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A List of Banned Words – 
Courtesy of Iain ‘Dolores’ McNicol
Joining the list of banned words, is ‘Blairite’.  It is now forbidden to mention the name of our former, much loved war criminal Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

In case people have forgotten, other words that are strictly verboten are:

SCAB (people who cross picket lines are more than welcome in the New Model Labour Party)

SCUM – This is strictly forbidden – especially when applied to crooked McNicol.  Although the definition of it is ‘despicable person’ (Miriam Webster dictionary) no one in the NMLP is despicable – not even Owen Smith or McNicol.

ZIO – This is also strictly forbidden.  It is a form of New Labour racism.  Even though Zio is short for Zionist – a political term not an ethnic one, in the new Orwellian age we live in it is verboten to use it.  Even if you call one of the many Christians a Zio that is also forbidden because you might upset their feelings.  And that is a form of racism, upsetting people.  

Fascist  – Although this has not yet been banned, it is inadvisable to use it.  If you find yourself alongside a member of the British National Party, do NOT use it just because they are explaining why there was no Holocaust.  You might upset them and that too would be racist.  Just as calling a Zionist ethnic cleanser a Zio is upsetting and racist so calling a fascist a fascist may be very upsetting.  

Nazi/Fascist Scum – It is particular not allowed to call members of the EDL, BNP or NF Nazi Scum or Fascist Scum.  The use of the term Nazi is strictly forbidden, and fascist is outlawed as is scum.  Instead of the usual ‘Nazi scum off our streets’ we suggest that people chant in future at demonstrations against them:

‘Get off our streets you not very nice people’

You are also allowed to call Zios and Fascists ‘bounders’  or ‘cads’ 

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