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June 15, 2015 3:19 P.M.
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man who was killed by
Israeli forces on Sunday in Kufr Malik village near Ramallah was left under an
Israeli military jeep for three hours before he died, an eyewitness said.

Nabil Abd al-Karim recounted the details of the incident
saying that Abdullah Iyad Ghuneimat, 22, was heading to his work in a poultry
farm when Israeli forces shot him in the back and chased him down as he tried
to return home.

The jeep then hit Ghuneimat pushing him into a wall that
collapsed on him and caused the jeep to overturn on him as well, Abd al-Karim

Soldiers vacated the jeep and left Ghuneimat under it
with his back crushed and his leg completely severed, he added.
He was left under the jeep for three hours screaming in
pain while gas and oil from the jeep dripped over him and the vehicle crushed
his body, the witness added.
After three hours of Israeli forces preventing any assistance
or medics to come to his aid, residents of the village attacked Israeli
soldiers with their bare hands and managed to lift the jeep from over him, but
it was too late as Ghunaimat had already died.
His body was taken in an ambulance to the Palestine
Medical Complex.
Thousands participated in his funeral which started from
his village’s mosque to its graveyard where he was laid to rest.
Participants in the funeral chanted calls for revenge.

His mother, who broke down after hearing the news and received
treatment, said her son was executed by Israeli forces in cold blood.
Earlier, an Israeli army spokeswoman said that during
army “activities,” a “suspicious man” attempted to throw a
Molotov cocktail at Israeli forces.
One of the army vehicles swerved and lost control,
hitting the Palestinian on the side of the road, she said, referring to the
incident as an accident.
She said Israeli emergency services arrived on the scene
to treat “everyone” harmed, although she added that she could not
confirm Ghanayim’s death as he had been attended to by Palestinian medics.

She said the incident was under investigation.

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