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Not so much a rose, more a parody of James Bond
Asa Winstanley’s deeply ‘anti-Semitic’ scoop provoked Ella Rose’s wrath

Whatever else you can say about Ella Rose, she is certainly
not a rose by any other name.  Indeed, to
use her own, somewhat limited language, she is indeed pathetic.  Taking a series of screen prints of her cameo
performance, emphasised the fact that she is almost a cardboard cut-out
caricature of a living, breathing human being. 
She is an excellent demonstration of the impact of Zionism on someone’s
emotional intelligence.  It’s almost as
if she takes pride in demonstrating her own limited intellect, with its restricted
emotions and use of a sub-James Bond rhetoric. 

The clip begins when Ella was caught in tears by Al Jazeera’s
undercover reporter crying and feeling sorry for herself: ‘its been a tough week’ because Electronic Intifada had blown
her cover
, as an ex-employee of the Israeli Embassy.  Now why, you might ask, should she cry over the
exposure of this fact?  Clearly she and
her employers wanted it to be kept a secret 
because the last thing the Jewish Labour Movement wanted is for their
close relationship with the Israeli Embassy to be held up to the light.  The JLM portrays itself as a genuinely
independent Jewish section of the Labour Party whereas her appointment makes
clear the nature of the relationship between the Embassy and the JLM.  Hence her tears.
Ella in her own way is an excellent representative of the Zionist mindset – might is right and strength and size is all
What the video also shows though is that not only has her
appointment to the JLM deprived some village of their idiot but the entirely bogus
nature of the ‘anti-Semitism’ accusation. 
In reaction to the exposure of her role as a former (?) Israeli Embassy
operative she let’ out a series of expletive driven accusations of anti-Semitism
– ‘fuck you, fuck you, fucking anti-Semites the lot of them.’  Whereas in the past, anti-Semitism consisted
of libels and untruths about Jews, conspiracies and wholesale fabrications such
as the medieval blood libel, with the advent of Zionist ‘anti-Semitism’ the
truth not only can be but often is anti-Semitic.  Telling the truth about Israel is a particularly
heinous form of anti-Semitism.
Ella Rose has a subtle, almost Shakesperian turn of phrase
Even the most stupid and malevolent Zionist would have
difficulty in explaining why telling the truth about someone’s former employment
counts as anti-Semitism.  But when anti-Semitism
means anything you want it to mean, then someone saying something that displeases
you, including disclosing a secret that you would prefer to have remained
hidden, is certainly an example of anti-Semitism.
Donald Trump is not the only one who believes that winning is everything
What this demonstrates, in all its clarity, is the Zionist cynicism
and utter contempt for the suffering of Jews in the past.  To compare the disclosure of the identity of
one’s last employment with for example the pogrom in Kishinev in 1903 is just
sick.  At Kishinev women had their
breasts torn off, their stomachs ripped open. 
Jewish children had their heads broken with sticks, yet Ella Rose and
not just her, dares to compare this with their own trivial concerns. 
During the Iron Guard’s attempted coup in January 1941 the atrocities against the Jews
defies comprehension:

according to the JLM, the ‘victim’ should define their own oppression.  Clearly Ella has suffered an anti-Semitic trauma on a par with European Jewry in the 1930’s 
gruesome was the murder of dozens of Jewish civilians in the Bucharest
slaughterhouse. The perpetrators hung the Jews from meat hooks, then mutilated
and killed them in a vicious parody of kosher slaughtering practices.[26][27] The American ambassador to Romania
Franklin Mott Gunther who toured the meat-packing plant where the Jews were
slaughtered with the placards reading “Kosher meat” on them reported
back to Washington: “Sixty Jewish corpses were discovered on the hooks
used for carcasses. They were all skinned….and the quantity of blood about
was evidence that they had been skinned alive”.[25] Gunther wrote he was especially
shocked that one of the Jewish victims hanging on the meat hooks was a
5-year-old girl.[25] 
The range and depth of her language and emotional intelligence is quite remarkable.  Clearly she will be an asset to the JLM and its perjurer Chairperson Jeremy Newmark

Yet this immature and emotionally insecure, foul-mouthed girl,
 dares to compare her experience of  being outed with the horrors of Jews in
Romania and elsewhere in times gone by. 
Of course it is not just Ella Rose who is guilty of this.  She is simply a rather inadequate specimen of
a Zionist activist.  The whole Zionist movement
engages in this wholesale parody and trivialisation of the experiences of Jews in
the dark days of yesterday.

Our Ella demonstrating just what an intellectual catch she was for the JLM
Attention has focussed quite rightly on her threats to ‘take
out’ Jackie Walker, whose dignified response stands in comparison to that of Ms
Rose.  Despite all the vicious and
undeserved accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ that have been hurled at Jackie by
these cheap political opportunists, for whom ‘anti-Semitism’ is merely a convenient
weapon to defend their bastard state, she never once loses her composure.  Ella Rose, with her ‘die-in-a-hole’ comments
to what she thought was one of her associates reveals not only her own lack of
substance but that of the organisation she works for.
Jeremy Newmark, the JLM’s Chairperson is captured elsewhere boasting
about what a catch Ella is.  Now unless
there’s something we don’t know, then we can safely say that the JLM probably
does deserve our Ella.  Every slight she
experiences is explained away as ‘anti-Semitism’.  No doubt if she gets herself a boy friend, he
had better be careful not to jilt her for fear that he’ll end up being accused
of anti-Semitism.  Being Jewish certainly
won’t help him as he’ll probably be accused of ‘self-hatred’ too.
The ability of Zionists to imagine that they, not the Palestinians, are the victims is infinite.  She expresses the Massada martyr complex admirably

It would be easy to laugh it off but what Ella demonstrates
above all is the utter contempt she and her fellow Zionists have for what Jews experienced
in the past.  This provides another, quite
striking lesson.

Naturally – if a boyfriend jilts her it will be proof of his anti-Semitism
The whole basis of the Zionist claim to Palestine is the
fact that Hebrew tribes wandered over the land 2,000+ years ago.  Of course this is patently ludicrous and if a
present day Israeli caught site of one of the ancient Hebrews they would
probably be immediately dispatched as a ‘terrorist’.  But what Ella demonstrates is that today’s Zionists
don’t even have anything in common with the Jews who lived in Eastern Europe 80
years ago.  Instead they are but pale
imitations of a Hollywood culture that can only express itself in the limited,
macho style language that Ella feels so at home with.

Tony Greenstein

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