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The Excuses Racists Will Come Out With

I went onto the Facebook page of leading Israeli racist and Israel’s Education Minister, Naftali Bennett, who is leader of Habayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) party.  As often happens my eye was caught by a particular inane post, even by the standards of the Israeli Right.

Fay was complaining that Israeli President Reuben Rivlin had assumed that the arsonists who burnt alive the Palestinian baby Ali Saad Dawabshe were Jewish.  They were probably dastardly Arabs seeking to blame the poor Israelis for his death.  Typical anti-Semites!  As the picture shows I exchanged a few words with this idiot before she prevented me responding any further.

I wouldn’t pretend she is a typical racist idiot but according to her, we don’t even know how the baby died.  She didn’t seem struck with the idea that it might be a case of spontaneous combustion.  Can’t imagine why unless the cameras were laying it must have been something flammable.  Not being able to withstand  the criticism she soon blocked me.  Oh well, it takes all sorts…

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