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Over 200 Members of
the Labour Party Call for an End to McNicol’s Double Standards

Justice Demands that Jeremy Newmark of the JLM is Suspended NOW

190 members of the Labour Party have written to Iain McNicol, General Secretary of
the Labour Party, demanding that Jeremy Newmark, former Chair of the Jewish
Labour Movement is suspended.  No one has
played a more important role in driving the current witch-hunt of socialists
forward than Jeremy Newmark.  Only 3
weeks ago he was meeting Jeremy Corbyn to demand that the ‘anti-Semitism’
witch-hunt be restarted.
and his Zionist friends were taken aback by the scale of the left victory in
the NEC elections and by the replacement of Anne Black, Chair of the Disputes
Committee, by Christine Shawcroft.  They demanded reassurance that the expulsion of those they had targeted go ahead as planned.  Newmark was contemptuous of the idea of a fair hearing and such niceties as innocent until proven guilty.  When Ken Livingstone was found not guilty of anti-Semitism he and his minions demanded he be retried!!  Newmark demanded expulsions and Corbyn’s office (blame Seamus Milne) granted him an audience.
Last year’s demonstration outside Labour Party conference – Resign McNicol
is, therefore, a rich irony that the real reasons for Newmark’s departure from
his previous role as CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council should have come to light.  The Jewish Chronicle, which is
normally little more than a Zionist propaganda sheet, broke an explosive story
in this week’s edition.  Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived it out of thousands of pounds
McNicol is refusing to suspend his corrupt friend Jeremy Newmark

from being a resignation on the grounds of ill-health, as had been claimed,
Newmark had been forced to resign from his previous employer, the JLC, after being
confronted with an internal audit in 2013 which made
it abundantly clear that he had defrauded them to the tune of tens of thousands
of pounds.
year an inkling of what had happened occurred when the Jewish Chronicle broke a story on how Newmark had avoided paying an Israeli taxi driver some £3,000.
Friday Newmark was forced to resign as Chair of the JLM.  Now he must also be suspended from the Labour
Party.  Thousands of innocent members of the Labour Party have been suspended for a tweet or even a poem yet this crook remains untouched.
Letter from Iain McNicol to me today refusing to suspend Newmark – other signatories also got the same letter
Letter of Response to McNicol’s refusal to suspend the corrupt Newmark
It is outrageous that McNicol has refused to suspend Newmark on the grounds that he ‘strongly denies’ the allegations!  So does every crook.  That is the purpose of an investigation.  To find out!   How can anyone possibly say that a tweet or social media post brings the Labour Party into disrepute, the standard pretext for suspension, and yet allegations of fraud on a massive scale against a charity, do not?  Even by McNicol’s double standards this decision is shocking.
We call on Labour’s NEC to take the matter out of the hands of McNicol and suspend Newmark forthwith.
This  letter is a rolling letter and will continue until our demands are met.  If you want to add your name simply send an email to:

Thank you,
Open Letter to Iain McNicol – We Demand the Suspension of Jeremy Newmark Immediately
12 February 2018
Labour Party
105 Victoria St,
London SW1E 6QT
Dear Mr McNicol,

You are undoubtedly aware by now of the serious
allegations of fraud and theft which have been made against Jeremy Newmark in
the Jewish Chronicle. [Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived
it out of thousands of pounds
] [1]
Mr Newmark, who until recently was Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement was
Labour’s PPC at the last General Election for Finchley and Golders Green constituency
and is currently Leader of the Labour Group on Hertsmere Council.
allegations have been backed up by a comprehensive internal audit[2] by the organisation for which Mr Newmark was Chief
Executive Officer, the Jewish Leadership Council.
are extremely surprised that you haven’t moved quickly to protect the
reputation of the Labour Party by suspending Mr Newmark under Rule 2.1.8
pending an investigation. 
the thousands of people who have been suspended in the past two years, often
for nothing more than an innocent tweet or remark taken out of context, Mr
Newmark is alleged to have stolen or misappropriated thousands of pounds of
charitable monies.  The cover up of this
alleged theft is now the subject of a Charity Commission investigation.[3]
[Jewish Leadership Council will co-operate with
Charity Commission over Newmark allegations
Newmark, in his role as Chair of the JLM, has been the driving force in the
suspension or expulsion of people on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’.  Barely three weeks ago Jeremy Newmark was publicly
criticising the Labour Party for failing to expel Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, Tony Greenstein, Ken Livingstone and other members on the grounds of
‘anti-Semitism’. Jewish Labour group accuses party of failing to act
on antisemitism complaints
Given the high public profile of Mr Newmark and his
propensity for demanding disciplinary action against other members of the
Labour Party we feel that it is only fair that Mr Newmark should be treated in
the same way as his many victims.  We are
therefore making a formal complaint against Mr Newmark for having brought the
party into disrepute and we expect that you will suspend him immediately from
membership in order that we can avoid further damaging headlines.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Tobias Abse                               Chelsea
and Fulham CLP           
Kate Adams                                Canterbury
Julie Adshead                             Rossendale
& Darwen CLP        
Grant Aitken                               Clackmannanshire        
Dr Ben Alofs                              Gwynedd
Marie Ange-King                        Holborn
& St Pancras   
Ruth Appleton                            Holborn
St Pancras CLP
Cathy Augustine                         Wantage
Claude Baesens                          Warwick
and Leamington CLP  
Rebekah Ball                              Holborn
and St Pancras CLP      
Steve Ballard                              Hornsey
and Woodgreen           
Dave Bangs                                Kemptown
Graham Bash                              South
Thanet CLP
Mary Beaman                             Wimbledon
Jonathan Bellos                          Brighton
Kemptown CLP
Karen Bett                                  Eastwood CLP
Joseph Black                              Hampstead
& Kilburn CLP        
Sian Bloor                                  Stretford
and Urmston CLP        
Kay Boardman                           Calder
Valley CLP        
Bonner                           Brent
North CLP         
David Boyden                            Halton
Jane Bramley                              Nottingham
East CLP   
Lynda Brennan                           Enfield
Southgate CLP
Professor Haim Bresheeth          Hornsey and Wood Green CLP  
Tarin Brokenshire                       Cambridge CLP            
Pam Bromley                              Rossendale
and Darwen CLP     
Barbara Brookes                         Ealing
South CLP         
Mick Brookes                             Ealing
South CLP         
Alan Broughton                          Hampstead
Sarida Brown                              Leamington
and Warwick CLP  
Michelle Burke                           Hendon
Mr Neil Cameron                        Sheffield
Lisbeth Campos                          Richmond
Park CLP     
Avis Carter                                 Brighton
Pavilion CLP  
Cyril Chilson                              Oxford
West & Abingdon CLP
Dr Tali M. Chilson                      Oxford
West and Abingdon CLP
Brian Chinnery                           Enfield
Southgate CLP 
Ruth Clarke                                Islington
Terry Clarke                               Liverpool
Riverside CLP
Sally Colaran                              Hampstead
Ruth Conlock                             Manchester
Withington CLP
M J Conway                               IIslington
Steve Cooke                               Stockton
North CLP     
Katherine Coutanche                  Aberconwy CLP           
Ted Crawford                             Ealing
Southall CLP      
Luke Cresswell                           South
Suffolk CLP       
Kevin B Curran                          Lewisham
West and Penge CLP
Clive Darling                              Warwick
& Leamington CLP     
Deborah Darnes                         Congleton
Yvonne Davies                           Chester
Susan Dellet                               Southwark
& Old Bermondsey CLP      
Tony Dines                                 Worthing
West CLP      
Marylin Dixon                            Warwick
and Leamington CLP  
Colm Doherty                                                                   Finchley
& Golders Green CLP
Cameron Dougherty                   North
Thanet CLP        
Clare Dove                                 South
Thanet Labour Party
Ian Drummond                           Edinburgh
Ian Dudley.                                Croydon
North CLP     
Dereen Duley                             Exeter
Bridget Dunne                            Hampstead
& Kilburn CLP        
Jonathan Edwards                      Oxford
East CLP          
Harriet Evans                              Holborn
& St Pancras   
Ian Ferrie                                    Hampstead
and Kilburn CLP     
Arye Finkle                                Chipping
Barnet CLP    
Pete Firmin                                 Hampstead
& Kilburn CLP
Michael Fisher                            Barnet
Jean Fitzpatrick                          EALING
Jenny Flintoft                             Meon
Valley CLP
Gerry Flintoft                             Meon
Valley CLP
Philip Foxe                                 Enfield
Southgate CLP
Jane Foxworthy                         
Leicester East CLP       
Fredenburgh                         Islington
South & Finsbury CLP
Glynis Freeman                          Portslade
Terry Gallogly                            York
Central CLP         
Rob Gardiner                              Huntingdon
John Garrett                                Coventry
South CLP     
Daphne Gilbert                           Hexham
David Graham                            Brentford
and Isleworth CLP     
Val Graham                                 
Chesterfield CLP        
Grant                               Exeter
Kay Green                                  Hastings
and Rye CLP
Marc Green                                Mole
Valley CLP          
Elleanne Green                           Cities
of London and Westminster CLP
Tony Greenstein                         Brighton
Kemptown CLP           
Shaun Hague                              Preseli
Pembrokeshire CLP        
G. Halfpenny                             Canterbury
James Hall                                  South
Cambridgeshire CLP
Cathie Hammond                       Hampstead
and Kilburn
Jenny Hardacre                          South
Cambridgeshire CLP
Mr S Harris                                 Torfaen
Nev Hawkins                              Ealing
Central & Acton CLP      
Fran Heron                                 Holborn
& St Pancras CLP         
Simon Hinds                               Islington
Kate  Hodgson                            Islington South
& Finsbury        
Doug Holton                               Hackney
North CLP
Alan Horton                               Falmouth/Camborne
Patrick Hunter                            Hendon CLP
Diana Isserlis                              Thornbury
and Yate CLP           
Steve Jansky –                            Nottingham
East CLP   
Dr Emrys Jenkins                       Swansea
West CLP       
Riva Joffe                                  Holborn
and St Pancras CLP      
Kaveh Kazemi                            Kingston
& Surbiton CLP          
Stan Keable                                Hammersmith
Sean Kelleher                             Hendon
Martin Kemp                              Lewisham
West and Penge CLP 
Chris Khamis                              Perry
Barr CLP             
Eleanor Kilroy                            Winchester
Steve Kinneavy                          Sheffield Hallam
Chris Knight                               Dulwich
& West Norwood CLP 
Agnes Kory                                Hampstead
and Kilburn CLP     
Barbara Kay Lawrence               Torfaen
Rebekah Lawrence                     Hove
& Portslade CLP 
Geoff Lee                                   Holborn
& St. Pancis CLP
Margot Lindsay                          Southwark
Marie Lynam                              Hampstead
and Kilburn CLP
Ian MacDonald                           Edinburgh
Southern CLP
Professor Moshé Machover        Hampstead
& Kilburn CLP
Bill MacKeith                             Oxford
West and Abingdon CLP,
Dr Alan Maddison                      Houghton
and Sunderland South CLP
Glenn Martin                              Walsall
South CLP        
Rebecca Massey                         Hove
and Portslade      
Barbara May Moore                   Blackley
and Broughton CLP     
Maytham                    Kingswood CLP          
Kathy McCubbing                      Reading
East CLP         
Rebecca McDonald                    Hampstead
and Kilburn
Michael McEvoy                        Twickenham
Paul Meaney                               [email protected]
Timothy Meredith                       Hartlepool CLP
Bernard Miller                            Holborn
and St Pancras CLP
Jay Millington                             Bury
Morley                       Ceredigion
Islington South & Finsbury CLP         
Patricia Morrison                        York
Central CLP         
Gareth Murphy                           Holborn
& St Pancras CLP         
Matt Nathan                                Islington
S & Finsbury CLP       
Mica Nava                                  Islington
Paul Neill                                    Calder
Valley CLP        
Catherine Newall                        Manchester
Central CLP
Graham Noble                            Havant
Safiya O’Donnell                        Nottingham
East CLP   
Caroline O’Reilly                       Brighton
Kemptown CLP
Tim Oxton                                  Colchester
Pam Page                                    Brighton
Pavilion CLP
Averil Parkinson                         Cambridge
Allan Pearson                             South
Ribble CLP         
Richard Peirce                            Portsmouth
South CLP 
Anne Pickard                              Bristol
North West CLP
Ian Pope                                     Rochford
and Southend East CLP
Phil Pope                                    Bristol West
Anna Pollert                               Warwick
and Leamington CLP
Nicola Pratt                                 Coventry
South CLP     
Bernard Price                              International
Dipak Rajgor                              HARBOROUGH
Anandi Ramamurthy                  Gorton
Reuben Ramsay                         Hastings
and Rye CLP  
Roland Rance                             Walthamstow
Gwynne Reddick                        Wantage                       
Daniel Rehahn                            Hove
and Portslade CLP
Jim Ring                                     Westmorland
& Lonsdale CLP   
Pete Robbins                              Camden
Steven Rose                                Islington
Jonathan Rosenhead                   Hackney
South & Shoreditch CLP
Kal Ross                                     Liverpool
Riverside CLP            
Jo Rostron                                  Holborn
and St PancrasCLP
Luca Salice                                 Holborn
and St PancrasCLP
Luay Salman                              High
Peak CLP               
Sanderson                        Derbyshire
Dales CLP 
Sanderson                          Derbyshire
Dales CLP 
Linda Sayle                                Holborn
& St Pancras CLP         
Paul Scott                                   Hampstead
& Kilburn CLP
David Selzer                               City
Of Chester CLP     
George Shaw                              Finchley
& Golders Green CLP
Patrick Sheehan                          Withington
Patricia Sheerin                           Putney
John Spencer-Davis                    NE
Hants CLP
Laura Stuart                                Hendon
Joe Sucksmith                            Cheltenham
Walter Tavener                           Havant
Wendy Taylor                            Ilford
South CLP          
Ruth Tenne                                 Hampstead
and Kilburn
Jack Thomas,                             Sefton
Central CLP       
Andy Thompson                        UNITE                          
Julian Townsend                        Camberwell
and Peckham CLP  
David Travis                               Angus
Ben Treuhaft                              Edinburgh
North and Leith CLP 
Dr J. Urpeth                                Eltham
Paul Valentine                            Hayling
Island CLP      
Marc Wadsworth                        Croydon
North CLP     
Tirza Waisel                               Finchley
& Golders Green CLP
Jacqueline Walker                      South
Thanet CLP        
Karen Walker                             Newquay
and St Austell CLP     
Robert Walker                            Bexhill
and Battle CLP 
Hugh Wallis                                Dulwich
and West Norwood CLP
Dave Walters                              Riverside
Philip Ward –                              Sheffield
central CLP   
David Watson                             Walthamstow
Jane White                                  Lincoln
Carol Wilcox                              Christchurch
Roy Wilkes                                 Bury
South CLP           
Wooster                            West
Devon CLP
Norman Wright                           Hove
and Portslade CLP [email protected]
Benedict Young                   Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Charles Young                            Ceredigion
Sue Young                                  Ceredigion

Zoe Zero                                     Beckenham

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