis, has written an interesting
for the Jewish
about the fascist wing of the Zionist movement.  Davis spoke about ‘far-left Jews (who) said Kaddish in
Parliament Square for Palestinians killed near the border fence, including
those from terrorist organisations.’
In fact
these were not far-left Jews but liberal Zionists.  Davis, who is Chairman of the  Conservative Party and no liberal himself
spoke of ‘Far-right Jews’ responding
to what he called ‘this provocative act
with abusive language, use of terms like “kapo”, issuing death threats and
seeking to hound Kaddish participants from their jobs. Weeks later, the
controversy still rages…’

Tommy Robinson –  the anti-Islamic bigot and fascist who is a hero to the Zionist far-Right
The idea that saying the prayer for the dead for 60 unarmed
Palestinian demonstrators who had been mown down by sniper fire was held to be ‘provocative’ shows how far to the right
internal Zionist discourse is.
Naturally Hoffman and friends know nothing else but abusive
language.  This is their idea of peaceful
co-existence.  Davis described how
On the right, some activists have proved to have no boundaries
at all. For them, expressing the most basic empathy for the Palestinians is
taboo while expressing empathy for imprisoned former EDL leader Tommy Robinson
is acceptable. And like so many forms of populism, this emergent British Jewish
far-right wallows in perceived victimhood at the hands of “an elite” – in this
case the “Jewish establishment”.
from victimising this right-wing fringe, however, we’ve indulged and humoured
it, viewing it as oafish and shrill but no great threat to the community’s
consensus values”.
Davis was no
doubt  expressing his frustration at the criticism
he and his fellow bourgeois Zionists receive at the hands of the people
featured in this article.  However the
demonstration of 15,000 supporters of the Football Lads Alliance was not
populism but a display of racism and fascism.
Jonathan Hoffman being evicted from yet another Palestine event, with Sharon Klaff, an associate of Anne-Marie Waters who founded  Pegida UK with Tommy Robinson of EDL.
Jonathan Hoffman has left the building! Here he whinges about being photographed online.

 Hoffman has been involved in a long-running feud with Davis, who
was responsible for his removal as Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation.
Hoffman replied in an online blog in the Times of Israel.

Since he (Davis) has never been elected to any position in the
Jewish Community and no longer chairs the JLC, one wonders why the Jewish News
has given him space. Especially for a piece that draws false equivalence
between a ‘far Left’ in the Jewish Community and a ‘far Right’, in the process
deploying enough straw men to form an army. He tells us that ‘far-right’ Jews
responded to Kaddish For Hamas in Parliament Square “with abusive language, use of terms like “kapo”, issuing death
threats and seeking to hound kaddish participants from their jobs
He doesn’t name these people or provide evidence of his accusations – because
he can’t – they don’t exist.
So who could Davis
have been referring to then – could it have been Hoffman himself and his
associates. We shall have a look at some of Hoffman’s associates, including his
three long-time associates – Martin Hiser, Yochi Davis and Joseph Cohen – who
confronted the young Jews saying Kaddish outside Parliament. Hoffman claims
they “don’t exist” but he  knows them very well and has been seen
frequently with them at anti-Palestine events over the years.
ZF Chair PAUL CHARNEY addressing rally in Grosvenor Sq. where JDL were openly welcomed by ZF/BOD/CST/JLC inc. Steve Winston of ZF also in pic.

MARIE VAN DER ZYL elected President of BOD in May 2018. Seen here at July ’16 BOD rally with Roberta Moore of JDL-UK/Jewish Division EDL (on left). Hillel Neuer of UNWatch speaking.
Millett is a sad social inadequate who spends
much of his life disrupting Palestine events & harassing strangers.

Oddball loner Millett starts to run excitedly towards
the Met riot police in their leather gear at Al Quds 2018. This seems to be his only
excitement from his boring day job running some small property companies in
LIMITED (11228905)

Richard Millett

Millett with PAUL BESSER of Britain First at Al Quds 2017 and at Al Quds 2018.
boasts of his participation in attempts to prevent any pro-Palestine
discourse in the UK even though increasingly substantial amounts of Police
resources have to be deployed, as was the case again on 10 June. Hardly a model
MIKE DAVIDSOHN (Loves poodles!
Hates Uber!).
“Your poodles may be cute and
fluffy but you are a cold-hearted bigot”
 Cohen IAM.

Mike Davidsohn with Kiragleon Pippa and Cleo. Note how their hair styling  lovingly done by Mike is so much smarter than the shoddy unkempt  coiffures of Kiragleon Gemma, Roberta  and Solly, below.

runs Kiragleon Poodles near Elstree, more here.
Dogging Mike Davidsohn is a bit of
an armchair warrior these days and does not go to all the demos. But most
weekends he can still be found dogging with Pippa and Cleo. In this he does not
participate so much either as in the best traditions of dogging he likes to
watch. Actually  a cabby who pretends he
is a journalist Mike can be found in his spare time attending to his other
obsession – lurking outside Brent Cross shopping centre trying to catch Uber
drivers parking on taxi-stands.
Davidsohn has had long and bitter
feuds with the BBC, BOD, Dogging Today, Kennel Club, International Poodle Club  amongst others. When he had a feud with the well-known
dogging magazine  Dogs Today it was alleged he used to go around newsagents  in disguise wearing a plastic mac and pink
sunglasses  and hiding the magazine so it
could not be seen.

Recently Davidsohn, Gemma, Solly Sheridan and Michael English have been involved in yet another bitter feud, this time with Joseph Cohen of the Israel Advocacy Movement. English even threatened to go to Cohen’s house and tear his head off. Cohen warned English he was concerned for his  family’s safety and was considering calling the Police. (Thanks to our good friend within this group for this latest information-rest assured your i/d is safe with us).

Below are screenshots of the feud and threats/infighting on the Zionist far-Right. They eventually agreed amongst themselves to take them down as they were damaging to their cause- However we managed to save them before they were taken down . They will not be happy to see them in the public domain as it shows them for the lowlife they are.

Joseph and Chloe Cohen bring the ugliness and race hatred
of the settler Hillside Youth to the streets of London.  Just like the Hillside Youth they deny the
Palestinians’ very humanity. 
Cohen attempts to disrupt and prevent lawful
Palestine events while his wife Chloe Lee Carson does the filming. Chloe thinks she is so clever filming –so very Hilltop
Youth. He also likes to pretend he is an independent journalist but gloats
about his part in disrupting Palestine events. Pictured is a stock photo of the
hilltop youth, who were responsible for the petrol bombing of the Dawbsheh
family in Duma which resulted in a baby and his parents being burnt to
death.  Here they are harassing a
Palestinian woman.  These are the people
the Cohens identify with.

Joseph Cohen and Chloe

Chloe runs her own pseudo-ethnic
jewellery business flogging junk trinkets 
Joseph Cohen often conspires with
Kemp and other thugs to prevent lawful pro-Palestine gatherings.  
Cohen has recently visited Israel
in the company of Simon Cobbs and Collier, funded apparently by the Zionist

Michael English threatening people

more threats from English
Ambrosine Shitrit &C Sharon
Both are involved in running
Both spoke at PEGIDA-UK  front rally with Anne-Maria Waters who
founded PEGIDA-UK  with Tommy Robinson
Campaign for Truth

Campaign for Truth – far right Zionist Debate on 2 states

Steve Hedley of the RMT who was glassed by fascists at Free Tommy Rally – the rally was ‘totally peaceful’ according to the CFT below

CFT & Katie Hopkins – Israel is her natural home

The Campaign for Truth is one of
the meeting points for fascist Zionism in Britain today.  Its fake intellectual air can be judged by
the platform for its ‘debate’ on 2 states: 
the line up included David Collier, the far-Right ‘researcher’, Dr Brian
Thomas – Tommy Robinson’s main supporter in Israel and the person who
accompanied Robinson on his tour there, Mad ‘Mel P’ Phillips, the former
Observer journalist now of the Daily Hate Mail and the Moral Maze, an Jordanian-Palestinian
collaborator Mudar Zahran who is not considered credible by the opposition in
Jordan and David Hirsh.  Hirsh is
supposed to be a left Zionist, makes great play of his progressive credentials,
he founded Engage which was dedicated to combating BDS in the University
College Union and funded by Israel.  It
is interesting that Hirsh spoke on this far-Right platform with open supporters
of the EDL and Tommy Robinson. James Sorene the CEO of BICOM, the main Israeli
propaganda organisation in Britain moderated the ‘debate’.

South Afrikan Sharon Klaff  (a) addressing PEGIDA-UK front rally and (b) once more not understanding why the British police do not arrest every non-white she orders them to. She sometimes forgets that she is not back in Apartheid Pretoria.
14.                 DAVID COLLIER

COLLIER  with others trying to disrupt peaceful pro-Palestine rally on Al Quds Day 2017  and with Besser again in 2018.

Collier with Hoffman, Sheridan, Klaff & Besser of Britain First outside PALEXPO July ’17.

Collier with South African Sharon Klaff -aka Sharon KKKlaff! And with (Sc)Hoffman looking for more “antisemites”.
PAUL BESSER (ex ‘Head of
Intelligence!’ Britain First).

See Far-right
Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movement
INTIFADA- Asa Winstanley Aug ’17.

Besser works as a
security guard, and runs a small business, London Security Patrol. On 
his social media he says he is a Security Industry Authority trainer –
government’s regulator for
private security guards, an Arab collaborator, James Sorene the CEO of BICOM,
the main Israeli propaganda organisation in Britain.

A listing for his
also claims that
Besser previously worked for London’s Metropolitan Police. There is no record
of police employment

would not employ anyone whose known activities may contradict the duty to
promote race equality,” a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told The
Electronic Intifada, citing the 
ban on police officers joining the British National
Party. The spokesperson said that the force’s ban on the BNP covers Britain
First, since it was founded as a BNP “splinter.”
She said this vetting is also applied to external contractors and
trainers, and that there was no known record of a former or current
Metropolitan Police employee or contractor named Paul Besser.
A spokesperson for the Security Industry Authority said: “We are
not responsible for registering trainers” but could revoke licenses to train
security guards. The spokesperson said the body could not comment on whether
Besser was currently SIA licensed.
Neither Britain First nor Paul Besser answered requests for
comment. But the group’s own videos and photos confirm Besser’s involvement.
Sheridan, English and Besser with Laurent Khachauda , a shop assistant from Paris who was sentenced to 6 months in prison in France for a vicious and cowardly assault on a defenceless French Jewish woman with 3 other French Zionist JDL gangsters.

BESSER, former “Head of Intelligence” at Britain First films families attending PALEXPO 2017 with Hoffman, Shitrit, Sheridan, Klaff

Besser was still “Intelligence ! officer” in the neo-Nazi Britain First in 2016. Here wearing his BF insignia with Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, both recently in prison for serious racially-aggravated offences – note the cross these ‘Christians’ carry
Ex- Britain First “Intelligence” Officer Besser with Hoffman & Sheridan July 2017

 Besser is persona non grata to
large sections, even amongst the Zionist fascists above. Even those who work
with the EDL draw a line at Britain First, an openly neo-Nazi Holocaust denying
organisation led by Paul Golding previously of the BNP.

As can be seen in the photograph
above they carry a large cross with them and follow in the tradition of
European Christian fascism and anti-Semitism. Christian fascist movements in
Europe during and before the war – including Romania’s Iron Guard, Hungary’s
Arrow Cross, Croatia’s Ustashe and the Slovakian Hlinka Guard – often put the
Nazis to shame. When Codrineau’s Iron Guard staged a coup in Romania in January
1941 against Marshall Antonescue they murdered 120 Jews, hanging them from
butchers’ hooks.
Melanie Gharial Graham.
Whatever else she is endowed with,
brains are not amongst them. The foul-mouthed Mad Mel is impossible to
miss at Zionist anti-Palestine demos. Mad Mel once appeared, so I understand,
as a page 3 girl in the Sun.  She is very proud of this ‘achievement’!  NOT a nice Jewish girl.
No doubt she is equally proud of
handing out leaflets from Herut at the Football Lads Alliance demonstration in
London on March 9th in the company of Jayme Cohen. They were urging
the supporters of Tommy Robinson to turn up to help the Zionists attack the Al
Quds march. This was organised by Yochi Davis who is the ‘brains’ behind this.
Mel’s is now begging online – her latest ploy is to use Go Fund Me to get fools
to pay for her outings to London from her home in Canterbury. She has raised
£60 towards her £150 target. A modest girl with much to be modest about!

A good example in its own way of how the holocaust dead, even a child, are mobilised in the service of the same kind of racist state that murdered them

Hi everyone, as most of you know I try to be very
pro-active when it comes to Israel advocacy and anti-semitism as it is
important to me and I believe it makes a difference.
Unfortunately, I live in Kent and 99% of the
demonstrations are in London. I don’t drive and train fares are £30 each time,
sometimes more if i’m travelling at peak times, although I try and travel by
coach as much as possible.
Next week I will travelling into London to attend
3 demonstrations, possibly more and there will be many more to attend in the
coming months so i’ve set up this page for people to give whatever they can to
support me.
Thank you x

Galber with Ghalial at Al Quds 2017

intelligent conversation about smashing up meetings between English and Mad Mel

Martin “Amisraelchai” Hizer.

Hiser’s Facebook page

The trials and troubles of Michael English

Hizer is the foul-mouthed bullying cabby who is seen verbally assaulting young Jews at the Kaddish event with foul language and threatening gestures. 

Hizer, along
with Herut extremist Yochi Davis was filmed by his accomplice Joseph Cohen in a
clearly premeditated intimidatory stunt. 

This year, Joseph
Cohen, who claims credit for disrupting the Al Quds march in previous years,
participated in the disruption of Al Quds this year by filming knowing full
well that the likes of “vulnerable” i.e. mad Michael English, Hizer and
Haringman  would be there as

“James Goddard clearly enjoying being ridden by Australian Zionist loudmouth Avi Yemini. Melanie Gharial supplied the flag but the two “lads” had eyes only for each other”

Cohen, Hizer and
Davis were all complicit in attempting to disrupt the Al Quds march again this
year and can be seen at many anti-Palestine events together with the likes of
Hoffman  and Besser.

James Goddard on day of Al Quds march holding the EDL flag

Hizer/Cohen also associated with the fascist supporters of Tommy Robinson before the 2 marches. 

Pic below shows Hizer on the day of far-right Free Tommy
Robinson march on Sat 9 June with James Goddard. Goddard was the main speaker
at the rally alongside Dutch fascist MP Geert Wilders and he spent most of his
time appealing to the crowd to join in the anti-Palestine demo the next day.
Second pic shows Goddard (on left holding EDL flag) at counter-demo on Sun.10

MARK HARINGMAN aka “Handcuffs”
Haringman on Al Quds demonstration – trying to get in the face of Tony Greenstein for refusing to take his name down on a previous post Zionist fascists

HARINGMAN  in handcuffs and under arrest being taken to Holborn Police Station from Palestine demo in Downing Street in Summer 2018 and with Paul Besser, former “Head of Intelligence” at the neo-Nazi  Britain First.
Originally from Dublin, now Golders
Green, Haringman likes to think he is smarter than Hoffman, Besser and English.
He runs his Facebook page as Mick McMurphy. Haringman, like Shitrit and Klaff
is another embittered close associate of Roberta Moore and Robert De Jong of the
Jewish Defence League/Jewish Division EDL.  Most of this extremist group are shunned by
the mainstream Community but can be heard loudly spouting their vile racist
anti-Palestine and anti-British rants at Cafe Florentin in Golders Green.
Cafe Florentin where the Zionist fascists hang out

Mandy Blumenthall and Stephen Silverman of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and Jewish Human Rights Watch – (Silverman says he was there as an observer – but Blumenthal has worked for CAA as office manager

Barely literate Mad Mandy Blumenthal
has strong links with solicitor MARK LEWIS and SILVERMAN, CAA, JHRW. She was
evicted by Met Police from House of Commons along with Hoffman and Millett
Summer 2017. Keeps saying she hates England now and is going to emigrate to
Israel but never does. With her racist UKIP brother Alan  also involved in brawling at event where
Haneen Zoabi was trying to speak.

Racist solicitor Mark Lewis speaking at founding meeting of Herut
Blumenthal with Hoffman Al Quds 18 June ’17
Blumenthal with AMBROSINE SHITRIT – Palexpo 8 July ’17

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