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Let us see how quickly Iain McNicol acts on a complaint against the Right?

Graham Martin complains on Facebook about harassment from John Mann MP
Dr Sam Glatt, the 90 year old Jewish doctor who told John Mann to stop using anti-Semitism for political and Zionist ends and to stop undermining Jeremy Corbyn

What began with a letter
from a 90 year old Jewish doctor, Sam Glatt to John Mann, complaining at his weaponising
of anti-Semitism against Labour Party anti-racists such as Ken Livingstone,
Jackie Walker and myself ended up with false allegations by Mann that the
letter was a forgery and that Dr Glatt had not written it.  The clear implication of what Mann wrote on his
Facebook page was that Dr Glatt, being Jewish and 90 years old, was not capable
of writing the letter.

Instead John Mann attributed the
authorship of the letter to a Momentum activist, Graham Martin whom Mann laid
into.  Whilst he, Mann, was inviting Dr
Glatt to the House of Commons to see how democracy works, he wouldn’t be
inviting someone who had written this ‘hate mail’ because ‘in a democracy you should have the courage to say things yourself and
not masquerade as a 90 year old doctor.’
John Mann in fine form alleging wickedness all round lays into Momentum supporter Graham Martin – shortly after Dr Glatt’s second letter appeared, this FB was mysteriously deleted from Mann’s FB page!
In other words the
letter was a crude forgery.  As we now
know from my follow up post
Desperate John Mann MP Tries to Undermine 90 year old Jewish Doctor’s Letter by
Falsely Alleging It was a Forgery
, the letter was anything but a forgery.
John Mann has now deleted the
post from his Facebook page, which is an admission that the only skulduggery was
on Mann’s part.
Graham Martin, who was unfairly
vilified by Mann and harassed by him, has now filed a complaint with the Labour
Party in respect of the harassment by John Mann.  Let’s see if the General Secretary of the Labour
Party, Iain McNicol, acts with his customary speed when it comes to complaints
against the Left.
Tony Greenstein
The letter from Dr Glatt that convinced John Mann that the game was up 
 Letter of Complaint from Graham Martin to Jeremy Corby
Graham Martin
Sent: 22 October 2016 14:36
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected];
[email protected];
Fiona Stanton
Subject: Complaint re; John Mann MP
Mr Corbyn,
refer to matters in connection with the open letter sent
to  John Mann and copied to you by Dr Sam Glatt, which I distributed
on the internet.
John Mann made an unsolicited call to Sam Glatt: where he got the telephone
number from, I don’t know. During the call, he, apparently expressed concern
that Sam had used the word ‘despise’ in his letter: Mr Mann had clearly
misread, or failed to understand the word derision, which was in the
letter. Sam called me to let me know he had been on the phone and that he had
given him my number.
this point I checked my facebook account and within the space of only a few
minutes, John Mann had,  left 7  messages in the public
domain, one of which accused me of actually writing the letter
myself and, by implication, manipulating an elderly gentleman. He was
clearly attempting to ‘troll’ me from his nominated account, i.e. that account
where his identity as a public figure is acknowledged. I blocked him from
accessing my account. Isn’t it coming to something when you have to block an MP
in this way?
afterwards I got a telephone call from a number I did not know…. 07513610348.
I rang it back to get John Manns’ Secretary. I was busy explaining to her that
I did not wish to speak to him, when he suddenly came on the line. I explained
to him that I had no wish to talk to him unless he issued an apology for
his statement regarding the supporters of Jackie Walker being expelled from the
party and desisted from his malicious activity. I put the phone down on him.
Despite me making my position crystal clear he persisted by trying to ring me
again from the same number; I did not answer. This action I consider to be
Manns’ behaviour brings the Labour Party and Parliament itself, into disrepute.
He can not be allowed to continue in this way.
In addition to the issues of
harassment, and the public questioning of my integrity,  he has been
outrageously ageist. I was forced to put the following reassurance on my page:
 “Let us be clear, Sam is a
man of his own mind, his [90]years notwithstanding…. He drives still and is a
regular attender at Labour and now Momentum meetings. I have known him for many
years and he was a well known figure in the village in which I lived, given
that he was the local GP. He knew my parents too, as they were members of the
local Labour League of Youth. “
I look forward to hearing from you
further on this matter.
Graham Martin BA Hons Dip SW

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