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Despite the extremely light sentence Rejoice Rejoice as 2% Tommy Does Time for Trying to Derail the Trial of Child Abusers

There is much weeping and wailing amongst the Zionists of Golders Green as Tommy Robinson is Sent Down

Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon will serve just 10 weeks in prison for trying to derail the trial of child sex abusers. Making political capital out of their trial and trying to demonise all Muslim men with the crimes of a few were more important than the fact that those found guilty could have walked free.

Tommy Robinson is not the only person who has made the equation between Muslim men and grooming of young girls and sex abuse. This is a widespread stereotype. These people seem to forget people like Jimmy Saville or the late Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball, who was befriended and protected by Prince Charles, to say nothing of the abuse of children in public and religious schools, by both Protestant and Catholic clergy.

Keeping company with Tommy Robinson to the last was Katie Hopkins, the ex-Sun and Daily Mail ‘journalist’. This is the same Katie Hopkins who spoke to a packed meeting of largely Jewish people in Hendon last week. As Ben Weich observed:

Right-wing agitator Katie Hopkins’ words were not delivered to a meeting of the BNP in Barking but to the sympathetic ears of a roomful of Jewish people in the heart of North West London. A packed meeting no less of mainly Jewish people in Hendon.

Although there was a large article on the Jewish Chronicle website, only a smaller version, minus pictures, was tucked away on the inside of the printed version. Clearly the threat from Jeremy Corbyn is greater.

However this article prompted mega businessman Sir Mick Davis, and Tory Party Treasurer to take to the columns of the Jewish Chronicle this week (Our fight against bigotry cannot be fought alongside bigots like Katie Hopkins).

Sir Mick however was being disingenuous. Katie Hopkins has been widely welcomed in the Jewish community. She even attended the Zionist Federation annual dinner and dance last year and was pictured with Israel’s war criminal Ambassador Mark Regev.

Anti-Muslim racism and bigotry are a direct consequence of Zionism. Israel is the most anti-Islamic state in the world. Repeated attacks against the rights of Muslim worshippers at the Mosque of the Golden Dome and Al Aqsa in Jerusalem including Israeli soldiers entering these holy places in their boots in order to attack worshippers. Imagine that this happened in a synagogue.

The equation of Muslim and terrorist, the treatment of Palestinians as sub human, the legislation passed against the call to worship, the so-called Muezzin Law,  the decisionto make the Northern Islamic League illegal in November 2015 whilst allowing the openly fascist and violent Lehava to stay in business. All of this testifies to the anti-Islamic racism in Israel.The far-Right organisation Lehava which campaigns against ‘assimilation’ was funded by the Israeli state via its ‘charity’ Hemla. Ha’aretz quotes a source in the Social Services Ministry as saying that ‘We have been cooperating with a racist group for a decade,’.

Lehava has been given the green light to continue their campaign of violence against Arabs in Jerusalem. Using the slogans ‘”Arabs beware – our sisters are not up for grabs” and “Jewish girls for the Jewish people.” Lehava attacks Arabs at random in order to ‘protect’ Jewish women. The Nazis had the same concerns for German women whom they ‘protected’ against Jewish men.

According to Lehava’s far-right attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir,

‘Lehava’s activity is entirely lawful, as has been repeatedly confirmed by police. The Jerusalem District Court has recently said that campaigning against assimilation isn’t racist.”

So campaigning for racial purity, because that is what it is, is ‘entirely lawful’ in the Jewish state and then people ask why there is anti-Muslim racism.

This is despite the repeated arson attacks at mosques and churches carried out by Lehava and their supporters. Indeed Benji Gopstein, the leader of Lehava has openly justified this. Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader saysZionism’s poisonous anti-Muslim racism has seeped into much of the Jewish community in Britain. That is why Katie Hopkins can speak to a packed Jewish audience in Hendon and Golders Green whereas an anti-Zionist speaker would probably be lynched

Sharon Klaff on the left as Katie Hopkins speaks

The fascist Zionists that I have covered – Ambrosine Shitrit, Sharon KKKlaff, Paul Besser of Britain First, Mark Haringman and Jonathan Hoffman – to name but a few – operate with impunity in Hendon and Jewish circles. Their visceral hatred of Muslims and Arabs finds an echo in the camp of religious Zionism and amongst the supporters of Herut and Likud like Mandy Rice Blumenthall and her partner solicitor Mark Lewis.

Tommy Robinson has distinguished himself by his open and overt support for Israel. Although Zionists try to turn a blind eye to it, the open support of Israel by neo-Nazis like Tommy Robinson is because Israel is to them the ideal ethno nationalist state. This adulation has been reciprocated by a whole layer of Zionists. Even The Times of Israel askedWhy are US ‘pro-Israel’ groups boosting a far-right, anti-Muslim UK extremist?

Borderlife, a book by Dorit Rabinyan, an Israeli author, portraying the relationship of a Jewish and Arab teenager was banned from the high school syllabus, because it might give young Israeli Jews ideas about having relationships across ethnic boundaries. What state other than a viciously racist state for whom miscegenation is the rule would ban such a book? In Britain only fringe far-Right groups campaign against White and Black people having relationships.

The reasons given by the Education Ministry for banning the book from the high school syllabus were in themselves a master class of euphemisms: the problem was that the book was

“full of layers of hidden narratives, with criticism of the liberal-left part of the Israeli political spectrum, [and] wrapped in a romantic story of an impossible love.’Why one might ask was this an impossible love?


The professional team came to the conclusion that young adolescent may have difficulty to go in depth into these layers.”

In other words young people in love may not understand in a ‘Jewish’ state the racial imperative not to mix with Arabs and non-Jews. NBC quoted education official Dalia Fenig that “at this time of tensions in Israel choosing this book can fuel hatred.” What kind of Orwellian mind describes inter-racial relationships as fuelling hatred? See Israel Bans Teaching of ‘Borderlife’ Novel With Jewish-Arab Love Story

Israel is the ideal ethno nationalist state which is why open neo-Nazis like Richard Spencer describe themselves as ‘White Zionists’. As Mick Davies said:

It is an uncomfortable but increasingly apparent truth that there are a small number of fringe groups and individuals within the Jewish community who could, by any definition, be described as far right.

It is an even more uncomfortable truth that the supporters of the far-Right in the Jewish community are no longer a fringe.

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