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Complaint against Warren Morgan as a Labour Council attacks its own workforce

Those of you who watched Question Time in the House of Commons last week will have noticed that Theresa May used allegations of anti-Semitism by Brighton and
Hove Council leader, Warren Morgan, in order to attack the Labour Party and Jeremy
Corbyn.  That was precisely Warren Morgan’s intention when he issued his Facebook statement that Labour’s conference was antiSemitic and would no longer be welcome in Brighton.
The Tories loved Warren Morgan’s statement attacking the Labour Party and I made a formal complaint last week to Labour’s crooked General Secretary, Iain McNicol, demanding that Morgan be suspended for bringing the Party into disrepute.  So far I have had no acknowledgment!

Warren Morgan – Lies & truth are simply a matter of expediency to him
Morgan’s attack on Labour’s Conference and his suggestion that it was unwelcome in Brighton has produced shockwaves in Brighton and Hove Labour Parties.  I understand that Queens Park Branch in Brighton Kemptown passed a motion calling on Morgan to resign.  At Central Hove Branch, Warren Morgan was so worried about a motion to be discussed that night that he invited himself to the meeting and after being given permission to speak , received almost no support.  A motion was passed calling on him to apologise for his remarks that the Labour Party Conference was antiSemitic and that it should not be invited back to Brighton again.
Pavilion Labour Party has also passed a motion saying that the Labour Conference will always be welcome in Brighton and Hove in a snub to Warren Morgan’s declaration that it was not welcome.
I have sent a letter of complaint to Iain McNicol about both
this and abusive comments on his Facebook

Given the serious nature of this complaint, aiding the enemy, one would expect that there will soon be a vacancy for the leader of Brighton and Hove Council.
Apart from previous lies over Labour’s AGM last year, when he made false allegations of spitting, in order to have the election results annulled, Morgan is also the man who has closed Adult Learning Disability
Centres and tried to close Hove library. 
The excuse was that the Council had no money.

Letter of Complaint Against Warren Morgan and Craig Turton

Brighton’s Labour Council attacks its workforce by employing First Care to harass sick members of staff
How  does Morgan explain the Council’s proposal to employ over the next
two years a private company, First Care, whose responsibility it will be to ‘manage’
sickness absence.  At the moment this is
done by Managers to whom someone will report if they are sick.  In future they will have to report to a ‘health
professional’ at First Care.  Since the Data Protection Act forbids the passing of confidential information on someone’s medical record to an external third party, a position that the Council was forced to adopt after UNISON legal pressure, this £1/4m is a total waste of money.  It gives the lie to the argument that the Council has no money.

It is clear that the purpose of employing First Care will be to drive
down sickness absence by putting pressure on employees to go to work or face dismissal.  In other words workers who are sick will be
expected to go into work.  Given that a
majority of sickness is on account of stress caused by pressure at work, the
only effect of employing First Care, at a cost of some £260,000, will be to
increase staff’s stress levels.  Having
sick staff at work is a recipe for dangerous mistakes by for example social
workers with vulnerable families and children.
Theresa May attacking Corbyn with the help of Warren Morgan
No socialist Labour council could even contemplate hiring these
cowboys from the private sector.  Of course the problem with Brighton & Hove Council is that with one or two exceptions there are no socialists
amongst its Labour members. 

Brighton & Hove Council intend to employ private sector cowboys to reduce sickness levels
Tony Greenstein

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