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I have had my differences
with Norman Finkelstein who, despite his pedigree as an ex-Maoist, is really an old time John Stuart Mill radical, over
such things as BDS but no one can doubt that Norman is a powerful and brave
intellect.  It is therefore with some
shock that I read that he was brutally arrested in the middle of the night by
New York Police, because of criticism he has made of 2 corrupt lawyers and a
corrupt judicial system.  
Norman is 64 years old.  He was, in his
own words, treated like a ‘sack of potatoes’, handcuffed, thrown to the ground
and his head banged against the wall by these police thugs.  This is no doubt normal in the Trump State of
It is a lesson that even leftist intellectuals are not immune to the
attentions of the State if they step of line. 
It would appear that Norman did exactly that.
I’ve taken this article from Norman’s site.  It appeared in something called the New Nationalist.  As I’m not a nationalist I’ve edited
certain phrases that could be considered anti-Semitic however the substance of what the article
says should be widely disseminated.
Tony Greenstein

Norman Finkelstein Subjected to Knock-on-Door Arrest in Middle of Night

Dr. Norman Finkelstein has been an activist for Palestinian rights for decades, he has been a
real thorn in the side of the Zionist machine. He’s decisively anti-war and an
ardent defender of First Amendment rights to free speech. He has called Israel
a “lunatic state” and asks, “Why should these Palestinians, who have lived in
Jerusalem for hundreds of years, be evicted from their homes so that Jews from
Brooklyn can live in them?”

For his troubles, Finkelstein was ultimately removed from his
professorship. He’s a prime example of what happens to Jews who are opposed to Zionism.
He has also dwelled on the politics of the holocaust and wrote the books
The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of
Jewish Suffering” and “Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the
Abuse of History.” He has an acerbic tongue and tells it like it is, as
demonstrated below. 
He is not afraid to go head to head with police state Zionists like Alan
Dershowitz and Bernard Levy. See the next video in which he effectively called
them overrated mouthpieces. In an NPR
 head to head with Dershowitz, he called the latter a
plagiarist. Finkelstein was able to show rather convincingly some
highlighted sections of Dershowitz’s book that were lifted directly from
previous works without citations, including the same ellipses and spelling
Dr. Finkelstein has a natural tendency to go to bat for those who are
suffering from true (versus faux) injustices. In observing Finkelstein over the
years, he sometimes wears his emotions on his sleeve. He also does not suffer
fools lightly and can be combative. 
Recently he was involved in defending a Guyanese medical
doctor who was once one of his students. According to Finkelstein, Dr. Rudolph
Baldeo had fallen prey in a divorce case to a couple of Long Island
matrimonial lawyers named Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger. The case and the
affronts are discussed on Finkelstein’s blog.
Finkelstein also gives the background at a site where he is organizing a petition to disbar these attorneys.
For those who dislike injustice, you know what to do. Finkelstein states.

‘They concocted this grotesque story that he (Baldeo) was a psychopath
who had committed “countless” acts of “unspeakable violence.” I sat down to
read the entire Court record.  I sat in the Courthouse during the
trial. I was shocked. It was a transparent frame-up!  Their
Court testimony flagrantly contradicted their written submissions to the
Court.  (See for irrefutable proof of
their lies.)’

When I told these vulture-lawyers that I was writing an article to
expose the shakedown, they threatened to “open Pandora’s Box” and destroy Dr
Baldeo “Personally and Professionally.” Michael Chetkof and Allyson Burger are
blackmailing Dr. Baldeo to silence me.

On Oct. 9, the situation took a turn for the worst in what can only be
described as star chamber justice. Star chamber justice is a topic we
have written about before
. Not surprisingly what is being put forth
here is NOT being covered in any major media.

That night Norman received “the knock at the door” in the middle of the
night. He was arrested by two Nassau County detectives who jailed him.

Update: Oppermann Report has the case details. Nassau First District Court
Case # CR-022532-17NA Defendant Finkelstein, Norman

TOP CHARGE: Class A misdemeanor, two counts, arrest charge, arraignment charge
description Aggravated Harassment 2, threat
So now we know Norman was arrested in the middle of the night in his
undershorts for a misdemeanor, a vague one at that, of “harassment” and
Curiously, he was due to appear in court the next day at his friend’s
case. TNN can find no charges or due process for justifying this type of
arrest. Finkelstein called the lawyers involved “mafiosi,” serial liars and the female half, Burger,
“a normally loquacious yenta wannabe.” But libel cases are civil and don’t
involve middle-of-the-night arrests. Nor do failures to answer a non-felony
summon. Norman is now accusing his enemies of being behind these strong-arm
star-chamber tactics.
He states, It’s unclear whether these mafiosi want to
punish me, silence me, or — I mean this literally — kill me.”
He recounts the incident in his blog and in this video clip. Norman is 64
years old.

Two Nassau County (Long Island) detectives barged into my apartment in
the dead of night without a search warrant. I was only wearing my boxer
drawers. I refused to put on clothes. They pinned me up against the wall
and handcuffed me. For the next 18 hours, I was relentlessly brutalized by
these thugs. The next day at 2:30 p.m. I came before Hon. Judge
William Hohauser. He was shocked! He was appalled! How could I be
wearing my boxer drawers in court?! The judge demanded $7,500 bail and ordered
that I get a full psychiatric evaluation.

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