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Say No to Workfare – Trade Union Rates of Pay for all Workers

The scandal whereby the government has forced people on their Work Experience programme to take UNPAID jobs at companies like Tescos, Sainsbury, McDonalds, Burger King etc. is a scandal. Work for your dole was something imported from America, the Wisconsin Programme. Its aim, to lower wages at work (why should employers pay people when they can get free labour) and to ensure that the unemployed provide a constant, fluid and mobile source of scab labour. But these Tory scumbags and their Liberal-Democrat partners-in-crime have been rumbled. After 2 years of getting away with benefit cuts, attacks on the jobless, dividing and ruling, lowering wages and defending bankers, the Tories have been rumbled. Amidst cries of ‘anarchist’ that prize idiot, Ian Duncan Smith, has been most annoyed that his jobs for nothing scheme has unravelled. Forcing people to work for nothing was a central element of their plan for a cheap labour Britain. Use the recession to lower wages still further. With supine trade union leaders like Prentice reading to call off the action over pensions and with the TUC led by arch scab, Brendan Barber, and the removal of the right to go to employment tribunal for those with less than 2 years service and the imposition of astronomic fees for those who had been long term employees all was looking rosy. But as they say, the best laid plans of men and mice…. Tony Greenstein

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