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Chris Williamson’s Suspension – Please Share Widely

Why is Chris Williamson Suspended When Peter Mandelson is Still at Liberty?

It is difficult to understand the logic, because there is no logic, behind the suspension of Chris Williamson. It is difficult to avoid the fact that he was suspended for calling out the fake ‘antisemitism’ witchhunt and for organising the Democracy Roadshow which called for Open Selection for MPs.

When racist Labour MP Phil Woolas ran an election campaign in 2010 he did it with the aim of ‘making the white folk angry’.  Could there be a clearer example of racism?  Tom Watson in the above article in Labour Uncut confessed to having ‘lost sleep thinking about poor Phil.’  

In the 2004 Birmingham Hodge Hill byelection he ran a nakedly racist campaign demonising asylum seekers yet this racist is the one who called for Chris Williamson’s suspension on the grounds of ‘antisemitism’.

Chris is convinced that the real reason why MPs signed the letter in June calling for his suspension is because he had organised the Democracy Roadshow which would have led to their deselection. It is therefore shameful that Jennie Formby, with the silent support of Jeremy Corbyn, has endorsed this suspension. What Corbyn is doing is endorsing his own removal from office.

If anyone deserves to be suspended it is Tom Watson.

Phil Woolas’s racist leaflet that Tom Watson endorsed
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