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 Libel – It May Be A Blunt Instrument But It’s Useful Against Zionist Liars

I have to confess that although my socialist principles oppose use of the libel laws, there are times when it is the only way that those who have been traduced and libelled, without any recourse to media of their own, can gain recompense.

About 5 years ago, David Aaronovitch – the Stalinist/New Labour warmonger – who writes a column for The Times  allowed a comment on his blog from a certified Zionist nutcase (‘Mad’ Mikey Ezra) which accused me of having spent my time harassing Jewish students.  What he meant is that I had spoken at meetings at which they were unable to muster an opposing argument, were therefore upset poor darlings and naturally felt they were being harassed, by having to listen to something they disagreed with!

I therefore issued  a writ for libel against The Times, who promptly sought an Opinion from the leading libel lawyer, Richard Rampton QC.  Unfortunately the advice was not favourable.  Mikey said how he had suffered psychological damage as a result of having to listen to the truth, but the lawyers didn’t think that would pass muster.  So for the first time in his life, Rupert Murdoch contributed £1,000 towards a Palestinian charity, Friends of Bir Zeit University!

Ed Corrigan is a human rights lawyer in Canada.  He is Jewish and anti-Zionist.  Like all of us, he has been accused of ‘anti-Semitism’ by Zionist toe rags and accused of being a ‘traitor’ ‘treason’ etc.  As I never stop reminding people, anti-German anti-fascists were also called traitors by the Nazis, so it should be considered high praise indeed to be considered a traitor to the racist political philosophy of Zionism.

When Ed was recently libelled by a Zionist lawyer, William Hechter, he sought legal redress and sure enough Hechter backed down.  Although I don’t like the libel laws, as they inhibit free speech, these defamers only understand one language.

I was pleased to submit a message of support to Ed before the outcome was known and I also agreed to testify if necessary.  Congratulations Ed!

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