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Despite Police Harassment Almost Total Public Opposition to the Ethnic Cleansing Shop

Local Argus newspaper covers the protest – and gets it wrong as per usual!

Sodastream has turned into Ecostream – a Greening of Ethnic Cleansing

Not a customer in sight
The shop manager resorts to offering free drinks to entice custom
Over the road the Christian Zionist is engaged in conversation with Police as to how to best shut the campaign down

Sodastream (or Ecostream – its attempts to endear itself to Green  Brighton) is beginning to make itself very unpopular in Brighton.  All 750 leaflets we produced were taken as barely a single customer entered the shop.  In fact I counted just one person buying anything in two hours.  So desperate were they that at one stage they started distributing free drinks in order to entice customers in!”

Our christian Zionist tries to figure out how to use a camera phone – whilst dragging round her poor dog

Picture of all 4 main Zionists – the one farthest from the camera  tried to act the heavy, the 2 middle ones are the Christian Fundies and the one nearest the camera likes to proclaim that there is no ethnic cleansing (& also  pigs can fly!) 

There was not only a very good turnout of Brighton PSC supporters, but lots of people actually joined in spontaneously after being given leaflets.  The stall was always busy.  This is even more remarkable since PSC was also running a stall at the clocktower as well!

2 of the many leafleters from PSC

There were just 4 main pro-Zionist supporters trying to harass the main demonstrators – two of whom, as is nearly always the case now – were Christian Fundamentalists.  It would appear that one form of bigot attracts another.   They seemed to spend most of their time engaged in conversation with the Police along the lines of ‘why are you allowing this protest’.  Christian bigots don’t seem to like free speech and beliefs that differ from their own. These Christian fundamentalists only support Zionism as a means of getting the Jews to go to Israel in order to hasten the 2nd coming of Christ, when most Jews will perish in the fires of Armageddon!

The Christian Zionist Leaflet – Does Our Work for Us!

They professed themselves concerned with ‘anti-Semitism’.  I was even told that I was a ‘Jewish self-hater’ to which I replied ‘no.  It’s you I hate!’  In Nazi Germany the same Christian Fundies set up the German Reich Church to distance themselves from the idea that Christianity & Jesus were Jewish.  If you think I’m being a somewhat severe, in comparing Bishop Muller to today’s Christian bigots, have a look at the video below.  This is Pastor John Hagee, President of Christians United for Israel, the most powerful pro-Zionist movement in the United States.  Hitler was appointed by god no less, to hunt down the Jews and send them to Palestine.  This is the kind of madman (& woman!) that these Christian bigots represent.  Anti-Semitic to the core.  They even put out a leaflet, which apart from being almost wholly inaccurate and racist, contradicts itself within 2 sentences – there was never a place called Palestine and then tells us that the Roman Emperor Hadrian called the land Palaestina.  Such is the sophistication of the Christian bigot!

2 distinctly annoyed Zionists on the left

But at least they don’t pretend in 2 states.  The Palestinians were occupying Israel.  There isn’t even a Palestinian language.  In fact there isn’t an Israeli language either!  Hebrew was recreated by the Zionist settlers.  And of course they make no distinction between Jews, Israel and Zionism.

One of the non-Christian Zionists tried getting physical at one stage but backed off when he was caught out.  One of the Christian Zionists dragged round her dog on a leash.  It was difficult to tell which was the dumb mutt!

Sodastream’s premises used to be a Post Office before becoming a place where you could buy stolen goods

But Brighton Police, who have earned themselves a reputation for their hostility to protests and demonstrations, did their best to harass the demonstration, threatening, without any justification, to arrest anyone using the megaphone towards the end.  They’d had some complaints – most of which came from the Zionists.  But it didn’t matter much as we simply began chanting, which further annoyed them.

Our regular Palestine stall does better business than Ecostream!

They arrived in force with a police minibus and another car, but however many police came they couldn’t beautify a shop that sells stolen goods and trades in the products of ethnic cleansing.

The police were out in force – looking for an excuse to stop the protest

The Zionists’ leaflet also used what I call the Hitler defence.  Israel has invented your micro-chip and mobile phone.  All nonsense as these are US companies or their Israeli subsidiaries operating under license.  But this is a familiar argument which says that whatever else he did, at least Hitler built the autobahns and made the trains run on time etc.

Sodastream’s shop is understood to be on a short 6 months lease.  We hope to make it even shorter.

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