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Dangerous Liaisons: The Clash between Islamism and Zionism

Rumy Hasan, New Generation Publishing

 I am delighted to announce the publishing by New Generation Publishing of Dangerous Liaisons: The Clash between Islamism and Zionism by Rumy Hasan, a good friend and member of Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign and also an original member of BRICUP, the organisation which launched the aca demic boycott of Israel’s universities.

Below are some of the recommendations for this book which I intend to review for a journal.

Tony Greenstein

Rumy Hasan

In this follow up to the acclaimed Multiculturalism: Some Inconvenient Truths, Rumy Hasan, who is an academic at Sussex University, examines a little explored but extremely important issue that has profound global implications.  A fresh look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, as it is shaped to become the iconic clash between a colonizing, aggressive Zionism and the Islamic states and cultures which surround it – a timely, broadbased and rich analysis of the civilizational conflict affecting people the world over, from the ‘War on Terror’ to the complications of a multicultural Europe.

A highly-recommended, fascinating and rewarding read on a little understood aspect of modern politics
Prof Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, University of London

A signpost to realities about the clash between Islamism and Zionism, Rumy Hasan’s Dangerous
Liaisons is important reading for those of us, reflecting on the chilling prospect of senior Israeli
figures contemplating – a vital word – launching a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, with incalculable consequences.
Tam Dalyell, MP West Lothian 1962-2005; Father of the House of Commons 2001-2005

A riveting tale, full of irony, and told in a true story-teller’s way
Terry Jones, writer, director, and Python

Rumy Hasan’s thorough analysis of the tensions between Islamism and Zionism is very welcome
and should be widely circulated. It should be compulsory reading for our political leaders who
seem to have no idea just how dangerous is their policy of unconditional support for Israel
Baroness Jenny Tonge

Paperback available (£9.99; $15.99)
Order now from book outlets worldwide
Review copies available on request – contact details below
For interview, comment and information from New Generation Publishing, email:
[email protected] or call 01933 665340

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