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Why are the BBC, the Guardian and the press repeatedly taken in by this bogus ‘Researcher’ & his attacks on Corbyn?

It is quite remarkable how the
media, including the ‘liberal’ Guardian, are repeatedly deceived by David
Collier’s ‘research’.  Collier claims in
his latest Report Anti-Semitism Inside Palestine Live, an obscure Palestine
Facebook group with no official status, that This research is fully independent. I am not
affiliated with any political group or community organisation. I believe this
independence is important and adds to the integrity of the work.’
A cursory examination of this
statement would show that it is a preposterous lie.  Collier is a dedicated Zionist activist and
his ‘research’ is politically driven by his far-Right Zionist views and fascist
associations.  Indeed it would not be an
exaggeration to say that Collier himself is a died-in-the-wool racist with
fascist tendencies.
Zionist ‘charity’ the Campaign Against anti-Semitism paints Scottish PSC as antisemitic
The BBC (& Labour’s witchhunters) take Collier’s ‘research’ at face value
The CAA calls PSC ‘bigots for Palestine’ in its normally politically neutral mode of operation
Perhaps the word ‘deceived’ is
too strong. After all the BBC and The Guardian are willing dupes.  Even the most cursory examination of Collier
would demonstrate that he is anything but independent.
His latest report isn’t the
first such ‘research’ by Collier.  He was
responsible for producing similar reports on Scottish PSC
and Palestine Solidarity
, both of which were also concerned with social media/Facebook
groups. He is backed up in his work by the far-Right Zionist ‘charity’ Campaign Against Anti-Semitism which publicises
Collier’s work under such neutral and objective titles as Bigots
4 Palestine
.  Collier openly admits
that his work is ‘commissioned and
published by Jewish Human Rights Watch
For those who don’t know JHRW is
another far-Right Zionist group dedicated to opposing Palestinian human rights.
It is led by Emmanuel Weiss and solicitor Robert Festenstein. In its own wordsJewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW) was established in February 2015 to
fight the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS’
.  In other words it has nothing to do with
human rights, either Jewish or Palestinian.
Racist cartoon accompanying CAA pamphlet on ‘Muslim anti-semitism’
We have campaigned to have the CAA deregistered by the
Charity Commission as it is an openly political Zionist group. However the
Charity Commission under its Islamaphobic far-Right Chairman William Shawcross has
refused to act. Shawcross, an ex-Director of the cold war Henry Jackson Society
was reported in the Guardian as having said
in 2012 that “Europe and Islam is one of the greatest,
most terrifying problems of our future”.
The CAA, in response to a petition calling on the Charity Commission to
act tried
to intimidate into taking the petition down (they failed!).
Collier’s political agenda is quite clear
The only thing that Collier has
proved in his copious reports is that people who are anti-Semitic are a problem
on Palestine social media and Facebook groups and that the under resourced PSC
who run one of these groups should have been more vigilant. The attempt of
Collier and others to say that Palestine Solidarity Campaign and its Scottish
equivalent are therefore anti-Semitic ‘bigots’ cannot be sustained. Both groups
are not only explicitly opposed to anti-Semitism but in practice support
anti-fascist and anti-racist activities, as do their local groups. Both groups
are of course established to oppose the very real racism that Palestinians
experience.  That is the real reason for
Collier’s ‘research and it is why the word ‘solidarity’
is found in their name.
Conspiracy theorists and
advocates of Holocaust denial are a wider problem on the Internet and they are
not confined to Palestine related groups. Many people, lacking any explanation
for imperialism and its wars and devastation of the Middle East and Africa,
instead of looking to simple explanations about international class relations,
look to conspiracy theories or what they perceive as Jewish lobbies. Part of
the reason for this is that Zionist lobby groups like AIPAC or the Board of
Deputies of British Jews openly
that their support for Israel is in the name of all Jews. It is no
surprise therefore that some people take them at their word. 
Naturally John Mann MP seeks a share of the limelight
It is also unfortunate that
because Israel and the Zionist movement use the Holocaust as a propaganda
weapon against the Palestinians, some people react by denying the Holocaust.
See for example Netanyahu
blames Jerusalem mufti for Holocaust, is accused of ‘absolving Hitler’
This bizarre ‘logic’ epitomised by
former Iranian President Ahmedinajad, holds that since the Holocaust legitimises
the Israeli state, denying the Holocaust undermines Israel.  Unfortunately, since the Holocaust is an
established fact, such people end up achieving the precise opposite. Such
people would do better to understand the political opportunism of a movement
which, during the Holocaust, opposed the rescue of Jewish refugees to any place
but Palestine. A movement which, as Ken Livingstone noted, was itself backed by
the Nazis before the Holocaust. Even Zionist historian David Cesarani, in his
book The
Final Solution
(p.96) accepted that ‘The
efforts of the Gestapo are oriented to
 as much as
possible and lending support to its efforts to further emigration.”
(my emphasis)
Collier’s latest report on an
obscure Facebook group, Palestine Live was intended to paint
prominent members such as Jeremy Corbyn and Baroness Tonge as anti-Semites even
though they had nothing to do with and weren’t even aware of its anti-Semitic
postings.  If you are on Facebook you are
added automatically to numerous groups without your knowledge. Even if you contribute
to them there is no reason why you would automatically know if Holocaust
denial  material had been posted to them.
David Collier – Member of the Fascist Herut UK group
The letter to the New York Times signed by Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt and many other Jewish personalities
What is though relevant is that Collier,
far from being a disinterested academic researcher, is a member of Herut UK. Herut
was founded by Vladimir Jabotinsky, a Russian Zionist who founded Revisionist Zionism.  As Ha’aretz noted,
David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister ‘repeatedly compared Jabotinsky to Hitler in print and in speeches,
including one where he called him “Vladimir Hitler.’
 In a famous letter
on the occasion of the visit there by the leader of Herut, Menachem Begin (who
in 1977 became Prime Minister of Israel), Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt and 26
other prominent Jewish dignitaries wrote that:
Among the most disturbing political
phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of
the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its
organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and
Fascist parties.
At the relaunch of Herut-UK in
February of this year, it was reported
that ‘pro-Israel activist David Collier
spoke about the legacy of Zionist founding father, Vladimir Jabotinsky.’

Note how the Jewish News described
Collier as a ‘pro-Israel activist’.  There is no pretence that he is a neutral
researcher who just happened to stumble on anti-Semitism whilst browsing the
A former Israeli businessman Collier
is deeply racist. He believes that Palestinian refugees are an ‘artificial entity’.  Collier criticised Naomi
Wimborne-Iddrissi, a Jewish woman as “blind
and stupid
” and attacked “her life
” because she had “married a
Muslim, and has a child’. 
In Israel sexual
relations (miscegenation) between Jews and non-Jews is a social taboo, race-mixing.
Lehava thugs demonstrating outside the wedding reception of an Arab and a Jewish woman chanting ‘Death to the Arabs.
In Israel the government-funded
fascist group Lehava organises packs
of young thugs to go round beating up Arab men suspected of wanting to date
Jewish women (as is normal with fascist groups there is no objection to Jewish
men having sexual relations with Arab women – this was also true in Nazi
Germany).  See In
Jerusalem, a Far-right Jewish Gang Frequently Attacks Arabs – and the Police Do
Almost Nothing
.  In
Israel it is impossible for Jews and non-Jews to marry. The leader of this
Jewish Nazi group, Benjamin Gopstein, who has also called
for the burning
of churches and mosques in Israel, was recently invited
to talk about the harassment of Jewish women by Arab men by the Knessets
Committee on Distributive Justice.
Collier relies on the good old McCarthyist
technique of guilt-by-association. 
Corbyn is guilty of ‘anti-Semitism’ because of things other people have
posted and the misnamed Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has even filed
a complaint
against Corbyn for anti-Semitism!
Collier’s friend Debra Cohen refers to the victims of genocide in Bosnia as ‘Muzli rats’ – a Hitler like term – ‘by their friends shall ye know them’
Collier’s hypocrisy is demonstrated
by Jackie Walker who revealed that
Collier was added to the Facebook Group International Community by Debra
Cohen on 4th August 2016. A friend of Collier, Cohen is a vile racist
and Islamaphobe, who called Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic, who were found
guilty of war crimes at the Hague, including setting up concentration camps and
perpetrating the massacre
at Srebenica, ‘innocent men’.  In Srebenica more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims
were murdered. Cohen believes that ‘we made
mistake not to support this 2 guys…. Now we have to deal with li rats on
our own.’ 
 Just as Hitler described Jews as vermin Cohen describes
Muslims as ‘rats’.
Delivering the verdict last
November, Judge Alphons Orie said
Mladić’s crimes “rank among the most
heinous known to humankind and include genocide and extermination”
denial that the genocide of Muslims in former Yugoslavia took place was
famously made
 by the magazine Living Marxism (now Spiked) when it
accused ITN of doctoring photographs of the Trnopolje
concentration camp.  ITN won
£375,000 in libel damages.
It is ironic but no surprise
that Collier keeps company with genocide denier Debra Cohen but since Collier
devotes his life to denying that the Palestinians were ethnically cleansed. None
of this has been revealed by the BBC or Guardian who report in
blissful ignorance.
In the introduction to his Report
Collier goes out of his way to pretend that his ‘research’ is not motivated by
the conflict with the Palestinians or Zionism. 
He asserts that his work ‘sets the bar for antisemitism very high by completely discounting Israel
based antisemitism.’
  (note the
assumption that ‘Israel based’
solidarity work is anti-Semitic. This too is a lie. Even Collier doesn’t
suggest that anything I have written is anti-Semitic. However that doesn’t prevent
him from including me in his Report for no other reason than that I criticise
his gang of Zionist fascist friends.

Last year I wrote an extensively
researched article We Name the Gang of (31) Zionists Whose Purpose is to Disrupt Palestinian
Events in London.
 One of
these Zionists, Jason Silver later committed suicide.  Almost immediately Silver’s former friends
attempted to blame my article for his death despite there being no proof of any
Paul Besser with  gaoled Britain First leader Jayda Fransen
The 31 Zionist fascists
consist of individuals such as Paul Besser, Intelligence Officer for neo-Nazi
Britain First, who go around trying to disrupt Palestinian meetings and
activities.  Britain First are famous for
Trump’s endorsement. Their leaders, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have just
been sentenced
to 18 and 36 months imprisonment for racial harassment and Thomas Mair, the
killer of Jo Cox MP repeatedly shouted
Britain First’ before murdering her.
Collier writes about a
Free Speech on Israel meeting at the House of Commons last year:
clearest example of legitimising antisemitism took place on 5th December 2015, (sic!)
at an event hosted by Tommy Sheppard MP. The group holding the event was ‘Free
Speech on Israel’ (FSOI), a group of Jewish Palestine Live members, who created
FSOI to deflect accusations of antisemitism.’ 
Note how Collier adopts the
conspiracy method of the anti-Semites. 
FSOI has nothing to do with Palestine Live nor does my blog article. The
meeting at the House of Commons was a meeting of FSOI.  Collier’s deliberately mixes them all
together in one heady anti-Semitic brew.
Collier doesn’t provide an iota
of proof to back up his assertion of a link between FSOI and Palestine Live. All
the speakers at the meeting, who were Jewish, had a lot to say about Israel and
Zionism but nothing they said was remotely anti-Semitic nor does he make any such claim
Nonetheless Collier has no
hesitation in branding the meeting ‘anti-Semitic’. So much for setting the bar
very high! In fact there is no bar.

Gemma Sheridan (left) and Michael English both wearing tee shirts with Jewish Nazi Kach symbol
Collier writes that: ‘Four days after the event, Tony Greenstein
ran a vicious attack piece, naming Jewish activists who attend demonstrations.’
  What has this to do with the alleged purpose
of his ‘research’, unmasking anti-Semitism? 
It is of course a lie. I didn’t criticise Jewish activists who ‘attended demonstrations’ but those who
deliberately tried to disrupt meetings with the use of violence and
intimidation. I named people such as Roberta Moore of the Jewish Defence League
(banned in the United States as a terrorist organisation) who has disrupted
Palestinian events and assaulting attendees. 
Her boyfriend Robert de Jonge was convicted of assault.
Collier alleged that my article was:
of false information… It gave names and addresses of some activist’s places
of work. … Complaints were lodged by unknown individuals to activists’
professional associations where applicable. Some people received threats.
Several of those named filed police reports. One of those named activists,
committed suicide within weeks of the attack post, and while he was under
investigation from his professional body.
This is all almost certainly a
result of allowing the antisemitism inside Palestine Live, the key to the doors
of Westminster. Perhaps thanks are due to Tommy Sheppard MP for hosting the

Here you can see the dishonest
method of Collier.  By the most tenuous
of routes he ends up blaming not only me, but even Tommy Sheppard MP, ‘for hosting the event’ and thereby
giving ‘the key to the doors of
to Palestine Live.  Leaving
aside that it was FSOI not Palestine Live that held the meeting, this is guilt
by association at 2 stage removed yet The Guardian is happy to go along
with all this. Collier’s purpose is quite clear.  It is to have Palestinian meetings banned
from the parliamentary estate.
Almost everything Collier writes
is a lie.  No addresses were given of any
of the 31 individuals. The article
didn’t mention anyone’s place of work and the allegation that it had anything
to do with the suicide of Silver is another lie, again unsupported by anything
so quaint as evidence.  Only in a
footnote does Collier concede that ‘Additionally,
there is no way of knowing, how much of a contributing factor the article was.
’  In fact there is no evidence at all.
Collier quotes the Scottish
Sunday Times of 30th July that ‘‘you
would need to work hard at it’ to be included in the research
.’  On the contrary it takes no effort at all if
you are an anti-Zionist. Since Collier can’t quote one single thing I said that
is anti-Semitic why is my name there?  This
quote says more about the standards of the Sunday
under Murdoch than anything else
David Collier with his Fascist and Neo-Nazi
Zionist thugs and associates.
L- R.  David Collier.
Jonathan Hoffman aka Yonathan Scoffman – long-time associate EDL,
Britain First and Jewish Defence League UK 
(supporters US-designated Zionist terror group Kahane Chai).
Gemma Sheridan aka Sally Wisemann on FB is associated also with
Sharon Klaff aka as Sharon KKKlaff due to her racist South
African attitudes. Klaff is close to Anne-Marie Waters who
founded Pegida-UK with Tommy Robinson.
Paul Besser on far right in blue cap. Paul was “Intelligence Officer”
for Britain First.
Anne Marie Waters
Al Quds Day June 2017.
Darren Osborne, Collier and Jason Silver (l to r)
On Sunday 18 June 2017 these
three men planned to disrupt the legitimate Al Quds Day March.
(on left) arrived too late to attack the march with his truck and
went on to murder at Finsbury Park Mosque. 
Jason Silver (on right) who recorded
himself shouting foul racist remarks all day went on to continue to harass the
Metropolitan Police and hanged himself when the police rejected his contrived and
false allegations. 
David Collier (centre) spent the day marching with
extremists such as Thor Halland, just back from a prison spell in Thailand,
Michael English who has family links to the Manchester Holland crime gang and
who has spent considerable periods in Strangeways and other prisons. Collier,
who likes to pretend he is working “undercover
was welcomed at the main Zionist counter-demo at Grosvenor Square by another
jailbird, Simon Cobbs (HMP Exeter with bars) who “nudge,nudge, wink,wink” told
“Dave 007” Collier he understood that he did not want to be filmed.
On Al Quds Day Collier edged himself to the front of the bunch of Zionist thugs as they approached the legitimate counter-demo in Grosvenor Sq.
007 wannabee sad Dave Collier with Yonathan Scoffman planning their next event. “Please pretend you do not know me – I will be wearing my Mossad toupee”
Collier was part of the small
group of Zionist Fascist extremists who planned with Jonathan Hoffman, Joseph
Cohen and Yochy Davis to disrupt the event.
Collier(on left) tries to defy police instructions and continues to obstruct and delay the legal Al Quds Day march.
“007 Dave” Collier meets up with Special Agent Britain First’s Paul Besser at another anti-Palestine event. 
“007 Dave” Collier frequently meets with Yonathan Scoffman

The Oddest Antisemites: Blog 2 – EXCLUSIVE –
Gnasherjew identity revealed! It’s Collier

Much to the joy of pro Palestine activists, Gnasherjew dropped an
almighty clanger which firmly outed David Collier as one of the notorious harassers
and defamers in the Gnasher Twitter account. His expertise is trying to attach
any perceived instances of antisemitism to Jeremy Corbyn and Palestine solidarity
groups. This has always been the accounts MO as I persistenly claimed for the
last year. Forcing them to put Ex Labour in their Twitter bio (P.S. they were
never Labour). Collier is right-wing through and through. You also might
remember him for diving under the security radar at Labour’s Conference last
year in order to write yet another flawed exposé on the PSC stand. He was
ejected. He has a track-record of being ejected or refused admission for
example to the Jewish Voice for Labour meeting at Labour Party conference. He
also has a track record of gross invasion of privacy and obtaining privately
authored posts by deceit (check Facebook rule PL).
The marvellous clanger which named their 1 man down as the only
person writing the exposé they were working on. 
This made us laugh very much too..

Collier’s notorious gross invasion of privacy tendancies were
previously reported here by @yoursocvoice blog Twitter Troll Networks
Which brings us onto @MomentumGod2 (MG2) a sockpuppet for Gnasher.
MG2 (run by a few notorious Pro Israel agitators) let yet another howler loose
the day they were vexed by harrassment victims of Gnasher/LabourAgainstAS
organising and starting off their crowdfunding to take legal action. The
account states he is ‘shitting’ himself at action ONLY being raised against
Gnasher and LabourAGainstAS (who are the same team). Thanks for confirming!

After the Pro Israel mass reporting groups were called on, a member
of the crowdfunder staff (Genevieve) with Justgiving (please boycott them)
caved in to the demands of such notorieties as Kim Jong-Un and sockpuppet
Twitter user Ben Marsden amongst other steaming deluded right-wingers.
At this point I was intrigued by the Ben Marsden account throwing
his weight about, so decided to investigate. Who could this be?? He had a Luton
FC cover photo until I realised who it was and started hinting in public only
for him to change it to a nice scenic random honest it’s not me guv photo of
somewhere random. So here are the clues.
  • Intelligent alpha male with athletic physique? Hmm
    (likes to blow his own trumpet)
  • Supports Chelsea
  • Luton cover photo
  • Bangs on about Islamism
  • Hates Leftists
  • ‘Interested’ in politics
  • Supports Israel
  • Has Israellycool people licking his boots
  • Openly chats with Gnasherjew and its sock
    MomentumGod2 because he HATES Labour and Corbyn because he is a soft lefty
    and likes muslims (which is actually just not being a racist dick).

In fact it was MomentumGod2 who bricked himself and warned him he
had been rumbled.

Let’s see what ‘Ben’ did after David Collier (Gnasherjew) released
his classic underwhelming drivel where he frantically tries to connect Corbyn
to anything and everything because he never ever wants Corbyn to reach power.

Yes we know Collier but fortunately you can’t control everybody
registered to vote and he will win after I suspect setting his legal team on
Back to Ben.. he seemed realllly over the moon about Collier’s
tome.. By the way, those of us with nouse knew you were in PL and never posted
in there! So your work is minus the great thinkers.. yes you collected the
remnants David.
1st up Ben goes Gung Ho at the bogus charity ‘Campaign Against Anybody we don’t like’ (as we affectionately call
it) Go Ben!

2nd Ben rolls around in the hay with Andrew Burridge from Urmston
& Stretford CLP – Ben seems friendly with all these Blairites and Tories,
just who could it be..

We are just wondering what the little racist Ben has to say after
3rd BOOM straight to Guido Fawkes the most rancid man on the
interwebz – I’m beginning to love this Ben character who brings Blairite,
Tories and the far-right (him) together.

The previous year ‘Ben’ had a little lovers tiff with Collier or
Dick or the other two and didn’t like that he voted for the only decent MP near
him who happened to be Labour. But don’t worry, Gnasher knows Ben realllly well
you worry about that ?

What do you think of Tony Greenstein Ben? You love Israel loads
don’t you?

Oh right…
So when you talk about working with racist scum Collier. Look at
yourself first.

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