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Communist University 2016
I will be speaking, together with
Moshe Machover, a founder member of Matzpen [Socialist Organisation in Israel]
at the Communist University 2016 this Saturday August 6th.   The subject, which is quite appropriate at the moment, is anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.  Details are below:
Also the author of the Holocaust Industry
and Abuse & Misuse of anti-Semitism, the Jewish anti-Zionist Norman
Finkelstein will be speaking later in the week. 
Again details are posted below of Norman’s talk.
There are a number of other, very interesting sessions.  

Wednesday August 10

 10.00am: The current transitional period, decline and the laws of both
Hillel Ticktin
2.00pm: The Chilcot report, Iraq and Syria
Yassamine Mather
4.45pm: After the Brexit vote
Mike Macnair

Thursday August 11

2.00pm: Revolution and counter-revolution in Ireland
Kevin Bean

4.45pm: The English Marx: A.D. Lindsay’s Lost Interpretation of Capital?
Marc Mullholland

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