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Today’s demonstration focused on the racism of Sussex Police and recited the names of Black victims of Police violence or their failure to Investigate Racist Attacks

Today’s demonstration was the smallest of the three which have so far been held in Brighton. I estimate the size was about 3,000 but it was also the sharpest politically.  It focused throughout on the question of Police Violence and the failure of Sussex Police to investigate the case of Jay Abatan, a Black man in Brighton who was murdered 20 years ago.

The main slogan, summed up in a large banner, was Silence is Compliance. As the march neared the Level we were entertained by drummers.  The reception from waiting motorists and passers by was really warm and there was no antagonism that I could discern.Just as with the previous 2 demonstrations those taking part were overwhelmingly young and there were many Black people.Only last week there was a violent attack by 6 police on a Black man on the pier.  Despite posing no threat the police tasered him. The link to the video, which was on Facebook has broken.  If I can find it again I will put it up.

I attach a few clips of the demonstration and photographs. Once again Brighton and Hove PSC greeted the  marchers with a big banner and the marchers reciprocated. There is little need to convince Black people and anti-racists of the connection between violence against Black people and Zionism.  After all, despite Keir Starmer pretending that it is an ‘anti-Semitic trope’ to make mention of Israel’s role in training the US cops, the links are there and self evident.  Not least from the Zionists’ own admission.Tony Greenstein

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