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Jonathan Arkush of Board of Deputies and Zionist Federation Hold Demonstration with Jewish Defence League and EDL

Jonathan Arkush, President of Board greets Col. Richard Kemp, lunatic Christian Zionist
Jonathan Arkush speaks to JDL fascists (in tee shirts with yellow stars) at front – Roberta Young and Robert de Jonge – Zionism”s Orwellian placards ‘Peace not Hate’ defend military occupation and Jewish settlements –  this is at 3 July 2016 demonstration
An old photograph of the Ahava Zionists – note the same EDL member in the background and Roberta Moore in the foreground (plus Jonathan Hoffman of Zionist Federation)

The Zionist demonstration – approximately 60 strong
‘The demonstration is this big’
Paul Charney, Chairman and Arieh Miller, Executive Director of Zionist Federation in conversation with EDL member

It must have been a great disappointment to the Board of
Deputies of British Jews, which claims to represent all Jews in Britain and the
far-Right Zionist Federation.  Their
joint demonstration last Sunday which was attended by a variety of fascists and members of
the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League, which is categorised as a terrorist
organisation in the USA, mustered barely 60 souls outside the Houses of

The same EDL fascist gets around a lot
The Zionists’ Tiny Demonstration Against Peace and For Settlements
A none too happy Paul Charney, Chairman of Zionist Federation
Same EDL member on left with friend at Ahava
As you can see from the pictures, Zionist Federation
stalwarts Paul Charney & Aryeh Miller
and mad Christian Zionist, Colonel Kemp, happily engaged in
conversation with a well known figure from the EDL in combat fatigues.  He last saw active service on the Ahava
picket line, the Israeli shop which was selling stolen Palestinian goods in
Covent Garden.  On that occasion we made
the shop so unpopular that fellow traders banded together to get them evicted!
Member of Holocaust denying EDL is a good Zionist!

Two other figures we can see here are Roberta Moore from the
JDL and her non-Jewish boyfriend Robert De Jonge.  It is very strange that Moore has a non-Jewish
 boyfriend as in Israel the JDL/Lehava demands
a 5 year prison sentence for any Arab male who has sexual relations with a Jewish
woman.  Like their Nazi forebears and following
the Nuremburg Laws, they aren’t concerned if a Jewish man has sex with a non-Jewish
Aryeh Miller, Exec. Director of ZF talking to EDL member

EDL stalwart in fatigue
The target of the demonstrators ire was the pitifully weak
UN Resolution 2334 which condemned Israel’s settlements as an obstacles to peace
and a 2 State solution.  The strange thing
is that both the ZF and the BOD claim to support 2 states yet they opposed the
UN Resolution.  The reason is, of course,
that they only support 2 States in Britain as a sop to persuade people they
support ‘peace’.  However they also
support Israel’s military occupation.  In
practice they oppose any form of Palestinian statehood.  Indeed most of them deny there is any such
thing as the Palestinians!  Hence their
support for the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.  They hold to the fiction that a Palestinian state
is possible alongside the settlements which are based on stolen Palestinian land.

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