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Telling the Truth about how the Zionist lobby has weaponised anti-Semitism is no offence
Even The Sun is opposed to ‘antiSemitism’
Jewish Labour Movement and the Zionist lobby have got their teeth into another anti-racist.  Having politically lynched Jackie Walker last
year and demonised Ken Livingstone this year they are now targeting Chris
Williamson, the MP for Derby North.  His
offence?  Saying that anti-Semitism has
been weaponised.  According to the Jewish
News [Labour
MP again claims anti-Semitism has been ‘weaponised in cynical and manipulative
] Chris said that he stood “in absolute
solidarity with anyone who is a victim of anti-Semitism or other forms of
racism, as the Labour Party has done. Anti-Semitism is repugnant and a scourge
on society”.
However this is not good enough for the Zionist lobby
because their main concern isn’t defence of Jews or anti-Semitism but labelling critics of Israel as ‘anti-Semites’.  It reminds me of what Hajo Meyer, a Dutch survivor of Auschwitz and an anti-Zionist used to say:  
‘Antisemitism used to be people who hated Jews.  Now it’s people who Jews hate’!
The Jewish Chronicle, whose editor Stephen Pollard, had a soft spot for Polish anti-Semite Michal Kaminski is leading the charge against Chris Williamson
That is why I have been
suspended for nearly 18 months, despite being Jewish.  There has been a continual use by the JLM,
which is on the far-Right of the Labour Party, of anti-Semitism as a weapon
against the Left.  Williamson also said:
 “What can’t be acceptable is where it is being
used in order to wage a proxy war against the leadership of the Labour Party
and Momentum…. These aren’t my words, these are the words of members of the
Jewish community who are very upset about how anti-Semitism is being
weaponised. I’m not speaking in isolation or making this up. I’ve been a member
of the Labour Party for 41 years and I’ve never witnessed any anti-Semitism.
The Jewish Labour Movement top table – not a socialist amongst them.  Ivor Caplin, a former Defence Minister at the time of the Iraq war, is a junior war criminal.  Louise Ellman defended the imprisonment and torture of Palestinian children and Smeeth invented an anti-semitic attack against Black activist Marc Wadsworth
None of us have witnessed anti-Semitism because it doesn’t
exist in the Labour Party.  What we are
seeing of course is an attempt by the supporters of the world’s only Apartheid
State to use bogus accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ as a means of deflecting
attention where it should be focussed – on Israel’s horrific starvation siege
of Gaza, its murder of Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, its house
demolitions and evictions.  Those like
the JLM wite the JLM being a member of the Word Zionist Organisation,
a body which funds settlements in Palestine.
The Board of Deputies is prominent in the attack on Williamson
Marie van der Zyl of the Board of Deputies told Radio Derby
that the MP’s suggestion of “weaponisation
was “absolutely offensive.  What some of us find offensive is spurious
accusations of anti-Semitism being made, repeatedly, against anyone who
criticises the Israeli state. 
If the Jewish Labour Movement, Marie van der Zyl and the Board
of Deputies are seriously concerned with opposing anti-Semitism then they can
start a little bit nearer home.  This
– Lifting the lid on Collaboration between the Far Right and Zionist Activists
and Electronic Intifada [Far-right
Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movement
] have just exposed how Jonathan Hoffman, a former Vice-Chair of the Zionist
Federation, demonstrated outside the Palestine Expo 2017 conference recently
with a neo-Nazi, Paul Besser of Britain First.
Hoffman is a member of the Board of Deputies.  Why
hasn’t he been suspended? 
Perhaps if
Marie van der Zyl, the JLM or any other Zionist sock puppets are really
concerned about anti-Semitism then they will first remove a member of their own
organisation who works openly with neo-Nazis. 
Then they might turn to members of NW Friends of Israel who demonstrate alongside the EDL, as has Hoffman and his friends.  Instead they have kept quiet about the racists in their own movement, people who are happy to work side by side with
genuine anti-Semites and fascists.
Jonathan Hoffman, a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews alongside Paul Besser, Intelligence Officer for Britain First, the group Thomas Mair who killed Jo Cox, was associated with – with Marie van Zyl take action against her own members before poking her nose into Labour Party affairs?
Today neo-Nazis and the anti-Semitic far-Right are wholly in favour of Israel. Israel is seen as the most hostile
anti-Muslim and anti-Arab state in the world. 
Richard Spencer, a neo-Nazi and founder of the Alt Right in
America told Israel’s Channel 2 in an interview that he was a
White Zionist.  He is absolutely enamoured with how Israel deals with non-Jews e.g. by preventing mixed marriage and how it relegates Arabs to the margins of Israeli society.  He would like to do that with Jews in America.
Even some liberal Zionists (and the JLM are not liberal Zionist) are finally waking up to the fact that you can be ardently pro-Israel and
Zionist  and still dislike Jews.  Naomi Zeveloff, a correspondent with the Jewish Forward  almost seemed to be in
shock as she explained that ‘though it would seem impossible to hate Jews but
love the Jewish state, these two viewpoints are not as contradictory as they
  She interviewed Steven M. Cohen, a sociologist at the Hebrew
Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, who explained to her that ‘There
is actually “little correlation” between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. To be
sure, anti-Semitism is found among the anti-Zionist left. But it is also found
among the Zionist right’ 
He may be antiSemitic but Zionists just love Bannon
Cohen went on to explain that ‘many
people who dislike Jews like Israel and many people who are critical toward
Israel are affectionate toward Jews,” 
 This was clearly not what
she had been brought up to believe.  [How
Steve Bannon and Breitbart News Can Be Pro-Israel — and Anti-Semitic at the
Same Time
, Forward 15.11.16.]
The Zionist Organisation of America has just
invited Donald Trump’s ex-adviser, Steve Bannon to be its guest speaker at its
annual gala dinner in November. [Steve
Bannon to Speak at ZOA Gala
]  Bannon, the Editor in chief of Breitbart
, house magazine to the White Supremacist and anti-Semitic pro-Zionist
alt-Right.  Sebastian Gorka, another of
Trump’s ex-advisors has a long pedigree and involvement with neo-Nazi organisations
in Hungary.  Yet he too is an honoured guest at the
ZOA dinner as well as being invited to be a guest speaker at Israel’s
prestigious security conference at Herzliya. 
See The Zionist-white supremacist alliance in Trump’s
White House
Viktor Orban, Hungary’s racist Prime Minister is a favourite of Zionists – he might not like Jews but he loves Israel
 None of this should be any surprise.  Netanyahu has just come back from a trip to Hungary
to meet fellow racist and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.  Orban is busy rehabilitating the pro-Nazi ruler
of Hungary during the War, Admiral Horthy who presided over the deportation of
nearly ½ million Jews to the gas chambers. 
Orban is today also pre-occupied with attacking, via  anti-Semitic posters, George Soros, who was a
child survivor of the Holocaust.  Soros
though is an enemy in Netanyahu’s eyes because he funds Israeli human rights
organisations.  Yes in Israel no one is demonized
more than a handful of Israeli NGOs who monitor and expose what Israel is doing
in the Occupied Territories.  See George Soros upset by ‘antisemitic’ campaign against him in Hungary.
Ruth Smeeth, the right-wing Labour MP who claimed
she was the victim a year ago of anti-Semitism at the Chakrabarti press
conference attacked Chris Williamson at the recent JLM conference.  She said that “I think every time Chris
Williamson opens his mouth he helps our cause. His ramblings – they did nothing
more than ensure the leadership had to distance themselves from him. “Every
time that may speaks I almost want to thank him. But that is not what I will be
doing when we return to Parliament on Tuesday. 
This will get raised at the PLP, I’ve already raised it with the head of
the PLP, and I’ll be raising it with the Chief Whip, and I’ll be raising it
with the leader of the Labour Party.’
“can’t get head around” antisemitism, says leading Jewish MP

Smeeth has form.  She accused well known Black anti-racist Marc
Wadsworth of ‘anti-Semitism’ at the press conference for the Chakrabarti Report.  This was a blatant lie. As I wrote
at the time:

It is a constant of Zionist discourse that
anyone supporting the Palestinians or opposing their treatment by Israel is
accused of ‘anti-Semitism’.  An example of this occurred at the
Chakrabarti Report press conference itself when Marc Wadsworth, a Black
anti-racist activist, accused Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, a spin doctor for BICOM,
the main Zionist propaganda group in this country, of feeding information to
The Telegraph. Former Israel lobby spin doctor aims for seat in UK parliament,  Wadsworth made no mention of Smeeth being Jewish,
indeed he didn’t know she was Jewish, yet this was spun by Smeeth and the media
as being an anti-Semitic incident. 

I am though interested to know
what Smeeth means by ‘our cause’.  It’s
not socialism she is talking about!  She
is talking about the cause of Zionism i.e. Israel inside the Labour Party.  Suffice to say that well-known anti-racist paper The Sun got
into the act.  [Jeremy
Corbyn urged to take action against his hard-left ally Chris Williamson after
he described antisemitism accusations as ‘bulls**t
]  Even the Sun opposes ‘antiSemitism’!!
Isn’t it strange how every racist tabloid in Britain is concerned about ‘anti-Semitism’.  It is to be hoped that Jeremy Corbyn will now
stand up to the Zionist lobby, after the General Election, because if he doesn’t
he will make a rod for his own back.  The
Zionists will not be appeased.  Anyone
who raises their head above the parapet in support of the Palestinians or in opposition to Zionism will be attacked for anti-Semitism whereas
the real racists are the JLM and everything they represent.  They boast of being the Israeli Labour Party’s
‘sister’ party , a thoroughly racist anti-Arab party and we should take them at
their word.

Full support for Chris Williamson MP – Corbyn Must Not Back Down

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