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How the British Press were
willing dupes of an arch-racist

Update – Collier Responds
Collier is pained – ‘why is everyone attacking me’
Well perhaps it’s because you insist on hanging out with neo-Nazis and fascists who support Israel – Tommy Robinson, Paul Besser and their mutual friend Hoffman.  That’s why.  No noone in the Palestine solidarity movement promotes ‘hard core antisemitism’ or porn for that matter!

Racists don’t last long in an anti-racist movement whereas you Zionists mix with all sorts of White Supremacists.  And your statistics are phony Collier just like you.
EDL supporter and friend of Tommy Robinson, settler racist Dr Brian John Thomas with ‘researcher’ David Collier

Collier is always begging for money to fund his fake ‘research’ and extravagant lifestyle

David Collier
passes himself off as an ‘independent
into anti-Semitism. In reality he is a far-Right Zionist
activist whose sole purpose is to smear and defame Palestine solidarity
activists, especially Jewish anti-Zionists, as ‘anti-Semitic’.  His latest effort targeted Jeremy Corbyn too.  However fooling the British press – from the Guardian’s Jessica Elgot (ex Zionist Chronicle) to the Tory tabloids is easy.

The Guardian was fooled by Collier’s claims
Huffington Post, founded by Andrew Breitbart, who also founded Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News, which combines White Supremacy with ardent Zionism – HuffPost is little different – pro-Zionist and racist – it uncritically describes Collier as an ‘antisemitism campaigner‘ rather than a racist who denies there are such things as Palestinians
Another anti-racist newspaper which is concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party

Even the so-called serious
press take for granted Collier’s claims to be ‘independent’. Yet even he accepts that
the quality of my early posts was highly
  In fact all his posts
are highly questionable.

This article should be read in conjunction with my introductory article:  The
Lies of David Collier (Gnasher Jew) and his Dodgy Dossiers – Why are the BBC,
the Guardian and the press repeatedly taken in by this bogus ‘Researcher’
& his attacks on Corbyn?
 which was an initial reaction to
Collier’s investigation into the Palestine Live Facebook
Group, which he maintains is at the centre of an anti-Semitic conspiracy. 

In Palestine Live Part 1 Collier claims
that he ‘sets the bar’ for anti-Semitism ‘unnaturally high’. He claims that if he had used the IHRA definition of
, which conflates anti-Zionism and
anti-Semitism, then anyone calling Israel a Nazi state would be defined as
antisemitic.  In other words virtually everyone in the Palestine
group would have been an anti-semite. 
(see Defining Anti-Semitism by former Court
of Appeal Judge Sir Stephen Sedley) 
In fact the IHRA
does not say this. It is merely one of 11 illustrative
examples which are not part of the IHRA
definition.  The Introduction to these examples states that: 
Contemporary examples of antisemitism in public life, the media,
schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere couldtaking
into account the overall context, 
include, but are not limited to
Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.’
The IHRA Secretariat confirm in an email that the 11 examples Collier refer are not part of the definition of antisemitism

dishonesty, failing to mention that even according to the IHRA, the conflation
of Israeli policies with the Nazi only could be antisemitic is
an example of the dishonest methods he uses throughout the Report. Collier’s
Report is a political polemic dressed up as academic
Collier is a brazen liar who is only allowed to get away with it by a
media that allows him to. Collier reflects their prejudices. Anyone who
seriously examines his ‘Reports’ cannot help but conclude that yes he finds
some anti-Semitism but that his main purpose is to label all support for the
Palestinians as anti-Semitic, especially Jewish anti-Zionism.

Collier fails to contextualise the anti-Semitism he does find, using it
instead to reinforce his own Zionist narrative.  By contextualisation I mean this. If you say that everything the Israeli
state, a self-defined Jewish state, does is on behalf of all Jews, then some
people will believe you and react accordingly.  If the so-called
representative body of British Jews, the Board of Deputies, claims Israel’s
actions are on behalf of British Jews, then some people will believe them and
become anti-Jewish. What this really amounts to is the creation of
anti-Semitism by Zionism.  But for Israel there would be no such
Likewise if you use
the Holocaust, not in order to teach about the evils of racism but to justify
racism and every barbarous act of Israel, including ethnic cleansing, is it
surprising that some people deny that there was a Holocaust?  The
responsibility for the increase in Holocaust denial is that of a Zionist
movement whose propaganda museum in Israel, Yad Vashem, makes a point of
ensuring that every visiting diplomat pays a visit in order that it can be
emphasised that Israel is the answer to the genocide of European Jews.  So
even openly anti-Semitic politicians like MEPs Michal Kaminski and Robert Zile
are shown around.  They even have a special exhibition wall
devoted to the long forgotten (except by the Zionists) Mufti of
Jerusalem.  But I digress.
After having
disclaimed his intention of following normal Zionist practice of equating
anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, in the remaining 279 pages of his Report
Collier does just that. Collier relies on the laziness of the average
journalist to sit down, read and critically analyse his Report. Collier
understands that most journalists, in eager pursuit of an anti-Corbyn article,
will abandon what few critical faculties they possess.
If Collier was
being truthful about setting the bar high in terms of anti-Semitism, then the
question arises as to why Naomi Wimborne-Iddrissi, Asa Winstanley of Electronic
Intifada, Glyn Secker, Mike Cushman, Leah Levane, myself and other
Jewish anti-Zionists appear in this Report. At no stage does he quote anything
we have said which is anti-Semitic.
He relies entirely on guilt by association
and inferences. The only conclusion is that Collier’s sole purpose is to smear
Palestine solidarity activists and in particular Jewish anti-Zionist
with the brush of anti-Semitism. Indeed he has a section on
The Jewish anti-Zionists (page 87, Part 2) coupled with a little chart to
show who is who.

Collier provides a map of some prominent Jewish anti-Zionists and which groups they belong to.  It matters not that it is inaccurate, what it demonstrates is that his real agenda has nothing  to do with anti-Semitism
The Daily Mail, the paper wot supported Hitler in his time, is most concerned about ‘antisemitism’ in the Labour Party
It is not just the Guardian which treats
Collier as a neutral ‘businessman’. Huff Post
calls him an ‘anti-Semitism campaigner’.
To the Mail be is just a ‘blogger.’ Which is
somewhat more accurate. This is not simply journalistic laziness. What the
Press are interested in is fanning the flames of the false anti-Semitism
narrative. In doing this they know that they can count on the complicity of
Labour’s Compliance Unit and Sam Matthews who immediately
 Glyn Secker of Jewish Voice for

– Member of Neo-Nazi Facebook Group International

Jeremy Corbyn has been attacked for being a member of a Facebook Group on which a tiny handful of anti-semites posted.  The Zionist charity Campaign Against Antisemitism has even made a complaint about Jeremy to the Labour Party for antisemitism!

The strange thing though is if Jeremy Corbyn is anti-semitic because he was a member of a Facebook group which contained anti-semites, then David Collier, in addition to being an Anti-Arab racist is also an anti-Semite! Collier is a member of the International Community Facebook group.  It regularly hosts anti-Semitic world Jewish conspiracy stuff such as ‘Lennin (sic) and Stalin All Mass Murderers!  All Jewish!’. (neither was!)  This is obviously anti-Semitic.

The post underneath is even clearer.  The real holocaust was the holocaust of 15m Germans.  By the Jews of course. 

Collier was added to this Facebook group by one Debra Cohen who is no slouch herself.  According to her Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadic, Serbians who were found by the International Criminal Court at the Hague to be war criminals are innocent.  Why?  It was Muslims whom they butchered and put into concentration camps.

Of course it may be that Collier wasn’t aware of these posts, though it is clear he and Cohen know each other.  But according to the logic he deploys against others he is an out and out neo-Nazi!!

The far-Right Zionist group Campaign for Truth hosted a ‘debate’ with Melanie Phillips and an assortment of racists and oddballs – David Hirsh of Engage, who is a Labour Zionist ‘moderate’ was happy to take part
Collier Takes Part in a Far-Right Zionist ‘Debate’ on the Palestinians with Mel Phillips

by Zionist standards, and I set the bar pretty high, Collier is an extremist
and a racist. In a ‘debate’ organised by the far-Right Zionist Campaign
for Truth
, Collier spoke on a far—Right panel that included Melanie
Phillips, David Hirsh (the ‘moderate’), and Brian John Thomas (the fascist admirer of the EDL and friend of Tommy
Robinson). Collier stated

‘The Palestinian refugee was forged as a
weapon.  It was created as an artificial entity inside a paradigm of
No to Normalisation and it cannot exist outside that paradigm.  It
will do everything it can to stop any type of settlement.  And today,
as demographics have changed in the West, this weapon has taken camp here
too.  Today it spearheads BDS.  Another external weapon
that does not care about the people inside Gaza or the West Bank…You scrap
the ridiculous definition of the refugee.  You scrap UNWRA…. Taking
an addict and feeding his addiction.’   (6:09) 

other words the Palestinian refugees, the victims of ethnic cleansing and
massacre, are a myth. Even Zionist historians such as Benny Morris accept that
the refugees were expelled in order to create a Jewish majority state. Collier’s methodology is that of Holocaust

Why Collier’s Report on Palestine Live is not worth the paper it is written on
provides a link to a blog by me on how a large part of Orthodox
Jewry maintain that the Holocaust was god’s punishment. It is a fact that for
Orthodox Jewry everything that happens is preordained by god, the holocaust
included. Collier infers that I am anti-semitic for saying this.  Collier
repeats that I was expelled from the Labour Party, without explaining its
relevance to a Report on ‘anti-Semitism’ with the obvious inference that it was
for anti-Semitism whereas it was, of course, for anti-Zionism.  This too
is his methodology.
of the main purposes of Collier’s Report is to mount a crude attack on Jewish
anti-Zionists. Collier admits
that ‘these activists are not going to be found sharing
or liking Rothschild Conspiracy or Holocaust denial posts…’ 

Collier argues that ‘It is also confusing for people who are not
to be confronted with Jews who are not Zionists. He writes
that ‘Nothing will stifle the voice of someone who is not Jewish sticking up
for Israel, better than one of these people will.’
  What is
Collier’s conclusion? ‘Quite disgracefully they weaponise
At this point pots and kettles come to mind!

But even if Collier is correct, since
he accepts Jewish anti-Zionists don’t share Holocaust Denial or Rothschilds
posts, why are they in a Report that is only concerned with
anti-Semitism not anti-Zionism? 
The answer of course is obvious. The
Report is a dishonest attempt to use ‘anti-Semitism’ in order to attack
anti-Zionists, especially Jewish anti-Zionists. 

Collier says that ‘the clearest example of legitimising antisemitism’
was a meeting at the House of Commons yet he fails to explain what it was said that
was anti-Semitic!  Yet this is supposed to be a ‘research Report’ that
sets the bar for anti-semitism ‘unnaturally high’!
Collier employs classic McCarthyite guilt-by-association techniques. He
describes FSOI as being ‘a group of Palestine Live members, who created
FSOI to deflect accusations of anti-Semitism.’  

There is no
connection at all between FSOI, which consists primarily of Jewish anti-Zionist
activists and which has its own Facebook group and the Palesine Live Facebook group. The fact that a minority of FSOI members
may also be members of Palestine, along with a few thousand
other people, is irrelevant. They may also be members of the same
golf club. 

There is not the slightest shred of evidence that FSOI and
PL are one and the same but this confusion of groups is essential if Collier is to demonise
FSOI and JVL, which is his real purpose. 
Collier also slips in the
assertion that FSOI was created to ‘deflect accusations of
No it was formed to rebut false accusations of

Collier with Paul Besser, ‘Intelligence’ Officer of Britain First whose fuhrers Paul Golding (bottom right) and Jayda Fransen have just been gaoled for a total of 54 weeks for racial harassment
Apparently it’s anti-semitic, as well as’vicious’ to blow the whistle on fascist Zionists
Collier was rattled by the article I
published on December 5th 2017 naming 31 Zionist Fascists who
went around London deliberately disrupting Palestine meetings, attempting to
halt a Balfour march by PSC and in at least one case assaulting people
attending a meeting. People who are named are both Jewish and non-Jewish but in
any event their religion is irrelevant, it is their politics and activities that concerned me. 

This article is described as ‘vicious’ by Collier.  An adjective best applied to his own ‘Reports’. A more accurate
description would be truthful. However we know that those, Collier included,
named in the article have been much put out by it and that it has caused them
severe problems as well as embarrassment being named alongside for example Paul
Besser, Britain First Intelligence Officer.  Again the question
arises, what has this to do with anti-Semitism, Collier’s apparent target?

At SOAS some of Collier’s Zionist friends disrupted a meeting on anti-Semitism
‘Tony must know about the level of antisemitism’  Actually no.  It was very small and I didn’t participate in any discussions, as Collier would know if his research was up to anything!
Collier’s only attempt to explain my presence in his Report is that I
have been a member of PL and therefore ‘must have known’ about the
few anti-Semitic posts. He gives no evidence for this assertion and it is
simply wrong. I only used the group to publicise my own blog. I never
participated in discussions until after his Report was issued. I knew nothing
of such posts and because they were so infrequent it was unlikely that I would
do so. Collier’s assumptions are speculative. This too is indicative of his
More to the
point, Collier ‘must have known’  that the people he mixes with are associates of fascists and
Jewish Nazis like Roberta Moore and her boyfriend Robert Jonge, Paul Besser and
Jonathan Hoffman of EDL/JDL fame.

Hoffman with Thor Halland

David Collier with Jonathan Hoffman (left).  Hoffman was excorted out of a meeting at the House of Commons by the Police last year and above at a university meeting

Hoffman with EDL/JDL supporter Kay Wilson and her brother Ian Wilson 
Jonathan Hoffman, who specialises in shouting down speakers, is inquiring
about the email of Jason Silver, (above) one of the gang of 31, who committed suicide a
couple of months ago having been put up to making false complaints about
Palestine Expo to the Police.  Hoffman’s purpose was to help instigate the
malicious complaints of ‘antisemitism’ to the Police.  
Silver’s false complaint to the Police
You can see from these exchanges the depth of the racism:
‘doubt you would get far with the Policeman… wasn’t he Muslim?’
‘try Britain First… to see if they will load your video, then you will then see who is racist and who supports your case!’
 Mel Gharial adds that that well known anti-racist Tommy Robinson ‘has also publicised this I see’

Jason Silver being egged on to  make a malicious and false complaint to the Met, in the belief he was thrown out of Palestine Expo because he was Jewish – despite his wife Claire trying to calm him down.  Even Lawyers for Israel refused to take his case on as it was obvious that he was thrown out of Palestine Expo for being a racist, not for being Jewish

Another person who features in Collier’s Report is Alan Maddison. His
‘crime’? He was the ‘academic enabler’ and he shared my posts and
those of Jackie Walker. Also he worked with a 90 year old Jewish Dr Glatt who
heavily criticised John Mann MP for his attacks on Corbyn. Glatt ‘absurdly’ supported
Ken Livingstone according to Collier. What does Ken Livingstone have to do with
anti-Semitism, given that the bar for anti-Semitism has been set so
ridiculously high? Nothing unless of course Livingstone’s statement about
Hitler supporting Zionism is anti-Semitic.
Collier’s assertion is not borne out by the Report – but it served its purpose of fooling a gullible press
Collier, knowing full well the
stupidity and gullibility of most journalists, states in his Introduction
that ‘you would have to work hard at it’ to be included in his
‘research’. On the contrary, it takes no effort at all. Far from ‘setting
the bar for anti-Semitism unnaturally high’ 
Collier ensured that just
about anyone who criticises the Israeli state would be tripped up by his bar.

As for
Collier’s claim that his research is ‘fully independent’ by his own
admission it has been funded by the far-Right Jewish Human Rights Watch.
Collier is about as independent as a dog on a leash.
example of ‘anti-Semitism’ that rankled with Collier was the fact that Jackie
and I refused him admission to the JVL meeting at Labour Party conference. It
was not as he alleged because he was a Zionist but because he specialises in
defaming supporters of Palestine. His Report confirms our prognosis. 

Neil Horan – An Open Hitler Admirer
Horan on another Zionist demonstration outside the Albert Hall

Neil Horan demonstrating against ‘anti-Semitism’ with Paul Besser of Britain 1st (left) and Hoffman (blue anorak with hood behind) – part of the ‘Neo-Nazis against Anti-Semitism’ group that Collier has formed
A regular feature at Zionist demonstrations is Neil Horan.  He was part of those trying to halt the Balfour demonstration in November
2017.  What is strange is that those who are so
busy fighting ‘anti-Semitism’ welcome on their demonstrations Neil Horan, a
Christian Zionist, who is on record as believing that Hitler ‘was
a good leader who was following the word of Christ.’  
Still, when
you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Collier Speaks to the Fascist Herut UK

Collier seen here at the founding meeting of Herut-UK giving a talk on the founder of Revisionist Zionism Ze’ev Jabotinsky – a ‘moderate’ fascist like Collier
Aryeh Miller, CEO of the Zionist Federation speaking

Mandy Blumenfeld speaking – she chaired the meeting

 solicitor Mark Lewis speaking
Links with the Zionist Far-Right and Fascists
At the founding
meeting of Herut UK on 18th February 2018, David Collier was one of the
speakers, alongside Arieh Miller, CEO of the Zionist Federation, Mark Lewis
(a media solicitor better known for acting against News Group) with Mandy Blumenfeld as Chair. Collier’s talk was on the
founder of Revisionist Zionism, whom even David Ben-Gurion called Vladimir

Jabotinsky, reached an agreement with Mussolini in 1934 to establish the Beitar Naval Academy at Civitavechia in
Italy. , They trained with Mussolini’s fascists.  Collier referred
during his talk to Jabotinsky’s famous essay the Iron Wall, which he wrote in 1923.  Jabotinsky’s theme was that the Zionists should not give
an inch to the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. But at least Jabotinsky was

Today Zionists talk about Zionism as a ‘national liberation movement’ of
the Jews.  Jabotinsky had no regard for such nonsense.  He was an
honest colonialist.  

‘My readers have a general idea of the
history of colonisation in other countries. I suggest that they consider all
the precedents with which they are acquainted, and see whether there is one
solitary instance of any colonisation being carried on with the consent of the
native population. There is no such precedent…. Every native population
in the world resists colonists as long as it has the slightest hope of being
able to rid itself of the danger of being colonised.’

The reason that Collier is an admirer of Jabotinsky is that he made no
pretence of wishing to negotiate with the Arabs.  It was in his mind
futile.  All that mattered was who was stronger.  This is pure
fascist ideology. This is the man Collier admires. The same is true of
Collier’s attitudes to the Palestinians today.  Those who see him as some
kind of neutral ‘researcher’ are fools, knaves or idiots – and in the case of
the Guardian probably all three!
Other Rogues and Knaves

Collier is part of a small rabidly
Zionist group, with the discredited clown Jonathan Hoffman,
Walter Mitty fantasist Paul Besser of
Britain First, Thor Halland who
is wanted by the Thai Police for extortion and convicted small-time Salford
gangster Michael English. This is in addition to hard-core antisemites and
Islamophobes and deranged and frustrated white supremacist supporters of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer such as
South African Sharon Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit.  People who gather
together to convince themselves that it’s all about antisemitism, and not Israel, the
criminal and racist Zionist settler colonial state and its oppression of the
Palestinians. [Halland denies the accusations of extortion in Thailand and in
the interests of balance you might want to see his defence]
These are a group of Zionists so extreme that they are shunned even by
the main Israeli propaganda group BICOM, Jonathan Arkush and the Jewish Board of Deputies and
even by the disgraced Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement.
Yet this is of no concern to the British press. The
Guardian’s role in this is particularly despicable.

Sample post where  (1) Michael English threatens Joseph Cohen and (2) Joseph Cohen refers disparagingly to poodle-loving Mike Davidsohn and his Poodles Joseph Cohen insults Davidsohn by calling him “A prejudiced Poodle-breeding pensioner”
It is impossible to do justice to this
in one blog. You have to read what I published in December “We Name the Gang
Of 31 Zionists
. and the following exposes – from Thor Halland’s past
in Pattaya,Thailand, jailbird Michael English threatening to tear the head off
pretentious Joseph Cohen, another Zionist extremist, to the vile anti-Palestine
racism of poodle-lover and dogging afficiando Mike Davidsohn and his feud
with Joseph Cohen of the troubled Israel Advocacy Movement.
Now living near
Ilford, Collier was born in the UK in the
1960’s and spent 19 years in Israel between 1987 and 2006. Collier claims to
have run his own tourism-related business there but is remarkably reticent on
why he had to leave Israel although he professes a great love for the settler
state. Oddly, for whatever reason, it appears he has not returned there in
recent years.
Brian Thomas defends inviting Tommy Robinson to tour Israel with him
Brian John Thomas invited Tommy Robinson to Israel and has close links to the EDL. Tommy Robinson, founder of the EDL and latterly UK Pegida (left), Kenna in the middle runs a far-Right Zionist blog, Brian John Thomas (right).

Tommy Robinson with Kay Wilson, his tour guide
Brian John Thomas, aka Dr Brian of London – a Friend
of Collier’s and Tommy Robinson

Collier is a very close associate of
far-Right Zionist settler extremist 
Brian John Thomas who is also a
friend of Tommy Robinson, aka Stephen
Christopher Lennon, 
a fixture on Britain’s Islamaphobic far-Right.
Thomas spoke with Collier on a Campaign4truth event organised by Shitrit
and Klaff.  Even Jonathan Arkush, the right-wing President of the Board of
Deputies and the Board itself shun C4T, Shitrit and Klaff  and have
refused to speak at their poorly-attended events. Thomas writes on
the ISRAELLYCOOL blog and on Twitter as Dr. Brian of
London.   In the video he states:

‘I toured Israel with Tommy, in fact
Tommy toured Israel with me, I’ve known Tommy for a long time, back to the
early days of the EDL.  I watched the EDL very
carefully.  I knew that they were good or at least I knew Tommy
and those around him were good from early on. I just knew it.’

 Kay Wilson – the acceptable fascist

Aryeh Miller having just introduced Kay Wilson

 Besides being the tour guide for Dr Brian’s tour of Israel with Tommy Robinson, Kay Wilson poses as a victim of terrorism in order to justify Israeli terrorism. Wilson sent a letter to the Cambridgeshire Police which was a character reference testifying to Robinson having ‘devoted his life to speaking out’ against Islam.  

Jonathan Arkush addressing the Zionist counter-demo at the Al Quds demonstration – in the front are Moore and Jonge of the neo-Nazi JDL and Mandy Blumenfeld is there along with Peace not Hate posters!

Her fascist links didn’t stop her speaking at a Board of Deputies rally against the annual Al Quds demonstration which has been held for over 30 years without incident (except when the Zionists try to attack it!).  She was introduced by Aryeh Miller, CEO of the Zionist Federation.  Jonathan Arkuss and Paul Charney, Chairman of the Zionist Federation also spoke at the rally. 

A character witness letter sent to Cambridge Police by Brian Thomas’s tour guide to Israel Kay Wilson
And here we seen Kay Wilson ‘giving a hug’ to Neil Masterson, who served 16 months in prison for violently attacking, for no other reason other than a hatred of free speech, George Galloway MP.  Clearly there are some forms of terrorism that this despicable woman approves of.  What is remarkable is that leading Zionist and ‘Jewish’ bodies in this country give a platform to her.

Paul Charney and Aryeh Miller of the Zionist Federation alongside a member of the EDL in his paramilitary uniform

Collier and Zionist Clown Jonathan Hoffman

Hoffman is frequently ejected from Palestine events he attends with
Collier (but Collier sits apart from him as he is “working undercover”).

 David Collier and Thor Halland

Halland is part of
the small group of extremist Zionists often seen with Collier and Hoffman at
anti-Palestine events. On numerous occasions at these events he has had to be
restrained by Police. A video news report of Halland under arrest in Pattaya,
Thailand for Robbery, kidnapping and extortion cannot be shown in the UK for legal
reasons but we have been given a copy. He has also been recorded shouting
antisemitic abuse at pro-Palestine Jews, including an elderly Rabbi.
Out soon. My next
report covers the bitter internal feud between these Zionist extremists that
erupted since I named and shamed them. Joseph Cohen of the Israel Advocacy
Movement tried to distance himself from Mike Davidsohn, Gemma and Solly
Sheridan, Michael English, Thor Halland, Nutter Neal Cohen of Herut, Sharon
Klaff and Ambrosine Shitrit. 

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