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Fast forward 13 years and under Stephen Pollard all was different. Professor Geoffrey Alderman, a Zionist who had written for the JC for nearly 46 years, being a weekly columnist for 14 years, criticised the IHRA because its 11 examples ‘embed numerous internal contradictions’. This was during the anti-Corbyn smear campaign which the JC was leading, with the IHRA as its main weapon. Such criticism was considered by Pollard as nothing less than sabotage.

But I have another reason for detesting Pollard. So much so that when he announced that he had cancer I thought that there might be divine justice after all.

Emily was rushed, first to a hospital in Ramallah and then to Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital where doctors were unable to save her eye. I was particularly moved by how a young Jewish girl had taken part in the kind of protest which is normal in any country calling itself a democracy and she had lost an eye as a result. How could this be in a state that calls itself Jewish?  Where were its Jewish values?

I wrote an article The Day an American Jewish Art Student Emily Henochowicz Lost an Eye and it occurred to me that perhaps the JC would consider this newsworthy. I knew that the evils perpetrated against Palestinians never made the JC columns, especially under Pollard, because it was an iron rule that British Jews should be kept in ignorance of what was happening in the occupied territories.

Instead of being an echo chamber to Jonathan Hoffman isn’t it about time you actually started reporting the more uncomfortable facts? When people look back this period of the Jewish Chronicle it will come to be seen as one of its darkest and least glorious chapters.

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